True Crime Online Newsletter - March 25, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Penguins take liking to iPad cat game

Officials at a California aquarium said a couple of young penguins have taken a liking to a mouse-chasing iPad app designed to amuse cats.

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach said penguins Jeremy and Newsom, who are still too young to get caught up in the excitement of the upcoming mating season, have found "enrichment" with the free "Game for Cats" iPad app, ABC News reported Friday.

The game features a mouse running around the screen that lets out a squeak when tapped by a paw -- or in this case, a beak.

"Newsom set the penguin high score of 1,600 for the game," the aquarium said on its website.

A YouTube video of Newsom playing the game has been viewed more than 167,000 times.

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The internet unlocked something dark in humanity. Top author Anthony Horowitz uses speech to make claims - 03/25/13
Acclaimed author Anthony Horowitz believes parts of the internet are ‘foul, disgusting and cruel’ and that ‘evil is getting the upper hand’. In a powerful speech yesterday, the best-selling children’s adventure writer said the web ‘unlocked something quite dark in humanity’. He said: ‘There is so much in the internet that is foul and disgusting and cruel. It’s an interesting mix.’

Drug dealers' website selling ecstasy and HEROIN doubles its sales to £1MILLION a month... and the police are powerless to ban it - 03/23/13
An illegal website is selling more than £1million worth of drugs every single month - with many of the banned substances being posted to buyers in the UK. Visitors to the virtually untraceable 'Silk Road' website can buy ecstasy, heroin, cannabis and cocaine which is then disguised as a normal packaged parcel by the seller and sent through the post.

Mapping the Internet: A Hacker's Secret Internet Census - 03/22/13
Somewhere on this planet there is a hacker whose emotions are likely shifting between pride and fear. Pride, because he managed to do what no one else has managed. And fear, because it was illegal in almost every country in the world.

Online Threats Against Women Aren't Trivial and Don't Happen in a Vacuum - 03/22/13
Adria Richards tweeted a photo earlier this week and is now the target of rape and death threats. She joins an infinitely long line of women whom groups of men seek to control through the threat of violence. The usual narratives about this phenomenon curry the ridiculous fiction that this harassment is trivial and inconsequential and that women need to grow a thicker skin.

Rapist's girlfriend set up false Facebook accounts pretending to be confessions from his victims that they LIED in a desperate bid to free him - 03/22/13
The girlfriend of a convicted rapist tried to clear his name by framing two of his victims with fake Facebook profiles. Ceri Shipman, 25, set up bogus accounts and used them to send messages supposedly from the women saying they had made up the allegations. She acted after her boyfriend Jason Savage was jailed indefinitely for a string of violent rapes, being branded 'cold, calculating and sadistic' by a judge.

Fake vicar stole £90,000 in European grants after gaining clerical title from U.S. website - 03/22/13
o his 'parishioners' George Gordon appeared a genuine man of the cloth. Calling himself 'The Reverend', he wore a dog collar and boasted of Cambridge University degrees. The 52-year-old claimed he suffered from manic depression and cancer, and volunteered to help charities for victims of mental health problems. In reality, he was a serial conman and convicted fraudster, who bought his clerical title online and was only dedicated to helping himself.

Cyberstalker of Jackson State President Awaiting Indictment - 03/21/13
A contentious Internet drama was recently diffused when a 20-year-old man was arrested on charges of cyberstalking Jackson State University president Carolyn Meyers. However, the alleged stalker is still waiting for formal felony charges to be filed by a grand jury. Jhamerius Darshawn Mack, a 20-year-old resident of Raymond, Mississippi, and who is not a student at the university, was charged with making threats against Meyers on Facebook.

Dating website wants to rename town - 03/21/13
A dating website is offering the town of Sugar Hill, Ga., $3.7 million to change its name to Darrell Shuster, a spokesman for the website, geared toward pairing affluent older men with younger women, said the company is seeking a name change for the town of 18,000 as a unique advertising opportunity, WGCL-TV, Atlanta, reported Thursday.

Catch Me If You Can conman issues stark warning on the dangers of revealing personal information on Facebook - 03/21/13
The famous former teenage conman whose exploits were immortalised in the Hollywood blockbuster Catch Me If You Can has issued a stark warning about the dangers of Facebook. Frank Abagnale, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Steven Spielberg film, said that the personal information revealed by millions on the social network is a rich seam for identity thieves.

How Twitter and Facebook expose children to websites for prostitutes: Vice-girl ads are illegal in phone boxes, so why not on social media? - 03/20/13
As with all Facebook pages, the standard profile details at the top have been filled in by the user who created it. The relationship status is given as 'open', while the other one page that is 'liked' is the Playboy Club in London. Both are clues as to the nature of this particular page. It belongs not to an individual but to an escort agency called Raunchy Manchester Escorts.

Facebook Stalking Your Date Isn't Such A Great Idea -- Here's Why - 03/19/13
I grew up with a Hollywood-crafted notion of a first date. It happens in montage form, of course, and in a variety of locales­on a picnic, in a rowboat, as you learn the pachanga­while discovering your random common interests: salami sandwiches, Dickens novels, and whatever else we cannot know since the swelling music obscures the words, but any observer can tell it's all charming and perfect.


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