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I don't know why or who, but someone is forging my email address on thousands of spam. I just received over 1300 "undeliverable" emails and they're still coming in. I am NOT amused. I started sending complaints to the originating ISPs, but they are not coming from just one or two ISPs.

I am wondering if it's because I wrote about the editor at a Scientology magazine who asked me for an interview. If it is, how juvenile and stupid can you be? Good lord, get a life.

So don't email me at that address. Everything is being compiled for law enforcement to look at.

Scientology, more on the DA and Pittsburgh, ALVINNNNNNNN

No, I'm not going to bash Scientologists, so don't get all excited or hot and bothered. I was contacted by a woman who works for Freedom Magazine, put out by the Church of Scientology. She was interested in interviewing me for an article they wanted to do about "use of the Internet to threaten, harass and harm innocent people" and possibly doing a documentary as well.

I have to admit, I thought about this a lot. I knew that Scientology was having a tussle with hackers online and that there was a lot of nastiness going on. I really didn't want to get in the middle of that.

I brought this up to my WHOA staff on our YahooGroup and only one staff member was really against me doing the interview. But the rest agreed with me - we can't discriminate who we give interviews to, because we don't discriminate who we help. I've done interviews for a Catholic magazine, and NRA-affiliated radio show and some other so-called "controversial" media outlets. B…

Pittsburg, California, eBay, memorial, more

I flew to Pittsburgh on March 26th to speak at California University of Pennsylvania (not *the* California - fooled you, huh?). Before going, I'd made friends with a woman named Karen from the DA's office of Allegany County. She's writing a thesis on cyberstalking for her degree and had asked me to help her out with info and statistics and such. When she found out I was headed her way, she insisted on picking me up and taking me out to dinner while I was there. Who am I to refuse a free dinner, LOL?

Both of my flights (connecting through Detroit, where I was carded for ordering a margarita with lunch - talk about making my day, ha ha) were on time or early, so I was happy. I took the airport shuttle to my hotel, Hyatt Place near the airport. It was in a really weird location, behind a shopping center, but WOW! What a nice hotel. Turns out Hyatt had bought an older hotel chain and transformed them into Hyatt Places. It's very modern and I wish I stayed more than just one…