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WHO@ Newsletter - November 29, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Gotta love stupid criminals
Phone call from police lobby leads to arrest

The young man apparently just wanted to phone his parents. But his mistake came when he made the call from the Eugene, Ore., police station lobby.

Police say an officer working a desk assignment Wednesday recognized the man from surveillance footage of Tuesday's robbery of a Wells Fargo bank branch.

The officer notified detectives, who arrested the man nearby.

Police say 23-year-old Nathan Alan Bramlage was booked into the Lane County Jail for investigation of second-degree robbery and violating probation.

Detective Ralph Burks tells the Register-Guard, "I just assume that he didn't believe that we'd recognize him."

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First Snow of 2010 in Maine


Walmart Totally Sucks

I am very mad at Walmart. They advertised a $198 HDTV starting at 5am online *and* offline, so I got up at 430 am to order it & it was ALREADY sold out. I couldn't believe it. I went back to the ad and doublechecked - it stated 5 am was the starting time for the sale. So I fired off an email to Walmart telling them how disappointed I was:

" I got up specifically at 430 am on Black Friday to order the Emerson 32" LCD HDTV for $198 when the sale was *supposed* to start at 5 am and your site claimed the TV was already out of stock online. How can that be, when the sale wasn't supposed to start until 5 am? That is not only a ripoff, but a bait and switch. I am very upset about this.:

and that I felt it was a ripoff and bait & switch. Their response (which shows they did NOT read my original message:

"Thank you for contacting regarding the event day sale.

1. Online sales start simultaneously for the entire country, however, these sales start at 12 a.m…

WHO@ Newsletter - November 22, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Go faster!
Robbery suspect tries to flee on lawnmower
Police in South Carolina say a man attempted a slow getaway by lawnmower after robbing a convenience store.

Aiken County sheriff's deputies told The Aiken Standard the man left the store on a riding lawnmower Thursday morning but didn't get far before he was arrested.

Capt. Troy Elwell says Ricky New has been charged with assault and battery, first degree and armed robbery.

Investigators say the suspect beat a store clerk with a stick during the robbery. New was being held at the Aiken County jail. It wasn't yet known if he has an attorney.

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Cyberstalking Article

Woot - one of the best articles about cyberstalking that I've been quoted for:

WHO@ Newsletter - November 15, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Stupid criminal
NH vanity plate on getaway car IDs robbery suspect

Police say a New Hampshire woman charged with robbing a pharmacy wasn't hard to find: Her name was on the license plate of the getaway car.

Police say a motorist watched the woman flee from a Rite Aid parking lot in Manchester. The witness also reported seeing the woman toss items from her car Friday morning.

The vanity plate read "B-USHER."

Police tell WCVB-TV that the car was registered to 43-year-old Bonnie Usher, who was arrested at her home. Police recovered stolen money and found a ski mask tossed from the car.

An official at the Hillsborough County Jail says Usher was being held Sunday night on $60,000 bail. The jail's paperwork did not indicate whether she had retained a lawyer.

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WHO@ Newsletter - November 8, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Wow
Sheriff: NC man hid under home as ex-wife slept

Breaking up seems hard to do for a Rockingham County man. The sheriff's department said Allen Turner faces a breaking and entering charge after deputies found him in a crawlspace under his former mother-in-law's house. Authorities said Turner's ex-wife was staying at the house and he tried to awaken her Thursday morning by throwing acorns at a glass.

A sheriff's deputy said Jessica Turner then got a text message saying Allen Turner left his car in the driveway because he ran out of gas. She discovered he'd actually entered the house through an unlocked window.

Allen Turner then called his ex-wife and said he got a ride and left, but deputies searched and found him under the house.

Allen Turner was jailed under $1,500 bond. It wasn't clear whether he had an attorney.

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RIP SSgt Christopher Hitchcock 11/06/2006 & his dad, William 11/05/2006 - I lost two important men in my life, one day after the other.

Londonderry Middle School Talks

Phoebe and I left the house around 3 pm to go to Londonderry Middle School (in New Hampshire) for their "More Than Words" conference for parents and 7th grade students. When we got there, I set up my laptop, then Phoebe and I roamed the halls, letting students and parents pet Phoebe and just being sociable. Everyone stopped to say hello to her. When asked, I told them she was the Cyber Crime Dog and one man asked if she sniffed out Spam. I laughed and said she'd eat it! I guess what she does is sniff out cyberbullies! Maybe that should be her tag line!

We ended up doing two talks - about 10 parents and students in each, which wasn't a lot, but better than none. Phoebe roo-rooed on command for a biscuit (she's good at doing "inside voice" now) and I let some of the kids give her a biscuit! She was really good for both talks, but by the end of the second one, you could hear her whining (quietly). We all laughed at that.

One girl loved her so much, she had h…

This is why I sometimes hate the media

you know, if you're media and you ask me to help you find victims willing to go on TV, then get mad at me for posting your contact info when you didn't tell me not to, you can bite me.

WHO@ Newsletter - November 1, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Doh!
Man gets 5-day sentence for theft caught in photo
A man captured in a vacationing family's photograph as he stole their bag in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol received a five-day jail sentence and a nearly $500 fine.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported Saturday that Glenn Lambright was given credit for time already served after pleading no contest to misdemeanor theft earlier this month.

Vacationer John Myers of Bloomfield, N.J., had set the self-timer on his camera and hustled into the frame with his wife and two children in August. Meanwhile, a man grabbed a bag containing Myers' wallet and other items.

After discovering the bag missing, Myers checked his camera and found a photo with a man picking up the bag in the background. Myers showed the photo to police, who recognized the man and tracked him down.

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