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Monday, November 29, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - November 29, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Gotta love stupid criminals
Phone call from police lobby leads to arrest

The young man apparently just wanted to phone his parents. But his mistake came when he made the call from the Eugene, Ore., police station lobby.

Police say an officer working a desk assignment Wednesday recognized the man from surveillance footage of Tuesday's robbery of a Wells Fargo bank branch.

The officer notified detectives, who arrested the man nearby.

Police say 23-year-old Nathan Alan Bramlage was booked into the Lane County Jail for investigation of second-degree robbery and violating probation.

Detective Ralph Burks tells the Register-Guard, "I just assume that he didn't believe that we'd recognize him."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Technology brings bullying home - 11/29/10
Say the word "bullying" and the image that likely springs to mind is an oversized bruiser who delights in knocking down the books carried by a 98-pound weakling, or extorting lunch money.

Preventing internet misuse in the workplace - 11/29/10
TECHNICAL advances over the past decade have meant that accessing the internet at work has never been more convenient – or tempting. It has become a resource of huge magnitude and a part of our everyday lives, with e-mails now a key communication tool.

Rogue e-tailer courts negative feedback to boost web traffic - 11/29/10
The New York Times has published an explosive account of an American online retailer that actively solicited negative feedback from customers in order to boost the site's Google ‘pagerank’ and thereby gain more web traffic.

A BANK worker who boasted about her £6,000 redundancy payout on Facebook has been sacked - without getting a penny. - 11/27/10
Royal Bank of Scotland chiefs claimed Katie Furlong, 23, broke a secrecy agreement when she posted about it, saying: "More fool them!" Minutes after the scandal-hit bank announced 3,500 job cuts in September, the debt officer wrote: "I speak for myself when I say WoOOOOooooOooooHOooOooOoo, it was pretty damn obvious something like this was coming.

A GIRL of seven racked up a £250 bill in just one hour on Facebook - 11/26/10
Megan Fox asked to play Petville - an internet game where users can buy virtual clothes and furniture for a make-believe pet. But dad Matthew, 35, had forgotten to log off his stored PayPal payment details. He got an email billing him for 400 US dollars for Megan's games session. Matthew and wife Dawn, 33, pleaded with Facebook and PayPal for a refund but were refused.

Engineering student arrested for cyber harassment - 11/26/10
In yet another case of harassment through social networking sites, officials of cyber crime cell of Detection of Crime Branch (DCB) has arrested a civil engineering student. The student allegedly harassed a girl and threatened to post obscene pictures of her through a dummy account on Facebook.

Burglar 'home alone' kicks back with some brownies and porn - 11/26/10
A brownie-baking burglar made himself at home this week on Braddock Road until a concerned neighbor found the gun-toting intruder inside Thanksgiving morning and he fled. But first he surfed the victim’s computer for pornography, slept in his bed, stole his gun, guzzled his orange juice and was apparently trying to steal his pickup and liquor before he was found, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office incident report.

Dresden man charged with harassing young girl - 11/25/10
A 48-year-old Dresden man is charged with criminal harassment for allegedly attempting to lure a teen girl on the Internet. Lambton OPP said the man allegedly made repeated attempts to get the attention of a 13-year-old girl.

Webcam peeping tom: Hacker jailed after spying on computer users using their own cameras - 11/24/10
A hacker spied on countless computer users by manipulating their home webcams. Matthew Anderson, 33, is understood to have sent out 50million ‘spam’ emails containing an attachment for recipients to click on.

Woman suspected in lockdown threats to be returned to South Florida - 11/24/10
The woman arrested in connection with shooting threats that prompted a code red lockdown of the nation's sixth-largest school district agreed to be returned to South Florida, during a court appearance in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Elissa Martinez, 48, of New Port Richey, turned herself in to the FBI on Tuesday at her Los Angeles attorney's office. Federal agents had been looking for her since the Nov. 10 lockdown.

Maryville man finds someone else advertising his car on Craigslist - 11/24/10
Craigslist has become the go-to classified section for millions of people buying and selling used vehicles, but it's also open to con artists. A Maryville man who advertised his car on Craigslist called 6 On Your Side after discovering someone copied his ad.

Parents fed up in case of daughter's cyber-bullying - 11/23/10
She's watched her 13-year-old daughter terrorized online by tactics that allegedly included plastering personal information on an adult website. But now, Karry Boti said she's at her wits end after her daughter, Kyra Lynn, was targeted in an extreme case of cyber-bullying that started about seven weeks ago.

Breast cancer survivor’s anger after Facebook removes pictures of her 'offensive' scars- 11/23/10
Facebook has upset breast cancer sufferers by removing pictures of operation scars that were posted on the social networking site to promote awareness of the disease. Anna Antell’s tasteful black and white pictures were taken as part of a cancer exhibition at Oxford’s Malmaison Hotel. The exhibition aimed to show off the beauty and bravery of survivors.

Amazon's Christmas Black Friday disaster: Customer fury as bargains disappear in seconds - 11/23/10
Thousands of British shoppers have been left angry and disappointed after bargains promised in a Christmas web sale by Amazon disappeared in a fraction of a second Last night, watchdogs at the Advertising Standards Authority said they were ready to investigate complaints A week of reductions, with up to 70 per cent off best-selling products such as the Nintendo Wii, Xbox games consoles and televisions, has been heavily promoted by Amazon.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Snow of 2010 in Maine

Friday, November 26, 2010

Walmart Totally Sucks

I am very mad at Walmart. They advertised a $198 HDTV starting at 5am online *and* offline, so I got up at 430 am to order it & it was ALREADY sold out. I couldn't believe it. I went back to the ad and doublechecked - it stated 5 am was the starting time for the sale. So I fired off an email to Walmart telling them how disappointed I was:

" I got up specifically at 430 am on Black Friday to order the Emerson 32" LCD HDTV for $198 when the sale was *supposed* to start at 5 am and your site claimed the TV was already out of stock online. How can that be, when the sale wasn't supposed to start until 5 am? That is not only a ripoff, but a bait and switch. I am very upset about this.:

and that I felt it was a ripoff and bait & switch. Their response (which shows they did NOT read my original message:

"Thank you for contacting regarding the event day sale.

1. Online sales start simultaneously for the entire country, however, these sales start at 12 a.m. your time.

2. The exact times for online sales are not available. We will be working to make items available on the site as soon as possible so we recommend you check back early and often.

3. You should visit as early as possible on the morning of Friday November 26th as some items are in limited supply and could run out.

Questions about Sale Hours for Walmart Stores for Friday after Thanksgiving

1. For the Friday November 26th sales, you can refer to the Walmart ad in your local newspaper or visit for event timing in your local store. This information will be available online and in stores beginning Monday, 11/22.

2. The ad for the Friday November 26th sales, as well as the local store map, will be available online beginning Monday 11/22. You will be able to view the products, but you can only purchase at the event price beginning Friday morning.

If we may be of further assistance, please email us at"

I wrote back that nowhere on the site or in the ad did it state the TV would go on sale online at midnight, or you know damned well I would have been up at that time to order it. I told them I will not be shopping at Walmart ever again.

Look at the photo below - this is from the ad I received, as well as their web site. Where does it state the TV went on sale at midnight online? NOWHERE!!!!

Feel free to email them at and tell them what asshats they are.

Monday, November 22, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - November 22, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Go faster!
Robbery suspect tries to flee on lawnmower
Police in South Carolina say a man attempted a slow getaway by lawnmower after robbing a convenience store.

Aiken County sheriff's deputies told The Aiken Standard the man left the store on a riding lawnmower Thursday morning but didn't get far before he was arrested.

Capt. Troy Elwell says Ricky New has been charged with assault and battery, first degree and armed robbery.

Investigators say the suspect beat a store clerk with a stick during the robbery. New was being held at the Aiken County jail. It wasn't yet known if he has an attorney.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cops increase cyber-bullying outreach as teen faces charges - 11/22/10
Local law enforcement and school officials are hoping to increase awareness about online harassment after an alleged cyber-bullying case has landed a teenage girl in the criminal court system. A district judge issued a court order last week banning an Aspen High School student from using Facebook, Twitter or other electronic means to talk about a classmate she allegedly victimized online.

Going After the Cyberbully - 11/21/10
Schools and prosecutors are grappling with the legal issues raised when harassment over the Internet leads to suicide. Earlier this month, a 14-year old boy from Middleburg, Pennsylvania threw himself in front of a tractor-trailer after leaving a suicide note that said he was tired of being called a “faggot” and a “sissy” at school.

American accused of counselling suicide pleads not guilty - 11/20/10
A Minnesota man who scoured online suicide chatrooms and attempted to talk members into killing themselves has pleaded not guilty to felony charges stemming from two deaths, including that of a first-year Carleton University student.

Facebook's 'See Friendship' Feature Raises Privacy Worries - 11/19/10
Facebook normally catches flack for making private information available to advertisers. But last month, the social-networking site with half a billion users quietly added a feature that makes your private information available to the friends of your friends, which may be a much more nefarious group. A button called "See Friendship" aggregates onto a single page all of the information that two friends share: photos both people have been tagged in, events they have attended or are planning to attend, comments they have exchanged, etc.

New York Lawyer Gets Jail for Online Harassment in Dead Sea Scrolls Case - 11/19/10
A New York lawyer has been sentenced to six months in jail after sticking his nose into a scholarly feud over the origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls have been the subject of much scholarly interest and debate since they were discovered in a cave in Israel in the 1940s. Raphael Golb chose to put his two cents into the debate by using Internet impersonation and online harassment.

Student Disciplined Over Threat To Kill Bus Driver - 11/19/10
A student at Jefferson Middle School is accused of offering to pay $100 to have someone kill his school bus driver, the driver told WXII on Friday. The threat was posted online, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools spokesman Theo Helm said, and the student was disciplined.

Five Muslim boys and white girl, all 12, excluded over Facebook death threats to classmate who supported British troops - 11/18/10
A 13-year-old boy who penned an online Remembrance Day tribute to Britain’s fallen soldiers was subjected to a vicious hate campaign by fellow pupils. A gang of 12-year-old pupils made up of five Muslim boys and one non-Muslim girl made death threats to Darius Gill involving knives and knuckle-dusters because of his support for British troops.

Debt collectors utilize Facebook to embarrass those who owe - 11/18/10
Debt collectors can be relentless and downright rude on the phone, but now a St. Petersburg woman is filing suit alleging the company that financed her car loan began harassing family members over the social networking website Facebook.

Cyberstalkers: Living with fear every minute of the day - 11/17/10
The emails sent to Alexis Bowater were violent and sexual in nature, and would appear out of the blue. For two years the former ITV newsreader was relentlessly stalked online by a man who said that he hoped Bowater's unborn child would die and that she would be found hanging. He threatened to blow up the journalist while she was on air, and made menacing references to rape.

Rapist 'posed as police officer to attack two victims he met on Craigslist' - 11/17/10
A rapist attacked two women he met on Craigslist after claiming he was a police officer, prosecutors said today. Suraj Persaud, 34, allegedly threatened to have his victims arrested as prostitutes after meeting them through the classified section on the site.

Mother invents temporary phone number generator to save women from dangers of online stalkers - 11/17/10
A mother appalled by online dating stories from divorced friends is set to become a millionaire after launching a unique website to protect women from cyber-stalkers. Last week model Kelly Brook revealed how she is forced to constantly change her phone number because she is targeted by nuisance calls.

White supremacist jailed for posting YouTube clips calling for 'racial holy war' in Yorkshire - 11/16/10
A man has been jailed in Yorkshire after uploading video clips to YouTube that called for a 'racial holy war' against ethnic minorities. Gareth Hemingway, 29, of Bognor Regis, was sentenced to 15 months having earlier pleaded guilty to five offences under the Public Order Act.

Woman: Stalker Put Spyware In Cell Phone - 11/16/10
In the world of cyberstalking, cell phones have become a primary target. A specialist in computer and cell phone forensics, Adrian Leon Mare said that he is seeing more and more spyware that has been downloaded onto people's cell phones. "It's getting massive," he said. "Every day it grows." Experts told FOX5 that technology has advanced so much in the last decade that even the technologically challenged can use other people's cell phones to their advantage.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cyberstalking Article

Woot - one of the best articles about cyberstalking that I've been quoted for:

Monday, November 15, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - November 15, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Stupid criminal
NH vanity plate on getaway car IDs robbery suspect

Police say a New Hampshire woman charged with robbing a pharmacy wasn't hard to find: Her name was on the license plate of the getaway car.

Police say a motorist watched the woman flee from a Rite Aid parking lot in Manchester. The witness also reported seeing the woman toss items from her car Friday morning.

The vanity plate read "B-USHER."

Police tell WCVB-TV that the car was registered to 43-year-old Bonnie Usher, who was arrested at her home. Police recovered stolen money and found a ski mask tossed from the car.

An official at the Hillsborough County Jail says Usher was being held Sunday night on $60,000 bail. The jail's paperwork did not indicate whether she had retained a lawyer.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Proving stalker's guilt often adds to duress, security consultant says - 11/15/10
The impunity with which a Brooklyn man stalks a neighbor exposes legal ambiguities that force victims to prove harassment before cops will act, an expert said Sunday.

Restricting Employees' Internet Conduct May Violate Federal Labor Law - 11/15/10
The rise of social media websites has created a host of challenges for employers. An employee's post about his or her job can lead to claims of defamation or harassment by co-workers or may reveal confidential information. For these and other reasons, employers are taking steps to regulate what employees can and cannot do on the Internet.

Tumblr and 4chan knock each other out - 11/15/10
Blogging site Tumblr was knocked offline on Monday by the denizens of 4Chan, which was briefly floored itself during a tit-for-tat dispute that has recently escalated into open hacking attacks by both sides. Users of 4chan came together to launch a denial of service attack against Tumblr in response to gripes that the site was encroaching on its turf.

Poacher nabbed after posting kills on Facebook - 11/14/10
A 20-year-old Ham Lake man faces nearly $2,000 in fines and restitution for recently poaching two bucks and shooting an over-limit of Canada geese -- and then posting his exploits on his Facebook page.

TBI Tracking Author of Craigslist Death Threat - 11/13/10
A prominent man, and former city alderman in this small, Robertson County town was shocked to learn he'd become the target of an online ad whose author was looking to hire a hit man. "My next call was to Coopertown Police," said the man NewsChannel 5 is calling "Mike," the good samaritan who flagged the apparently illegal ad, and alerted authorities.

Top accountancy firm launches probe over 'rating' of new female staff by male colleagues in 'viral' e-mail - 11/12/10
It was meant to be a secret joke between high-flying male accountants. The email shared by 17 male employees at PricewaterhouseCoopers created a ‘top ten’ of attractive female trainees. However, the message has now gone global, leaving the men facing disciplinary action and the world’s second largest accountancy company hugely embarrassed.

Nurse 'was playing computer games while diabetic patient died' - 11/12/10
A nurse failed to notice a patient had been dead 'for some time' because she was playing online computer games, a hearing was told on Thursday. Natascha Hobbs, 39, had been asked to pay 'particular attention' to the diabetic man during her night shift because he had previously been hypoglycemic.

FDLE probes 1980s adoption involving baby-selling suspect - 11/12/10
A woman charged this week with trying to sell her infant grandson may have sold another child 26 years ago, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Patty Bigbee, 45, was arrested Tuesday after investigators said she tried to sell her 11-week-old grandson for $30,000 to her biological daughter, Danielle Skiver, who was put up for adoption in the early 1980s.

FBI Unfolds a Hacker’s Game of Extortion - 11/11/10
The FBI's Federal Cyber Investigators for the Los Angeles state, during June 2010, detained a man, aged 31, from California following an investigation, spanning 2 years, against him under the accusation that he indulged in "sextortion." Using what is known as 'spear phishing,' the hacker allegedly inserted malware into his victims' PCs so that he could contaminate and control those systems. Thereafter, he tried to find if there were any explicit pictures on the said systems. If so, he downloaded them as well as utilized them for extracting more images and films from the same.

Mass. Woman under Police Watch after Video of 'Racist Attack' on Mailman Goes Viral - 11/11/10
A Massachusetts woman was put under police watch Saturday after a video of her allegedly attacking a mailman and using racist language made her the target of an internet hate campaign, the Boston Herald reported. Erika Winchester, 60, was seen in the video demanding that former mail carrier Jean Hugson take back a certified letter for which she had signed.

Report: Threat Linked to Joyce Kaufman's Call for "Bullets" - 11/10/10
Channel 7 is reporting that the man who allegedly threatened to shoot up a Pembroke Pines school was prompted somehow by Joyce Kaufman, the acidic right-wing radio-show host who was named yesterday as newly elected Congressman Allen West's chief of staff.

10-year-old made email threat to Newport News elementary school - 11/10/10
Charges are pending against a 10-year-old student who police say sent an email threat to his elementary school in Newport News.

Pressure on Facebook after tributes sites vandalised - 11/10/10
Facebook will come under immense pressure from state and federal governments to do more to stamp out widespread incidents of grotesque vandalism of tribute pages for young people who have died.

Cyber-stalking issue heads to Superior Court - 11/10/10
When the American Civil Liberties Union protested the arrest of two men on cyber-stalking charges, it suggested another remedy existed for their two alleged victims: They could file a civil suit. Now that the cyber-stalking charges have been dismissed, one of the aggrieved parties has done just that.

Bullying on the Internet turns deadly - 11/09/10
Cyber-bullying presents a major challenge in the age of information and it was the topic of a discussion hosted by The Women’s Center on Wednesday in University Hall. Elahe Amani, the director of technology services for Student Affairs, was invited to speak in front of attendees relating to issues regarding cyber-bullying. Amani defined cyber-bullying, a form of cyber-crime, as being cruel to others by sending or posting harmful material or engaging in other forms of social aggression using the Internet and other technology. Because blogs and countless forms of social networks are so popular and growing globally, it is becoming more common to encounter some form of cyber-bullying.

Keys cops: Teen burglar's Myspace gave him away - 11/09/10,0,5211885.story
A Florida Keys teen was arrested Sunday evening after deputies found a computer logged onto his Myspace account in a home that had been burglarized, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Journalist Accused of Harassing Teen on Facebook - 11/09/10
Finance journalist Teri Buhl has proven herself to be adept at using Internet tools that are supposedly paving the way toward the future of journalism. During her short stint on staff with the Hearst Corporation’s quartet of Southwestern Connecticut papers, she kept up a frequently updated blog and, as a freelancer who writes for, she continues to find sources and update her regular readers via Twitter and Facebook.

Beware rental scam on web: police - 11/09/10
Police in Calgary are warning the public about an internet rental scam that bilked at least one person out of hundreds of dollars. A fake advertisement on the website Kijiji offered a four-bedroom house for rent on Mount Aberdeen Grove S.E. for $1,000 per month.

Sacked, the cab driver who secretly filmed passengers' confessions then posted them on YouTube - 11/08/10
A taxi driver has been sacked after secretly filming the drunken confessions of passengers and posting them on YouTube. Colin Hedley used a CCTV camera - installed in his cab for security - to capture blabbering passengers' confessions. He posted four videos on the internet along with a note explaining his aim to expose 'the kind of people that use our city nightlife to cheat and be unfaithful to their partners'. He revealed he had 'recorded the punters using taxis on a typical weekend in and around Nottingham city centre.

Monday, November 08, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - November 8, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Wow
Sheriff: NC man hid under home as ex-wife slept

Breaking up seems hard to do for a Rockingham County man. The sheriff's department said Allen Turner faces a breaking and entering charge after deputies found him in a crawlspace under his former mother-in-law's house. Authorities said Turner's ex-wife was staying at the house and he tried to awaken her Thursday morning by throwing acorns at a glass.

A sheriff's deputy said Jessica Turner then got a text message saying Allen Turner left his car in the driveway because he ran out of gas. She discovered he'd actually entered the house through an unlocked window.

Allen Turner then called his ex-wife and said he got a ride and left, but deputies searched and found him under the house.

Allen Turner was jailed under $1,500 bond. It wasn't clear whether he had an attorney.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cybertrolls pile on mourners' pain - 11/08/10
The word itself conjures up images of grisly, mythical creatures living under bridges. But in the cyberworld, trolls are very real people who disrupt Web forums ­ and among the most sinister are those who deface memorial pages dedicated to youngsters who died under violent circumstances.

Woman says man scammed her into trips to Australia - 11/06/10
A Eugene woman has accused a Seattle-area man of coercing her into making trips to Australia and Arizona under the pretense of continuing a relationship started online. Wika Woodrich has filed a suit in Lane County Court seeking $50,000 from Craig Osborne of Issaquah, Wash.

Italian police officer kills daughter, 13, in furious row over her Facebook use before turning gun on himself - 11/06/10
A police officer shot dead his teenage daughter and then turned the gun on himself after a furious row over her continual use of Facebook. Marshall Lucio Capelli, 39, of the Italian paramilitary carabinieri, killed Angelica, 13, with his service gun and also shot his other 15-year-old daughter, before shooting himself in the head.

Former Times publisher indicted for unlawful online activities - 11/05/10
The former interim publisher of the Katy Times was arrested Thursday on two charges stemming from allegedly unlawful online activities. Nicholas E. Georgandis, 36, of Katy turned himself into authorities, said Terriann Carlson, spokeswoman for the Fort Bend County Sheriff¹s Office.

Thug in Sick Facebook Post - 11/05/10
A SHAMELESS thug involved in a dog attack that saw a man die gloated about it on Facebook. John Palmer, 26, posted a snap of himself grinning while holding a news report about victim Simon Whittall's death.

Mother of convicted pimp faces felony charges for linking to an explicit Internet site featuring son's 15-year-old victim - 11/05/10
A 40-year-old mother who police say placed a link on her MySpace page to an Internet site of sexually explicit material involving a girl whom her son was convicted of pimping now faces a felony allegation herself. Sheila Marie Montgomery of Portland was arrested this week, accused of encouraging first-degree child sexual abuse.

Player faces action over dog photo - 11/05/10
Australia's rugby league bosses have told the Canberra Raiders they expected "appropriate" action to be taken against Joel Monaghan after a photograph of the player simulating a sex act with a dog was posted on the internet.

Radical website publishes MP 'death list' - 11/04/10
A website which influenced a young Muslim to stab an MP has posted dozens more MPs’ names on a 'death list’ with an exhortation to Muslims to follow her example. was named by Roshonara Choudhry in her police interviews as one of the sites which radicalised her. Choudhry was sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday for attempting to murder the former Labour minister Stephen Timms.

Facebook updates lead to authorities to California parole jumper near Cut Bank - 11/04/10
A man who absconded from parole in California 12 years ago has been arrested in northern Montana after disclosing his location in an update on his Facebook page. A fugitive task force in California learned that Robert Lewis Crose, 47, was working in northern Montana after he complained about the cold weather, Glacier County sheriff's Sgt. Tom Siefert told the Independent Record.

Man Who Sent Threat To IL Mosque Sentenced To Year In Prison - 11/04/10
A 25-year-old Maryland man was sentenced to one year in prison yesterday after sending email threats to an Illinois mosque, demanding that the mosque close or else he would "eradicate Islam."

Vidcam in Barbie a "Gift to Pedos" - 11/03/10
CHILD protection experts have branded a new Barbie doll as a "gift to paedophiles" - as it features a hidden CAMERA. The Barbie Video Girl features a tiny recording device in the toy's necklace. Footage can be viewed on a screen on the £59.99 doll's back, edited on computer and shared on websites such as YouTube.

Stephen Timms MP backs calls for overhaul of websites hosting terror videos - 11/03/10
Mr Timms backed calls for an overhaul as he said his Roshonara Choudhry's online radicalisation was "puzzling and alarming" and that her knife attack on him was like a "bolt out of the blue". Mr Timms was knifed twice by Choudhry at a constituency surgery in east London in May. She was today jailed for life for attempted murder.

Saturday, November 06, 2010


RIP SSgt Christopher Hitchcock 11/06/2006 & his dad, William 11/05/2006 - I lost two important men in my life, one day after the other.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Londonderry Middle School Talks

Phoebe and I left the house around 3 pm to go to Londonderry Middle School (in New Hampshire) for their "More Than Words" conference for parents and 7th grade students. When we got there, I set up my laptop, then Phoebe and I roamed the halls, letting students and parents pet Phoebe and just being sociable. Everyone stopped to say hello to her. When asked, I told them she was the Cyber Crime Dog and one man asked if she sniffed out Spam. I laughed and said she'd eat it! I guess what she does is sniff out cyberbullies! Maybe that should be her tag line!

We ended up doing two talks - about 10 parents and students in each, which wasn't a lot, but better than none. Phoebe roo-rooed on command for a biscuit (she's good at doing "inside voice" now) and I let some of the kids give her a biscuit! She was really good for both talks, but by the end of the second one, you could hear her whining (quietly). We all laughed at that.

One girl loved her so much, she had her mom buy one of my books so that she could get a "pawtograph" from Phoebe - I included a copy of The American Dog Magazine Phoebe is in as part of the sale.

Got great comments from the parents and school staff and now we're booked at two more schools in December where I can bring Phoebe!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

This is why I sometimes hate the media

you know, if you're media and you ask me to help you find victims willing to go on TV, then get mad at me for posting your contact info when you didn't tell me not to, you can bite me.

Monday, November 01, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - November 1, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Doh!
Man gets 5-day sentence for theft caught in photo
A man captured in a vacationing family's photograph as he stole their bag in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol received a five-day jail sentence and a nearly $500 fine.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported Saturday that Glenn Lambright was given credit for time already served after pleading no contest to misdemeanor theft earlier this month.

Vacationer John Myers of Bloomfield, N.J., had set the self-timer on his camera and hustled into the frame with his wife and two children in August. Meanwhile, a man grabbed a bag containing Myers' wallet and other items.

After discovering the bag missing, Myers checked his camera and found a photo with a man picking up the bag in the background. Myers showed the photo to police, who recognized the man and tracked him down.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Teacher upset about alleged online threats - 10/30/10
A Jacksonville High School teacher said she is frustrated she was not notified until the following day that she was a target in an alleged shooting threat that alarmed parents, sparked a criminal investigation and disrupted classes Oct. 18.

I typed my husband's name into the internet - and found he's a bigamist with lovers on three continents - 10/30/10
When Diane Petty typed her husband’s name into an internet search engine, she was simply curious to learn more about his company. Instead, it turned into the start of a shocking journey of discovery about the former oil company executive’s multiple secret lives spanning three continents.

Bogus bride who fell in love with an illegal immigrant on Facebook is spared jail - 10/30/10
A woman who was persuaded into agreeing to marry an illegal immigrant she fell in love with on the internet has been spared jail. Cindy Bonsu, a Dutch national, and Dennis William, who is from Nigeria, met on Facebook and formed a genuine relationship, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Google 'revealed location of centre for vulnerable women' - 10/29/10
He accused the search engine of a "staggering" invasion of privacy of the organisation, which houses women and children who have fled abusive homes and therefore depend on the building's "anonymity". Mark Lancaster, a Conservative MP, claimed Google had not only compromised the security of the building by publicising its full address alongside a picture of the exterior, but had also refused to respond to requests to remove the information.

Windsor mom helps take down alleged predator - 10/29/10
The online chatting had already escalated to phone calls. He had asked the young girl for her address. When a Windsor mom made the terrifying realization that a man was stalking her 12-year-old daughter over the Internet, she got scared. Then she got mad.

Beaverton attorney's law license suspended after her 2008 felony conviction - 10/28/10
The Oregon Supreme Court has suspended a Beaverton accountant and tax attorney's law license, following her 2008 criminal convictions in Washington state. Rhonda Antell, 53, pleaded guilty in King County, Wash., to second-degree identity theft, a felony, and cyberstalking, a misdemeanor.

US prosecutor: Man who told people in UK, Canada to kill selves has no free speech rights - 10/28/10
A former nurse charged with aiding the suicides of two people was not covered by free-speech protections when he sought out depressed people online and encouraged them to kill themselves, a prosecutor argued in court documents Wednesday. William Melchert-Dinkel, 48, of Minnesota, is charged with two counts of aiding suicide in the deaths of an English man and a Canadian woman. His attorney has asked that the case be dismissed on free-speech grounds, and argued the state's aiding suicide law is too vague.

Man jailed for making and selling Tracey Emin fakes - 10/28/10
An ex-art student who worked alongside artist Tracey Emin has been jailed for 16 months for forging her work. Jonathan Rayfern, 32, was jailed by a judge at Manchester Crown Court after he admitted 10 counts of fraud and one of deception.

UConn student arrested for bomb threats - 10/28/10
A 19-year-old UConn student was arrested Tuesday evening in conjunction with bomb threats to Greater Hartford Campus which cancelled classes there last Tuesday and Thursday. UConn Police said Kendriana Manning, 19, of East Hartford was arrested at 5:09 p.m. and charged with falsely reporting an incident, breach of peace in the second degree, threatening in the first degree, harassment in the second degree and an act of terrorism.

My Life Was Stolen on Facebook - 10/28/10
FLEEING into the Tube station, Carolyn Owlett felt her heart racing with panic. Behind the ticket barrier, a man she did not know was yelling her name, shouting that he loved her and that he wanted to be with her. Hurtling on to the safety of a train, the mum-of-one was soon to discover she was at the start of a nightmare brought on by a rogue user of a social networking site.

Jacksonville Woman Said She Was Target of Dating Scam - 10/27/10
Two weeks ago an ex-Navy wife was on an internet dating website when she met someone who introduced himself as Christopher Dockery. "He was a widowed soldier stationed in Camp Promise Kabul -- later I found out there's no Camp Promise," said the woman who wants to remain anonymous. They would e-mail each other for days. He sent romantic poems and even provided pictures, but when he asked her for money, she knew she had been sucked into a scam.

Judge warns of Facebook danger after paedophile terrorises schoolgirl - 10/26/10
A paedophile terrorised a schoolgirl on the social networking website Facebook after duping her into accepting him as a ‘friend’. Robert Sumner stalked the teenager online and bombarded her with texts demanding she meet him.

Chinese Twitter user seized after supporting Liu Xiaobo - 10/26/10
Chinese police seized a woman from her house in the middle of the night after she tweeted her intention to demonstrate with a banner congratulating jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo on winning the Nobel peace prize, a friend said today.