Walmart Totally Sucks

I am very mad at Walmart. They advertised a $198 HDTV starting at 5am online *and* offline, so I got up at 430 am to order it & it was ALREADY sold out. I couldn't believe it. I went back to the ad and doublechecked - it stated 5 am was the starting time for the sale. So I fired off an email to Walmart telling them how disappointed I was:

" I got up specifically at 430 am on Black Friday to order the Emerson 32" LCD HDTV for $198 when the sale was *supposed* to start at 5 am and your site claimed the TV was already out of stock online. How can that be, when the sale wasn't supposed to start until 5 am? That is not only a ripoff, but a bait and switch. I am very upset about this.:

and that I felt it was a ripoff and bait & switch. Their response (which shows they did NOT read my original message:

"Thank you for contacting regarding the event day sale.

1. Online sales start simultaneously for the entire country, however, these sales start at 12 a.m. your time.

2. The exact times for online sales are not available. We will be working to make items available on the site as soon as possible so we recommend you check back early and often.

3. You should visit as early as possible on the morning of Friday November 26th as some items are in limited supply and could run out.

Questions about Sale Hours for Walmart Stores for Friday after Thanksgiving

1. For the Friday November 26th sales, you can refer to the Walmart ad in your local newspaper or visit for event timing in your local store. This information will be available online and in stores beginning Monday, 11/22.

2. The ad for the Friday November 26th sales, as well as the local store map, will be available online beginning Monday 11/22. You will be able to view the products, but you can only purchase at the event price beginning Friday morning.

If we may be of further assistance, please email us at"

I wrote back that nowhere on the site or in the ad did it state the TV would go on sale online at midnight, or you know damned well I would have been up at that time to order it. I told them I will not be shopping at Walmart ever again.

Look at the photo below - this is from the ad I received, as well as their web site. Where does it state the TV went on sale at midnight online? NOWHERE!!!!

Feel free to email them at and tell them what asshats they are.


Anonymous said…
Report it to your State Attorney General's Consumer Fraud division!
Anonymous said…

you're not the only one pissed off at Walmart

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