WHO@ Newsletter - November 15, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Stupid criminal
NH vanity plate on getaway car IDs robbery suspect

Police say a New Hampshire woman charged with robbing a pharmacy wasn't hard to find: Her name was on the license plate of the getaway car.

Police say a motorist watched the woman flee from a Rite Aid parking lot in Manchester. The witness also reported seeing the woman toss items from her car Friday morning.

The vanity plate read "B-USHER."

Police tell WCVB-TV that the car was registered to 43-year-old Bonnie Usher, who was arrested at her home. Police recovered stolen money and found a ski mask tossed from the car.

An official at the Hillsborough County Jail says Usher was being held Sunday night on $60,000 bail. The jail's paperwork did not indicate whether she had retained a lawyer.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Proving stalker's guilt often adds to duress, security consultant says - 11/15/10
The impunity with which a Brooklyn man stalks a neighbor exposes legal ambiguities that force victims to prove harassment before cops will act, an expert said Sunday.

Restricting Employees' Internet Conduct May Violate Federal Labor Law - 11/15/10
The rise of social media websites has created a host of challenges for employers. An employee's post about his or her job can lead to claims of defamation or harassment by co-workers or may reveal confidential information. For these and other reasons, employers are taking steps to regulate what employees can and cannot do on the Internet.

Tumblr and 4chan knock each other out - 11/15/10
Blogging site Tumblr was knocked offline on Monday by the denizens of 4Chan, which was briefly floored itself during a tit-for-tat dispute that has recently escalated into open hacking attacks by both sides. Users of 4chan came together to launch a denial of service attack against Tumblr in response to gripes that the site was encroaching on its turf.

Poacher nabbed after posting kills on Facebook - 11/14/10
A 20-year-old Ham Lake man faces nearly $2,000 in fines and restitution for recently poaching two bucks and shooting an over-limit of Canada geese -- and then posting his exploits on his Facebook page.

TBI Tracking Author of Craigslist Death Threat - 11/13/10
A prominent man, and former city alderman in this small, Robertson County town was shocked to learn he'd become the target of an online ad whose author was looking to hire a hit man. "My next call was to Coopertown Police," said the man NewsChannel 5 is calling "Mike," the good samaritan who flagged the apparently illegal ad, and alerted authorities.

Top accountancy firm launches probe over 'rating' of new female staff by male colleagues in 'viral' e-mail - 11/12/10
It was meant to be a secret joke between high-flying male accountants. The email shared by 17 male employees at PricewaterhouseCoopers created a ‘top ten’ of attractive female trainees. However, the message has now gone global, leaving the men facing disciplinary action and the world’s second largest accountancy company hugely embarrassed.

Nurse 'was playing computer games while diabetic patient died' - 11/12/10
A nurse failed to notice a patient had been dead 'for some time' because she was playing online computer games, a hearing was told on Thursday. Natascha Hobbs, 39, had been asked to pay 'particular attention' to the diabetic man during her night shift because he had previously been hypoglycemic.

FDLE probes 1980s adoption involving baby-selling suspect - 11/12/10
A woman charged this week with trying to sell her infant grandson may have sold another child 26 years ago, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Patty Bigbee, 45, was arrested Tuesday after investigators said she tried to sell her 11-week-old grandson for $30,000 to her biological daughter, Danielle Skiver, who was put up for adoption in the early 1980s.

FBI Unfolds a Hacker’s Game of Extortion - 11/11/10
The FBI's Federal Cyber Investigators for the Los Angeles state, during June 2010, detained a man, aged 31, from California following an investigation, spanning 2 years, against him under the accusation that he indulged in "sextortion." Using what is known as 'spear phishing,' the hacker allegedly inserted malware into his victims' PCs so that he could contaminate and control those systems. Thereafter, he tried to find if there were any explicit pictures on the said systems. If so, he downloaded them as well as utilized them for extracting more images and films from the same.

Mass. Woman under Police Watch after Video of 'Racist Attack' on Mailman Goes Viral - 11/11/10
A Massachusetts woman was put under police watch Saturday after a video of her allegedly attacking a mailman and using racist language made her the target of an internet hate campaign, the Boston Herald reported. Erika Winchester, 60, was seen in the video demanding that former mail carrier Jean Hugson take back a certified letter for which she had signed.

Report: Threat Linked to Joyce Kaufman's Call for "Bullets" - 11/10/10
Channel 7 is reporting that the man who allegedly threatened to shoot up a Pembroke Pines school was prompted somehow by Joyce Kaufman, the acidic right-wing radio-show host who was named yesterday as newly elected Congressman Allen West's chief of staff.

10-year-old made email threat to Newport News elementary school - 11/10/10
Charges are pending against a 10-year-old student who police say sent an email threat to his elementary school in Newport News.

Pressure on Facebook after tributes sites vandalised - 11/10/10
Facebook will come under immense pressure from state and federal governments to do more to stamp out widespread incidents of grotesque vandalism of tribute pages for young people who have died.

Cyber-stalking issue heads to Superior Court - 11/10/10
When the American Civil Liberties Union protested the arrest of two men on cyber-stalking charges, it suggested another remedy existed for their two alleged victims: They could file a civil suit. Now that the cyber-stalking charges have been dismissed, one of the aggrieved parties has done just that.

Bullying on the Internet turns deadly - 11/09/10
Cyber-bullying presents a major challenge in the age of information and it was the topic of a discussion hosted by The Women’s Center on Wednesday in University Hall. Elahe Amani, the director of technology services for Student Affairs, was invited to speak in front of attendees relating to issues regarding cyber-bullying. Amani defined cyber-bullying, a form of cyber-crime, as being cruel to others by sending or posting harmful material or engaging in other forms of social aggression using the Internet and other technology. Because blogs and countless forms of social networks are so popular and growing globally, it is becoming more common to encounter some form of cyber-bullying.

Keys cops: Teen burglar's Myspace gave him away - 11/09/10
A Florida Keys teen was arrested Sunday evening after deputies found a computer logged onto his Myspace account in a home that had been burglarized, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Journalist Accused of Harassing Teen on Facebook - 11/09/10
Finance journalist Teri Buhl has proven herself to be adept at using Internet tools that are supposedly paving the way toward the future of journalism. During her short stint on staff with the Hearst Corporation’s quartet of Southwestern Connecticut papers, she kept up a frequently updated blog and, as a freelancer who writes for Forbes.com, she continues to find sources and update her regular readers via Twitter and Facebook.

Beware rental scam on web: police - 11/09/10
Police in Calgary are warning the public about an internet rental scam that bilked at least one person out of hundreds of dollars. A fake advertisement on the website Kijiji offered a four-bedroom house for rent on Mount Aberdeen Grove S.E. for $1,000 per month.

Sacked, the cab driver who secretly filmed passengers' confessions then posted them on YouTube - 11/08/10
A taxi driver has been sacked after secretly filming the drunken confessions of passengers and posting them on YouTube. Colin Hedley used a CCTV camera - installed in his cab for security - to capture blabbering passengers' confessions. He posted four videos on the internet along with a note explaining his aim to expose 'the kind of people that use our city nightlife to cheat and be unfaithful to their partners'. He revealed he had 'recorded the punters using taxis on a typical weekend in and around Nottingham city centre.


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