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2007 Cyberstalking Statistics Released

I'm posting the official press release, but the interesting items from this past year were:

1) Male and female harassers were almost equal - males were 39%, females 30% (the remainder were unknown gender by the victim). We began calculating statistics at WHOA in 2000, and back then 68% of harassers were male. Over the years, we've seen the number of female harassers increasing, which wasn't a total surprise. Most people think they can remain "anonymous" online, which leads to more women harassing not only exes, but complete strangers and not just men - women are being harassed by women more frequently. It's sad when you work on cases with victims and see how a supposed adult female (or male, for that matter) act like immature children.

2) Although only 7% of the cases involved harassment by a family member, what was very surprising was that almost all of those cases involved an estranged *father* as the harasser. Yep, you read right. Scary, isn't it?

3) We s…

Memorial Day

In loving memory of SSgt Christopher N. Hitchcock, USMC - Ooh-rah!

Myspace Suicide, Backscattering

I wrote about the Megan Meier Myspace suicide a few months ago when it hit the media and I was interviewed about it. Back then, when no copies of the messages Megan received were released, I had to go on what I was told and read in news accounts, which was that a "boy" her age communicated with her via Myspace, then turned around and began calling her fat and other things. What it came down to was that although what had been written to her was mean, it was not cyberstalking, which is a crime in the state of Missouri, where she lived at the time. It could have been considered cyberbullying, but there were no laws in place then to cover that. I felt awful for her parents and angry at the woman who forged the profile of the "boy" to egg Megan on, causing her to commit suicide. I always knew there was more to the story and yesterday's indictment of this woman (in her 40s, no less - an adult? I think not, pfft) proved my gut feeling was right: Woman indicted in Mis…

Please note - this is going too far

An electrician I had a bad experience with and posted my PERSONAL OPINIONS about has decided to try to make my life miserable. Note how the support I've been getting is making him look worse. He is making the mistake of emailing and faxing people who know me well (this one is my booking agent) and I have contacted my lawyer. I have had to warn my upcoming speaking engagements about this guy. This is now becoming libel and slander.

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wow, see below. What's this all about?



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Kids, Camden, Re-Bath, more

We had Chris' two oldest kids (a boy, 13 and girl, 11) over spring break a couple of weeks ago. Going from never having kids to suddenly having two for a whole week was more than my poor body could handle, LOL. The kids were great, normal for their ages, with the usual little brother/sister spats, moods and being annoying, but overall they were good about helping around the house and just having fun.

C spent time with me helping me start tomato seeds in the house and moving some daylilies from one spot in the yard to another. She helped me with laundry and other things, but I took her to see "Horton Hears A Who," which was really good, even for adults, we got our nails done together and just had fun talking and stuff.

We all played Wii, took the kids for rides in the Jeep (it's colder up here on the coast from where they live in Western Massachusetts and they were freezing, ha ha), took them to the beach one day and let them dive into the water (hey, they insisted ev…