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We had Chris' two oldest kids (a boy, 13 and girl, 11) over spring break a couple of weeks ago. Going from never having kids to suddenly having two for a whole week was more than my poor body could handle, LOL. The kids were great, normal for their ages, with the usual little brother/sister spats, moods and being annoying, but overall they were good about helping around the house and just having fun.

C spent time with me helping me start tomato seeds in the house and moving some daylilies from one spot in the yard to another. She helped me with laundry and other things, but I took her to see "Horton Hears A Who," which was really good, even for adults, we got our nails done together and just had fun talking and stuff.

We all played Wii, took the kids for rides in the Jeep (it's colder up here on the coast from where they live in Western Massachusetts and they were freezing, ha ha), took them to the beach one day and let them dive into the water (hey, they insisted even when I told them the water was cold). We took Bandit and Guin to the beach with us and Bandit loves walking in the water. Guin just likes bouncing around.

The kids helped us plant our new aborvitaes along the stone wall separating us from our crazy neighbor who likes to wear women's lingerie and be naked in full view of my house, among other things (such as peeing and pooping off his back porch - yuck). Although they're only two feet tall now, if they grow as fast as everything else in my yard, they'll be taller soon.

One day a friend brought her grandkids over (the same ages) and we let them run riot in the yard and played Wii. Another day we took the kids to my stepsister's house and let them play with her kids and my other stepsister's daughter. They have a big pond stocked with fish, so I fished (catch and release) and ended up catching two good sized one. Now I want to get a fishing pole and go fishing. I forgot how much I enjoyed doing that.

My CFS kicked in full time by the end of the week with the kids and I got a nasty cold. How do you explain to two kids about CFS? Chris and I just told them it was a cold I picked up. I ended up crashing after they left. I also called my sister and told her how much I admired her for bringing up her kids, now that I know firsthand how hard it can be. She thought that was hilarious.

The day we dropped the kids off, we finally picked out our wedding bands. Chris ended up getting a 14K gold band with rounded steel edges. The place we bought it from doesn't have a photo on the site, so I'll take one and post it soon. It's very different, but beautiful. I got an emerald and diamond band that matches the style of my engagement ring. It's being sized and when it gets back, I'll post that photo, too.

The following weekend, we went away to Camden, Maine. I had done the Michael Gogger Radio Show for the third time recently. He's a psychic and does mini readings after our interview. He is VERY good and has been on the money so far. He had told me we'd been thinking about getting away for a weekend (which we had) and we needed to do it before we got married. He also said Chris was stressed about a lot of things and not to worry about his business, it would get busy soon and he would be successful. So far, he's right.

So, in Camden, I found a sweet deal on a cottage with a jacuzzi tub and fireplace at The Lodge at Camden Hills. We got three nights for the price of two *plus* 25% off the entire stay. The cottage was perfect and the jacuzzi was put to good use (wink wink). It was wonderful. We ate at Atlantica the first night because I'm friends with the bartender, Ron. Superb dinner and the owners came over to chat with us.

The next day we played tourists and went to Breakwater Lighthouse, which is at the end of a 7/8 mile breakwater, so we got our exercise, LOL; the Maine Lighthouse Museum; and the Owl's Head Transportation Museum. At the Lighthouse Museum, smack dab in the entrance was a huge diorama that my late husband and his dad had made. Chris wasn't sure how I'd be, but it was nice to see their work in public and being admired. It did make me sad and in the car, Chris held me. He is so good to me.

That night we met up with friends Terry and Jacob for dinner at Francine Bistro, a nifty, casual restaurant in Camden. Terry is a best-selling mystery author and we've become fast friends over the past few months. It's so hard to make female friends who understand your writing work and what you do. Turns out we had a situation in common (a case I worked on) and we laughed at the coincidence. We followed them to their house for ice cream and cappuccino. Their house is right on the ocean and is gorgeous. They own four donkeys (used to have five) and we had a really good time with them. I wish they lived closer (it's almost three hours to Camden from our house).

Saturday we spent the day driving up to Bar Harbor, stopping off for breakfast in Belfast and hitting flea markets, yard sales and such along the way. We ended up buying a few odds and ends and having a good time. Then I took the plunge and we went back to Rockland and I got my first (and last) tattoo. Yep. I did it. It's on my left shoulder, of a purple iris - my favorite flower. The tattoo shop was clean, the guy who owned the place did my tatto and it is beautiful. Photos to be posted soon, I promise.

The day we left for Camden, the guys from Re-Bath were putting in our new tub and shower. So when we got home, the bathroom looks totally different and we ended up getting a new sink with vanity to complement it. It is soooooo nice to take a bath in a tub that's not old and bumpy and walls that aren't tile that are pushing into the wall and moldy. They ended up pretty much replacing the one wall of tile. Our friend, Joanne, stayed at the house while we were gone and she was amazed at how wonderful the tub looks now. Plus, we got a massaging shower head - yay!

Photo link of the before/after of that to be posted soon.

I was going to write more, but I have to get to work. Will post more soon.


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