Please note - this is going too far

An electrician I had a bad experience with and posted my PERSONAL OPINIONS about has decided to try to make my life miserable. Note how the support I've been getting is making him look worse. He is making the mistake of emailing and faxing people who know me well (this one is my booking agent) and I have contacted my lawyer. I have had to warn my upcoming speaking engagements about this guy. This is now becoming libel and slander.

From: "Scott Wolfman"
To: "JAH"
Subject: Fw: Web request for more information
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 09:35:02 -0500

wow, see below. What's this all about?



Scott Wolfman, President
Wolfman Productions, Inc.
Providing an eclectic mix of high quality speakers, debates, and performing
arts programs.
Come visit us on the web at

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Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 6:32 AM
Subject: Web request for more information

> Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
> (northeastelectric@(removed for privacy purposes)) on Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 06:32:10
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> name: Dan Gilmore
> organization: Northeast Electric
> area: 603
> phone: (removed for privacy purposes)
> xara: 603
> fax: (removed for privacy purposes)
> address: (removed for privacy purposes)
> Portsmouth,New Hampshire,03802
> event: Possible Picketing Of all Or any Of Jayne Hitchcock Events
> budget: $
> program: * Jayne A. Hitchcock
> comments: We are notifiying you of our possible intention to (Legaly
Demonstrate)at any or all events that include Jayne Hitchcock to Dispell The
Horid and Unbelievable lies she has printed online about our Company and we
are also seriously considering a civil Slander lawsuit against her personaly
for her lies that she put online,We are writing this to you to inform you
that we in NO WAY have anything against your organization but olny against
Jayne Hitchcock-Supposed Profesional Witness who has lied to her public
readers and this company can prove it in a court of law.We are truely sorry
if this could have any negative publicity for your organization wich is what
we are against her for(she may have caused our company Financial losses wich
may be recouped should we decide to persue this in court according to our
legal counsel),we hold no anamosity towards your company and would be glad
to state that publicly if asked to do so.I thank you for your time and sorry
to have to in!
> volve you with any of this problemWe have been in business since 1986 and
have the complete respect of many state and federal agencies wich we have
worked for,There is no substance to her allegations and we will not allow
them to slip by unchecked,please feel free to contact me if you have any
questions.Thank You.Sincerly:Dan Gilmore-Northeast Electric LLC-603- (removed for privacy purposes)
> sendpostal: sendpostal
> sendfax: sendfax
> sendemail: sendemail
> submit: Submit To Wolfman Productions
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------


Anonymous said…
Maybe you ought to give this "Dan" some English lessons, concentrating on spelling and composition!
Jayne Hitchcock said…
To "Anonymous" who tried to post something to this blog, rehashing what went on years ago. Pull the hair out of your ass and let it go (cue in "Frozen" song). It was an expensive gun safe, you asshat, not some cheap "bartered" shit my LATE husband owned. I stupidly let you take the gun safe home, expecting you to finish your work. You didn't, so I had to hire someone to do it. Try posting anything online again and I will see you in court. Oh yes, I did keep your "post" as evidence.

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