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Remembering Chris Hitchcock

Chris would have been 43 today. His birthday before he died in 2006 was a Pirate Party, complete with eye patches, pirate hats, goblets and other silly things. I even made Bandit and Guin wear pirate gear. It's too bad the laughter from that day didn't last long. I'm going to visit his grave later today to replace flags and just to say hello.

WHO@ Newsletter - August 31, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .this is why you Google them before you go out on that 1st date
Police: Detroit man stole woman's car on 1st date

Police in Michigan say a first date went from bad to worse when a Detroit man skipped out on the restaurant bill, then stole his date's car.

Police say 23-year-old Terrance Dejuan McCoy had dinner with a woman April 24 at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale. The woman says the two met a week earlier at a Detroit casino and she knew McCoy only as "Chris."

The woman told police that McCoy said he left his wallet in her car and asked for keys. He then sped away in the 2000 Chevrolet Impala.

The Daily Tribune of Royal Oak reports that police identified McCoy by a photo he'd sent to the woman's cell phone, and his phone number.

McCoy is charged with unlawfully taking the car, a five-year felony. He waived a preliminary exam and was …

WHO@ Newsletter - August 24, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .I just have nothing to add to this:
Man with Spears tattoo steals earring-wearing dog

A man with a tattoo of Britney Spears' name on his arm or neck allegedly stole a Chihuahua with pink earrings from a South Florida gay bar. Brian Dortort, 48, said Thursday he has spent weeks searching for his 4-month-old pooch, named Hudson Hayward Hemingway. The dog, about the size of a softball, was in a specialty pet bag.

Dortort said he let a man hold the Chihuahua for a moment during a friend's birthday party, then both of them disappeared.

Police said a suspect has been identified, but it's up to the Broward State Attorney's Office to decide whether to an issue an arrest warrant.
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Attorney: FBI trained NJ blogger to incite others

Vogue model Liskula Cohen wins right to unmask offensive blogger

Vogue model Liskula Cohen wins right to unmask offensive blogger - via @addthis

The Mesh Marketer Social Media Plan

WHO@ Newsletter - August 17, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Now you can listen to "Happy Birthday Mr. President" when you're dead
Eternal resting spot next to Marilyn Monroe to be auctioned

Want to spend eternity next to Marilyn Monroe? Now you can, because the burial spot located just above the ill-fated starlet is going on sale for a cool 500,000 dollars on auction website eBay.

The tomb in the Westwood Village Memorial Park in Los Angeles is currently occupied by one Richard Poncher, who died 23 years ago aged 81, The Los Angeles Times reported.

But his widow is having his body moved over one spot and auctioning the site above Monroe's, hoping to earn enough to pay off her 1.6-million-dollar Beverly Hills home.

"Here is a once in a lifetime and into eternity opportunity to spend your eternal days directly above Marilyn Monroe," the sale advertisement on the site says. Bidding starts at 500,000 dollars…

Facebook Tests 'Lite' Version of Service

Charlotte police blame the Internet for rise in rape cases | McClatchy

FREE tacos at Jack In The Box TODAY only

Go to and print out a coupon for 2 free tacos valid only today, 08/11/09.

WHO@ Newsletter - August 10, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .I wonder what else he was hiding there
Obese Texas inmate hides gun in his flabs of fat

An obese inmate in Texas has been charged after officials learned he had a gun hidden under flabs of his own flesh.

Twenty-five-year-old George Vera was charged with possession of a firearm in a correctional facility after he told a guard at the Harris County Jail about the unloaded 9mm pistol. The Houston Chronicle reported Thursday that Vera was originally arrested on charges of selling illegal copies of compact discs.

The 500-pound man was searched during his arrest and again at a city jail and the county jail, but officers never found the weapon in his rolls of skin. Vera admitted having the gun during a shower break at the county jail.

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Some people are assholes

So last night I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. Sore throat, achy, just plain tired. Took some Nyquil and slept straight through until almost 10 this morning. Got up and insisted I would help Chris with the post office parking lot. We did this last year, go through, sweep up the dust, garbage and crap (not literal crap), I'd weed, trim the bushes, etc. We did it in about three hours last year.

So I took a non-drowsy Sudafed, hooked up Phoebe to her halter/leash and we met Chris at the post office. We began weeding and everything was going great. I'm listening to Christopher Paolini's "Brisinger" on audio, there was a nice breeze and Phoebe was chillin.

Chris had weed whacked what he could and was blowing everything into a pile to scoop up to put into the back of his truck. All of a sudden I hear this guy screaming and yelling. I walk around the back of the post office and see this guy getting up in Chris' face (he was a short guy, so Chris towered ov…

Teen Voices Online Interview

An interview I'm in: When a Cyberstalker Invades Your Life -

Great sites for you/your teen daughter

A couple of great web sites for you and your teen daughter(s) to visit: &

CONTEST: Name my next book and win!

I need a title for my next book that my publisher will love. If you provide the winning title, I'll send you a Maine goody bag filled with saltwater taffy, a lobster (not a live or cooked one), pen, and other neat stuff.

The book is about true crimes on the Internet, such as the Megan Meier Myspace suicide case; a young woman who was murdered by a delusional man who kept an online blog about killing her for two years; a TV personality receiving threatening emails from a "fan" who claimed he was a "cereal" killer and was going to kill his wife and children; and more.

The title I gave my publisher was Virtual Villains: True Crime Stories From The Internet

What can you come up with? Either post here or email to me at

Pennsylvania LA Fitness Gym Shooter Kept Online Diary in Plotting the Attack - ABC News

Marines Ban Twitter, MySpace, Facebook

FreeAppAlert - Free iPhone apps that were paid iPhone apps yesterday

Child's photo used in Craigslist adoption scam

WBBM 780 - Chicago's #1 source for local news, traffic and weather - 3 scorned Wis. women charged with tying up lover

WHO@ Newsletter - August 3, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .It's amazing the things you find on Craigslist

Date: 2009-08-02, 12:35AM EDT
Reply to:

Hi there... I investigate so called turner beast or loogaroo...
do you hear a call that sounds like an owl with a dogs voice which hoots 3 times instead of 4 followed by an sound like a reptilian sound.. the movie jurasic park man in jeep gets attacked... almost sounds like that... repeating three times.. usualy at the wean morning hours... usualy august is most active and you'll find newspaper articles at this time...
I found they like cats very much... dogs get mutilated or beaten up...
over 17 years of investigating...found that this beast are many, covering the whole state...
they are more numerous in populated areas believe it or not... how i know this is through experiance of listening of them calling each other ju…