WHO@ Newsletter - August 31, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .this is why you Google them before you go out on that 1st date
Police: Detroit man stole woman's car on 1st date

Police in Michigan say a first date went from bad to worse when a Detroit man skipped out on the restaurant bill, then stole his date's car.

Police say 23-year-old Terrance Dejuan McCoy had dinner with a woman April 24 at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale. The woman says the two met a week earlier at a Detroit casino and she knew McCoy only as "Chris."

The woman told police that McCoy said he left his wallet in her car and asked for keys. He then sped away in the 2000 Chevrolet Impala.

The Daily Tribune of Royal Oak reports that police identified McCoy by a photo he'd sent to the woman's cell phone, and his phone number.

McCoy is charged with unlawfully taking the car, a five-year felony. He waived a preliminary exam and was bound over for trial Thursday.
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:// Are you a secret cyberstalker - 08/30/09
Sitting at your computer, you log on to Facebook and notice a message on a friend's page... from your ex! Before you know it, you've downloaded their photo and magnified it a thousand times so you can see just how hot they are now.

Googling your child’s teacher and other cyber snooping - 08/30/09
Once upon a time, people debated whether it was ethical or wise to Google someone after a first date.
Nowadays, people will have checked out a person’s interests, causes and hobbies on Facebook well before considering a first date. While it may seem like a spoiler alert for a potential date, it’s another way to see if your personalities will click.

Prevent cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying, sexting: Help for cell phone and computer abuse - 08/30/09
How do grown-ups prevent 'tweens' and teens from cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, and "sexting"? Phones and computers have enabled us to keep connected but have also opened up a Pandora's box of problems.

Sue Bradford receives death threats - 08/30/09
Anti-smacking campaigner Sue Bradford has received chilling death threats and been warned she could be New Zealand's "first political assassination".

First Date Dos & Don'ts - 08/30/09
I get so many questions about first date etiquette from my readers that I think it is high time that I lay down the skinny on the “dos and don’ts” of the first date. I, with the help of readers have compiled a list of all of the things that you should do and all of the things that should be avoided at all costs.

Cyberbullying -- not just for kids anymore - 08/29/09
I'm sure many of you have seen or heard the commercials aimed towards teens and tweens about cyberbullying. You know, the one where it makes it sound like a young girl is saying directly to her friend 'OMG, that shirt is so ugly!' etc etc etc. There are several websites and programs aimed at stopping cyber bullying, such as STOP Cyberbullying, Cyberbullying Research Center, and CSRIU: Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use.

N.J. man is arrested in e-mail threat case - 08/28/09
A New Jersey man is facing charges that he threatened Connecticut Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele.State police say 28-year-old John N. Stankus of Long Beach was charged with second-degree threatening and breach of peace. Officials say he was extradited Wednesday from New Jersey and was being held on $75,000 bond after he was arraigned in Hartford Superior Court.

Man arrested for selling stolen furnace after posting phone number online - 08/28/09
A man was arrested by Knoxville police after posting pictures of a furnace he didn't own on Craigslist and helping load it for buyers who were really officers.

Beware of caller ID spoofing: Your teens and young children can be deceived - 08/28/09
What is caller ID spoofing?
Phone caller ID Spoofing is faking the caller ID of a phone. It lets you call a person and have any telephone number you wish be displayed on the persons telephone.

Local Kids' Faces Pasted On Porn - 08/28/09
Would you know what to do if you found your photos online cropped onto pornographic images?
That's what Stanley Luther says happened to his friends and family," They said, 'Somebody has got you on the internet doing a lot of nasty stuff and everything,' it's all obviously chopped up."

Brits are top cyber stalkers - 08/28/09
BRITS love a bit of cyber stalking spending nearly ten minutes A DAY spying on other people's Facebook profiles it has been revealed.

Do you know what Google is saying about you? - 08/28/09
Sue Scheff didn't expect she'd make enemies when she founded the child and parenting advocacy organization PURE. But someone began attacking her on the Internet, posting enough defamatory statements to compel her to bring a lawsuit. She won $11.3 million in 2006.

Is 'Friending' in Your Future? Better Pay Your Taxes First - 08/27/09
Tax deadbeats are finding someone actually reads their MySpace and Facebook postings: the taxman.
State revenue agents have begun nabbing scofflaws by mining information posted on social-networking Web sites, from relocation announcements to professional profiles to financial boasts.

Facebook brag busts fraudster - 08/27/09
A BENEFITS cheat who conned nearly £20,000 in rent and council tax got caught after boasting about his champagne lifestyle ­ on FACEBOOK.

Man stabbed in web ad scam - 08/27/09
ROBBERS placed a phoney car sale advert on the internet - then stabbed a would-be buyer and snatched £5,000.

How a midweek tie turned into a 'scene from hell' - 08/27/09
Shoaib Akhtar realised West Ham's match against Millwall was going to be a night to remember – for the worst reasons – when he looked out of his kebab shop window and saw a bloodied fan uprooting a concrete bollard to hurl into a crowd of screaming rivals.

Facebook users premiums on up - 08/27/09
FACEBOOK users have been warned they could face higher insurance premiums ­ because burglars exploit the site to "shop" for victims.

'Bring your bats... but don't bring your kids': Thugs planned West Ham v Millwall rampage on internet chatrooms - 08/26/09
Hooligans behind violent clashes at a match between West Ham and Millwall today boasted about the rampage which ended in one fan being stabbed.
Evidence has emerged showing thugs organised the riots at the Carling Cup match on internet chatrooms. One message said: 'Make sure you bring your bats and don't bring your kids.'

Thief surfs for porn and bemoans poor hygiene - 08/26/09
A thief in southern Sweden took time off during a weekend break-in to surf pornographic websites on a company computer and leave a note complaining about unsatisfactory hygiene standards, local newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad reports.

Tombstoning tour web map slammed - 08/26/09
ADRENALIN junkies who posted a video of their "TOMBSTONING tour of Scotland" have been slammed for giving out a map of jump sites.


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