CONTEST: Name my next book and win!

I need a title for my next book that my publisher will love. If you provide the winning title, I'll send you a Maine goody bag filled with saltwater taffy, a lobster (not a live or cooked one), pen, and other neat stuff.

The book is about true crimes on the Internet, such as the Megan Meier Myspace suicide case; a young woman who was murdered by a delusional man who kept an online blog about killing her for two years; a TV personality receiving threatening emails from a "fan" who claimed he was a "cereal" killer and was going to kill his wife and children; and more.

The title I gave my publisher was Virtual Villains: True Crime Stories From The Internet

What can you come up with? Either post here or email to me at


And the winner of "Name my next book and win" is: J.D. Falk!! My publisher liked "The Internet Made Me Do It: True Crime Stories From the Web" (which is close enough - J.D. had written Information Superhighway instead of the Web). Congratulations, J.D! Now to get your Maine goody bag put together!

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