WHO@ Newsletter - August 10, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .I wonder what else he was hiding there
Obese Texas inmate hides gun in his flabs of fat

An obese inmate in Texas has been charged after officials learned he had a gun hidden under flabs of his own flesh.

Twenty-five-year-old George Vera was charged with possession of a firearm in a correctional facility after he told a guard at the Harris County Jail about the unloaded 9mm pistol. The Houston Chronicle reported Thursday that Vera was originally arrested on charges of selling illegal copies of compact discs.

The 500-pound man was searched during his arrest and again at a city jail and the county jail, but officers never found the weapon in his rolls of skin. Vera admitted having the gun during a shower break at the county jail.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Air Force used Twitter to track NY flyover fallout -08/10/09
As the Pentagon warns of the security risks posed by social networking sites, newly released government documents show the military also uses these Internet tools to monitor and react to coverage of high-profile events.

Twitter hack spawns spam and scareware scams - 08/10/09
Spam and scams have continued to flow from the fallout of last week's DDoS against Twitter.
The attack, which took the micro-blogging service offline for around two hours on Thursday, and reduced service levels for a much longer time afterwards, (see here and here), also affected Facebook, LiveJournal and other sites.

Alarm at new ‘cyber sex’ threat -08/10/09
SCHOOLS and children’s rights groups have warned of a growing new “cyber threat” to the region’s youth as online sexual predators and bullies increasingly use the internet and cellphones to target victims.

Sex-predator iPhone app is back in business -08/10/09
Of all the applications that Apple (AAPL) has pulled from the iPhone App Store ­ and there have been quite a few ­ none were as creepy, sad or profitable as Offender Locator.

Fugitive is nailed by Facebook - 08/10/09
A MUM wanted for a string of robberies was caught living it up on the French Riviera after cops traced her through her Facebook page.

Forced to take on the system - 08/08/09
This woman was bashed to within an inch of her life. Her attacker escaped an attempted murder charge in a plea bargain.

Net fires jealousy -08/08/09
SOCIAL networking sites are causing an outbreak of jealousy among partners of online fans that researchers have dubbed "Facebook rage".

Online Posts Could Kill Your Career - 08/07/09
According to career counselors, people who are concerned about their careers should be cautious about what they post on the Internet.
Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube provide opportunities for people to sabotage their hunt for a job during a recession that requires employers to be extra picky when choosing new employees.

Judge's Facebook ban: Gang thugs face jail if they post menacing photos online - 08/07/09
A judge has banned a gang of thugs from posting menacing photographs of themselves on the internet.
In a landmark ruling, nine men pictured making gun gestures on social networking websites will be locked up if such images appear again.

Boy,16, who had sex with 11-year-old is spared jail thanks to girl's racy Bebo photos - 08/07/09
A youth who had unlawful sex with an 11-year-old girl walked free yesterday after a court was shown graphic content from the girl's Bebo site.

Reach Of Online Speech Raises New Issues Of Freedom - 08/06/09
When the poetic line “Oh what a tangled web we weave …” was penned a few centuries ago, Sir Walter Scott had no idea what irony those words might have when applied to the 21st century’s world of blogs, tweets, Web sites and free expression.

Online threats not to be dismissed - 08/06/09
Are online threats taken seriously? This question has been raised in the wake of fitness club shooting near Pittsburg.

Cyber Attackers Empty Business Accounts in Minutes - 08/06/09
The criminals knew what they were doing when they hit the Western Beaver County School District.
They waited until school administrators were away on holiday, and then during a four-day period between Dec. 29 and Jan. 2, siphoned US$704,610.35 out of two of the school district's bank accounts. Western Beaver's financial institution, ESB Bank, managed to reverse some of the transfers, but the Pennsylvania school district was out more than $441,000.

New workplace worry: ‘textual harassment’ - 08/06/09
Text messaging in the workplace has become an increasing source of concern for employers. Much like the emergence of e-mail in the 1990s, the popularity of text messaging among employees in all age ranges has grown significantly in the last several years. And any time a new method of communication is created, it’s inevitable that a certain segment of employees will use that medium to convey inappropriate messages that have the potential for getting themselves – and their employers – in hot water.

Suspected German paedophile turns himself in after photo released - 08/06/09
A suspected German paedophile who appeared on the internet brutally assaulting children as young as five turned himself in after police went public with his picture and voice samples.

Sexting a world-wide epidemic - 08/05/09
A "close call" involving a case when a teenager sent a topless photo of herself to her boyfriend prompted warnings from Polk County law officers and rape prevention counselors.

Former assistant attorney general pleads guilty to harassment - 08/05/09
A former state assistant attorney general was sentenced to 240 hours of community service Wednesday after pleading guilty to impersonating his wife's former co-worker on adult Web sites, causing dozens of people to call her home looking for sex.

Digitized Stalking Is the New World Order - 08/05/09
You’re being followed. Stalkers are everywhere, even in your pocket.
That’s the warning Wednesday from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the San Francisco-based civil liberties group.

Outing An Online Outlaw - 08/04/09
A TSG investigation unmasks the leader of Pranknet and the miscreants behind a year-long wave of phone call criminality


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