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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Launch of Things That Stick In My Craw

All right - here it is. Something I've been working on and procrastinating about. A new site called Things That Stick In My Craw. Each week I'll update it w/ the latest things that stick in my craw. And if you have some of your own, feel free to either add them as a comment to the site or send to me direct. Enjoy!

Things That Stick In My Craw

Mouse in the house

The other night, I woke up and thought I heard Bandit bang into something - lately when he's not whining or barking, he's been knocking over his food and water dishes. So I get up and nope, it's not Bandit. And Phoebe wasn't in her dog bed. I went into the living room and she's standing in front of one of the stereo speakers, her nose between the speaker and stereo cabinet. She looked at me, stuck her nose back in. I asked her what it was (like she could tell me) and pulled the speaker out a bit, then to one side and the other. She kept looking up at me like she was trying to tell me something, then back at the speaker. I told her to get whatever it was and went back to bed.

Yesterday we decided to bake homemade biscuits in the oven. We haven't used it in quite a while because we've been grilling outside or doing stovetop cooking. Chris turned on the oven to let it heat up. Suddenly he yelled and I went in the kitchen. He said there was a mouse in the oven. He'd turned off the oven. He said the whiskers on the mouse were burned off. Ewwwwww.

So that was what Phoebe was going after!

We pulled out the bottom drawer where we store pans and couldn't see anything. Opened the oven door. Nada. Chris said we'd get traps today to set up behind the stove and turned the oven back on.

I could still smell hair burning and thought I was going to barf. He shut off the oven and I went out to turn the grill on. Made dinner on the grill (yes, the biscuits, too).

Chris set up one trap he'd found in the garage. He put it at the back of the oven where the drawer was.

We went to bed. Got up this am and I looked under the stove and saw mouse bedding hanging near the trap.

I took Phoebe for our run to the beach and when we got back, there were parts of the oven all over the deck. Chris told me that in addition to the mouse traps, to get oven cleaner and gap filler. He found the hole the mouse had come in through - the electrician who put in the outlet for this stove didn't cover the old outlet. And the mouse had peed and pooped all over the inside of the oven. Ewwwwww again. I told Phoebe to find that mouse and kill it and I'd give her a big snack.

Off to the store I go and come home. Chris told me the little bastard popped its head out a few times and he thought he had it, then it would scurry back wherever it had been. He thought maybe it went to the attic. Great.

So he goes outside to spray oven cleaner on the parts on the deck. I turn to ask him a question and see Phoebe in the living room, looking down. . .at the mouse. She found it and killed it! YAY PHOEBE!

I called Chris in and he picked up the mouse to toss it outside. Then we smothered Phoebe with hugs and kisses and I gave her the snacks I'd promised. She is one very happy puppy!

So we hope that's the only mouse. But we're still putting traps up in the attic and behind the stove. Just in case. No more mouse in this house - we have a mouse killer!!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

WHO@ Newsletter - September 28, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .what about bras for left-handed women (like me)?
Store launches underpants for left-handed men

A British store is launching a range of underpants for left-handed men, an innovation it says will save them both time and embarrassment in front of the porcelain.

The new range, by UK-based Hom, will have a horizontal opening instead of a vertical slit accessed from the right-hand side, breaking a tradition that has lasted for 75 years.

"In our view, this is a vital step toward equality for left-handed men," said Rob Faucherand of Debenhams store.

Almost 10 percent of British men are believed to be left handed but men's Y-fronted underpants have traditionally had a right-handed opening from the time they were invented in 1935.

"As a result," Debenhams said, "left-handed men have to reach much further into their pants, performing a Z shaped maneuver through two 180 degree angles before achieving the result that right handed men perform with ease."

Previously, it added, boxer shorts, with an adaptable, ambidextrous opening in the middle, have been the underpants of choice for left handed men.

The new pants mean that left handed men can finally go to the bathroom as quickly and efficiently as their right-handed colleagues, the store said.

"Switching the opening from vertical to horizontal may sound like a small step, but it's the major breakthrough that many have been waiting for," added Faucherand.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Urban legend reveals modern fears - 09/28/09
From Belfast to Boston the story goes round that a child has gone missing in a shop and is found in the toilets with foreigners trying to alter their appearance.
It is every parent's nightmare and has one other underlying theme - it's not true, it is what is termed an urban legend.
There have been a spate of such claims being made to newsrooms across Northern Ireland in recent weeks with one common variant, that immigrants are the ones trying to abduct the child.

Workplace Blogging: To Blog Or Not To Blog? - 09/28/09
A web log (more commonly known as a "blog") is a journal published by an individual (the "blogger") on the internet. The blog contains the ideas and comments of the blogger on a variety of issues, and may include links to other websites. Some blogs allow readers to respond online to the content of the blog.

Man strangled ex-lover then committed suicide - 09/28/09
A MAN with Lutterworth connections who murdered a woman he met on the internet committed suicide hours afterwards, an inquest was told.

Sending racy photos can haunt teens later - 09/28/09
Police say they are encountering more cases of teenagers “sexting,” or sending explicit photos of themselves to people they like, only to find out that the image meant for one person’s eyes ends up being forwarded to others.

What Single Moms Need to Know About Sexting - 09/27/09
Do you know what sexting is? If your child has a cell phone (or will have one at any time in the future) you should know what it is and how to talk to your child about it!

Bloggers not safe from impersonating the police - 09/27/09
Some have called the Internet the new Wild West without law or order. It seems the hot issues that have been cropping up lately revolve around distinguishing the line between free speech and harassment. The Texas police have had enough as they are now planning on arresting those impersonating and insulting them on the Web.

Boldon woman's Facebook threat to "nut" 10-year-old - 09/26/09
Police were called after a mum threatened to "nut" a 10-year-old girl on social networking site Facebook. The 24-year-old, from Boldon Colliery, has been ordered to remove the "disgusting" comments from the popular Internet site and the mum of the victim has reported the conversation to Facebook bosses, who told her they will investigate.

Naples teacher accused of stalking ex-husband's wife - 09/26/09
A Naples elementary school teacher was arrested on Thursday after deputies say she stalked her ex-husband's new wife.
Haley Ann Marotto, 39, is in the Lee County Jail charged with misdemeanor stalking.

iPhone app investigates dates - 09/25/09
A Washington state company has unveiled an iPhone application allowing users to run background checks and net worth calculations for prospective mates.

Emails from arrested Albany law guardian Charles Keegan shed light on relationship with teen client - 09/25/09
Emails, obtained by this examiner, between Albany law guardian, Charles Keegan, and the family of a teen girl he allegedly stalked, reveal apparent concern for the girl but also reveal what seems to be unprofessional behavior on his part. In one email, Keegan states that his client will likely end up as either a pole dancer or a Wal-mart cashier.

Downside of providing a recommendation on an employee's social media page? - 09/25/09
Q. An employee has asked me, as his direct supervisor, to provide him a recommendation on his LinkedIn page. He’s a good employee and I don’t see any harm in granting his request. Are there any risks?

Bogus online car salesmen jailed - 09/25/09
Two men who placed fake car adverts on the Gumtree website and then robbed people who responded have been jailed.

'Tweeting' breaches patient confidentiality - 09/24/09
Medics posting messages on networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are breaching patient confidentiality, according to a leading medical journal.

Frewsburg Man Faces Charges For Prank Calls - 09/24/09
A Frewsburg man was taken into custody Wednesday morning after an investigation into a series of high-tech prank calls made to two city residents over a two-week period.
Jeffery R. Fowler, 29, was taken into custody at his home and charged with second-degree aggravated harassment for allegedly using an Internet-based service to disguise his phone number during the more than 60 calls made to a woman whose father is seriously ill and another city resident.

Social Networks and Personal Injury Suits - 09/24/09
Social networking Web sites such as Facebook and MySpace have become an increasingly popular vehicle for people to communicate with friends and family, share their innermost thoughts, feelings and post personal photographs. These personal Web sites generate a plethora of personal data and may be an enticing source of information about an unwary plaintiff to adversarial e-wolves. It is no longer "think before you speak."

Promoting Safer Surfing -- Online - 09/24/09
You've probably read stories about online bullying (we covered it on Tonic last month) and other issues that arise with kids and teenagers on the Internet. That said, some statistics from this PR Newswire release surprised me. "In a year's time, approximately one in three teens experience online harassment and 32 percent of teens clear their browser history to hide what they do online from their parents."

Fake golf club scam 'cost eBay customers millions' - 09/23/09
A global network of criminals duped eBay customers into buying millions of pounds worth of fake golf clubs in the largest fraud uncovered by the online auction site.

No Jail Time for Man Accused of Coercing Nude Photos from MSU Student - 09/23/09
There will be no jail time for the former University of Minnesota - Duluth student sentenced for extorting an MSU student.

Spyware allows hackers to tap into cell phones - 09/23/09
What if every move you make, someone's following you or someone is listening into your private phone conversations?
An alarming ad is running locally -- pay $30 and you can hack into your girlfriend's cell phone.

“That’s Not Cool”: A Very Cool Website For Teens In The Digital Era - 09/23/09
Gossip is to high school as dry kindling is to fire­it doesn’t take much for things to get heated. And now with technology and the internet, we can only imagine that it’s like throwing kerosene on the blaze thanks to IM, Facebook, Twitter, you name it.

Retired couple's home trashed by 150 yobs who gatecrashed granddaughter's party advertised on Twitter - 09/22/09
A retired couple's home was trashed after 150 drunken teenagers gatecrashed a party advertised on a social networking site.
Brian and Glennis McDonald, who were attending a wedding, had given their 15-year-old granddaughter Victoria permission for two friends to stay the night as a treat.

Jilted student who stabbed ex girlfriend is jailed for eight years - 09/22/09
A jealous university student who stabbed his ex-girlfriend in a drink-fuelled attack after watching terrorist videos to 'beef himself up' was today jailed for eight years.

How Facebook tried to put a shine on $9.5m privacy suit - 09/21/09
Two years after offending users with an advertising wheeze, Facebook has quietly announced that it was ready to settle a lawsuit about the scheme. What's really going on?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Goog11e

Happy Birthday Google! ...Or Is it Goog11e?

Save a Gorillas Life online

Reading Friend a Gorilla, Save Its Future

Monday, September 21, 2009

WHO@ Newsletter - September 21, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Let's give him a round of applause!

Specimen hand startles man digging in Md. yard

A severed human hand has been unearthed from the yard of a Maryland home, but police say this is no whodunit.

Investigators believe it's a decades-old medical school specimen left by a former resident.

Still, it was an odd discovery for the electrician who dug it up in the northeastern part of the state. It was muddy, but only the fingertips showed signs of decay.

Maryland State Police Trooper First Class Dave Feltman says the hand found Tuesday appeared to be surgically removed.

The son of a previous owner of the house tells police it was a souvenir he took home as a student at the University of Maryland's medical school more than 50 years ago.

Police said they believe his account, but sent it to the state medical examiner as part of routine procedure.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Insults and put-downs have an effect on students - 09/21/09
As a high school student, Alfredo Cortez has been on the receiving end of verbal insults at one time or another.
"We all have," admits the senior at McCutcheon High School.
Some of his fellow Hispanic peers chide him for being a "good" student who plays sports and actually attends class. "Stop acting white," he recalls them saying.

McCanns take legal action to close death claim website - 09/20/09
LAWYERS representing Kate and Gerry McCann have demanded a website claiming their daughter Madeleine was not abducted be taken down.
The Madeleine Foundation claims she is dead and that her parents bear some responsibility.

Facebook 'suck sites' to be tested in court - 09/20/09,0,4639200.story
A beauty school student thought he was offering classmates a place to vent when he created a Facebook page mocking teachers and classes.
"Don't be afraid to post comments on whats going on, this is yor voice too. All for one and one for all right?!" (sic)
But two months later, a little fun on Facebook has landed Nicholas Blacconiere of Algonquin in potential legal trouble, as administrators at the Salon Professional Academy of Elgin are fighting back.

"Sexting" – young people only get the message - 09/19/09
The widely publicized downside of the convergence between computer and mobile phone technologies has been a big increase in reports of “cyber abuse” among young people.

Carlisle council withdraws pay cut email threat - 09/18/09
Carlisle City Council has withdrawn a confidential email that threatened to discipline employees who complained about having their pay cut.

Tables Turned on Hacker Site - 09/18/09
Here's one to make you smile. An underground malware and hacking forum got a taste of its own medicine when it was itself hacked by a digital vigilante.

Paralyzed man faces stalking charges - 09/18/09
A paraplegic St. Martin man was jailed Thursday on a charge of cyber-stalking a Hurley woman and her two young girls on the social networking Web site Facebook, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd said.

Online harassment bill has potential - 09/17/09
Twin Falls Republican Rep. Stephen Hartgen is concerned about the kind of discourse taking place in some places on the World Wide Web. He's so concerned about it he has been trying to get the Idaho Legislature to do something.

Cyberbullying: a challenge in the digital age - 09/17/09
Being digitally connected around the clock brings huge benefits for many of us, but for an increasing number of children this new connectedness also brings with it the frightening world of 24/7 bullying.

Misdirected Spyware Infects Ohio Hospital - 09/17/09
It was a bad idea from the start, but even as bad ideas go, this one went horribly wrong.
A 38-year-old Avon Lake, Ohio, man is set to plead guilty to federal charges after spyware he allegedly meant to install on the computer of a woman he'd had a relationship with ended up infecting computers at Akron Children's Hospital.

Bear man sentenced for cyber stalking - 09/17/09
A man who stalked women over the internet has been sentenced to 84 days in prison and 18 months of probation and psychological treatment.

How romance turned into cyberstalking - 09/16/09
He was living in Delaware and she was in Winnipeg, Canada. They met in India, their families' native country.
A long-distance relationship progressed over the next couple years after they returned home, but things started to change when she headed off to medical school in January 2007 on the Caribbean island of Dominica.

Cyber stalking cases up, spurring calls for help - 09/16/09
Cases of “cyber stalking,” - constantly sending unwelcome e-mails, short notes via social networking and text messages via cell phones - are on the rise, according to a report from the National Police Agency submitted Monday to Grand National Party lawmaker Jeong Kab-yoon.

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol falls into the hands of pirates - 09/16/09
Pirated copies of Dan Brown's new Robert Langdon thriller The Lost Symbol have started appearing across the internet only a day after the book was published.

Burglar leaves his Facebook page on victim’s computer - 09/16/09
The popular online social networking site Facebook helped lead to an alleged burglar's arrest after he stopped check his account on the victim's computer, but forgot to log out before leaving the home with two diamond rings.

City advertises porn on website by accident - 09/15/09
Authorities in the western German city of Gelsenkirchen accidentally advertised porn among the services on offer for residents on its website.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

FREE Dog Food Today Only!

Cybertip of the day: FREE Cesar Dog Food today (again)! -

Monday, September 14, 2009

WHO@ Newsletter - September 14, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .I really couldn't
Ark. baby born 9-9-09 has sibling born on 8-8-08;_ylt=AhDp3iSA8blzFPxpZMUWLs7tiBIF;_ylu=X3oDMTJ0MTkyZ2NyBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkwOTEyL3VzX29kZF9iYWJpZXNfYnlfbnVtYmVycwRjcG9zAzQEcG9zAzEEc2VjA3luX2hlYWRsaW5lX2xpc3QEc2xrA2Fya2JhYnlib3JuOQ--

At least it will be easy to remember their birthdays. An Arkansas couple welcomed a new baby girl into their lives Wednesday ­ giving her the birthdate of 9-9-09. Andy and Alison Miller's newest daughter Molly Reid will come home to sister Campbell, who was born on August 8, 2008, or 8-8-08.

The coincidences don't stop there. Molly Reid has nine letters to her name, while Campbell has eight.

The Millers don't appear poised to go for a third child on 10-10-10.

Alison Miller tells Rogers, Ark. television station KHOG that she and her husband are going to take a rest.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Facebook Anonymous - 09/14/09
As alarms across campus scream their waking call, my Internet goes from hare to tortoise, as Facebook now consumes the bandwidth. Nothing on the Internet works beyond a tortoise speed during the hours that students are commonly in their dorm, feeding their addiction. Therefore, I must ask not only how addicted to Facebook are you, but what type of addict are you?

Woman Faces Sex Charges after Finding Son - 09/13/09
A woman who gave her son up for adoption 10 years ago is now accused of having sex with the teen after finding him on the Internet.

Hackers steal £1m in online tax scam - 09/13/09
Police are investigating how criminals managed to steal £1million from the taxman by accessing a Government computer system and granting themselves rebates.

Hounded out of home by Facebook friend - 09/12/09
A TERRIFIED mum was hounded out of her home by threats made on a social networking site by a woman who had already attacked her.

Ex-para held over theft of medals - 09/12/09
A FORMER paratrooper has been arrested on suspicion of callously stealing medals from his brave comrades to flog on eBay.

Online messages lead to arrests, cops say - 09/11/09
Two women were arrested on charges of cyberstalking Thursday for sending threatening messages through Myspace, deputies said.

Beware! Ash a 'dangerous' celebrity - 09/11/09§ionid=67&Itemid=1
If you are a fan of Aishwarya Rai- Bachchan, beware! The actress, along with cricketer Yuvraj Singh, is the most 'dangerous' Indian celebrity to search in cyberspace, according to an internet security company.

Arkansas Does Have Internet Policy For Athletes - 09/11/09
University of Arkansas athletes were asked to read and sign an athletic department policy on social networking Web sites prior to the 2009-10 school year.

How to Protect and Maintain Your Twitter, MySpace and Facebook Accounts - 09/10/09
Many people are taking advantage of the various social networking sites. Before you decide to plunder deep into the voids, follow these key tips to make the most out of your experience, and prevent any problems that can occur.

Top boxer threatens Facebook over hate groups - 09/10/09
Boxing's popularity seems to have been overtaken by such pleasures as mixed martial arts and American Idol over the last few years. This doesn't seem to have discouraged Facebook users from forming groups around their love of expressing hate for certain boxers.

Gold Coast Myspace bash girl released - 09/10/09,27574,26053262-3102,00.html
A TEENAGE Gold Coast girl who was this week jailed for bashing a rival student, with the fight being captured on video and posted on MySpace, has been released on bail pending a court hearing scheduled for tomorrow.

Internet Law: breach of website TOS is civil not criminal offence - 09/10/09
A common-sense decision by a US District Judge has resulted in an Order that breaching the terms of service of a website is a matter for the civil not the criminal law. Unfortunately, he has also muddied the waters for he has left the door open for convictions on more serious charges on similar facts.

Hacker pleads guilty in identity theft scam defrauding Wal-Mart - 09/10/09
A Sacramento, California, hacker pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and identity theft for his involvement in an international cyberscam that used personal information stolen with phishing sites to open fraudulent Wal-Mart credit accounts.

Turkish police say women held captive on show set - 09/10/09
Turkish military police said Thursday that they had stormed an Istanbul villa to rescue nine captive women whose scantily clad images were posted online after they were recruited for a television reality show.

Facebook Mom - 09/09/09
One of my brother's friends at Penn State sent this to him and he forwarded it to me. It pretty much summarizes why parents shouldn't be allowed on Facebook.

Charge against Watertown businessman to be dismissed - 09/09/09
A harassment charge against Watertown businessman Michael Defranco will be dismissed in six months if he stays out of trouble.

Scientology seeks to squash anonymity - 09/09/09
A little local controversy involving the Church of Scientology and its critics could lead to curbs on the right to anonymity of anyone using the web.

Hospital A&E staff suspended for playing Facebook 'Lying Down Game' while on duty -09/09/09
A group of doctors and nurses have been suspended after bosses caught them posting photographs of themselves playing 'The Lying Down Game' on Facebook.
Seven staff at the Great Western Hospital, in Swindon, Wiltshire, allegedly took part in the internet craze by lying down on resuscitation trollies, ward floors and a heli-pad.

Second Pranknet Member Arrested - 09/09/09
A Texas man is facing felony charges in two states for placing prank phone calls that caused significant damage to fast food restaurants.

Fancheck App Rumours

Just FYI folks: Fancheck app is NOT a virus - see - The author of the mysterious "Fan Check" Facebook application, that was the subject of intense controversy during the past week, has stepped forth to defend his creation. The developer stresses that the application does not contain malware and Facebook confirms his claim.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Seventeen Magazine looking for online victims for article

Got this in my email - please pass along:

I’m Jessica Press, the Senior Editor at Seventeen Magazine. I was wondering if WHOA is working with any young women, ages 16-21, who’d be interested in sharing their stories of online abuse with Seventeen. Can you please spread the word to any young women who may be interested that they may contact me at ASAP­I can tell them more about the article (if they’re under 18, I’ll need to send their guardian a release form), and they can decide if they’d like to be interviewed.

Please ask any interested girls to put “WHOA” in the subject, so that I know who referred them.

Thanks very much and have a great weekend,
Jessica Press
Senior Editor

WHO@ Newsletter - September 7, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Really now, was she that stupid? YEP!
Thirsty Fla. woman accused of stealing change

A 19-year-old woman was accused of taking $7 in change from a car parked at a police station. An arrest affidavit released Thursday shows that Sophia Paulinyce was arrested on a felony burglary charge and a misdemeanor larceny charge. She's accused of taking change from a police employee's vehicle that was parked in a secure lot at the police station last month.

The report said Paulinyce told a detective she was thirsty, noticed an unlocked car and grabbed some change for the soda machine.

She asked to write a statement to apologize before being taken to jail. There was no phone number listed for a Sophia Paulinyce of Fort Pierce.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Parents 'failing to protect children from online threats' - 09/07/09
Parents are failing to educate themselves about how to protect their children from online sexual predators, according to a senior policeman responsible for child protection on the internet.

St. Paul man threatens cousin for nude photos - 09/06/09
A University of Minnesota Duluth student has been sentenced to electronic monitoring and probation for trying to blackmail his cousin into sending him nude photos of herself.

Students warned on flat ad scams - 09/05/09
Students looking for accommodation are being warned to beware of bogus landlords advertising on the internet.

Serious data abuse offenders must be given prison sentences, says Information Commissioner - 09/05/09
The UK's data protection watchdog today called for prison sentences for people found guilty of serious misuse of confidential personal information.

Personal data a YouTube no-no - 09/05/09
A YouTube video watched by thousands that published the phone number of a local public servant breaches the popular website's rules, says a spokesperson for parent company Google.

Lawmaker accuses killer of online threats - 09/04/09
Prison officials are investigating whether a Texas death row inmate accused of threatening a state lawmaker using a smuggled cell phone is behind an Internet posting that threatens the lawmaker and his family.

Pacific media freedom awardees condemn threats against editor - 09/04/09
Pacific media freedom awardees from Tonga and Samoa are part of the regional condemnation of the latest threats made against “Fiji Times” editor-in-chief and 2009 PINA Pacific Media Freedom Award winner, Netani Rika.

Hempfield Woman Thinks She Had Web Date Rape - 09/04/09
State police are investigating the claims of a Hempfield Township woman who says she was drugged and raped by two men after meeting one of them on the Internet.

Old Scam Is New Again on Facebook - 09/04/09
A scam that became common earlier this year on Webmail services -- and years ago on Japanese cellular networks -- has surfaced on the popular social networking site.

Teens online: Easy prey for cyberstalkers - 09/03/09
Where adults generally are more aware and fearful of identity theft crimes and online safety issues, unsuspecting teens are less inhibited about revealing personal information. They’ll be more readily to disclose their full name, birth date, home address, school name, activities, feelings, likes, dislikes, and even photographs, putting them at higher risk for cyberstalking and cyber bullying than adults.

Emerging Trends in Online Fraud - 09/03/09
As Internet and online activities evolve, so does the threat from scamsters, closely watching each and every move of yours, and waiting to pounce at the first available vulnerability. We discuss the latest threats and some options to protect your data

Don't Let Your Digital Tattoo Beat You - 09/03/09
This morning I received a release introducing me to a digital media phenomenon I’d not heard of before ­ digital tattoo. It refers to the information we post online, on Facebook, Linkedin et al, that may be embarrassing if viewed by polite company and which is indelible. It’s the digital equivalent of the picture of a swallow on one’s neck.

The FBI is investigating recent posts on craigslist that offered to sell "Maine Indian scalps" to "white people only," according to court documents and the leader of the Penobscot Indian Nation, who reported the situation to state and federal officials.

How to prevent cyberbullying? Monitor - 09/02/09
As we live more of our lives online, a new phenomenon of hostile behavior has emerged on the Web that threatens to disrupt the way our kids live, learn and play. Cyberbullying is using the Internet, cell phones or other devices to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.

'Fear' drove officer, wife to hack into private e-mail -09/02/09
An Amherst police officer and his wife who pleaded guilty to attempting to hack into a police dispatcher's e-mail will not serve any jail time.
However, officer Kurt Oehlstrom will have to resign from the department within 30 days and surrender his Ohio law enforcement certificate as part of a plea agreement reached last week.

Internet victims' award reversed - 09/01/09
An appeals court has reversed $1.4 million in damages awarded to 10 western Wisconsin women whose work pictures were defiled and placed on Internet pornography sites by a security employee.
Internet Technology Has Brought Out The Stalker - 09/01/09
Internet stalking is considered illegal, and is a form of a lethal attachment to another individual online. Internet stalking can be brought on by different reasons. One way of identifying the Internet stalker; they will join the same sites, post on the same boards, and follow you from place to place.

Police: 'Chunky' escorts rip off intoxicated men - 09/01/09
Mountlake Terrace police are on the lookout for a trio of escorts who are alleged to have stolen about $440 from four customers who had invited them over for a weekend party. The cops have their work cut out for them since they're relying on four victims who were "incredibly" intoxicated and provided only the barest of descriptions.

Hollywood piracy detectives close in on French town - 09/01/09
Anti-fraud detectives have turned their international fight against illegal downloads to a small French town, where a mystery pirate has been filming Hollywood blockbusters at the local cinema and posting them on the internet.