WHO@ Newsletter - September 7, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Really now, was she that stupid? YEP!
Thirsty Fla. woman accused of stealing change

A 19-year-old woman was accused of taking $7 in change from a car parked at a police station. An arrest affidavit released Thursday shows that Sophia Paulinyce was arrested on a felony burglary charge and a misdemeanor larceny charge. She's accused of taking change from a police employee's vehicle that was parked in a secure lot at the police station last month.

The report said Paulinyce told a detective she was thirsty, noticed an unlocked car and grabbed some change for the soda machine.

She asked to write a statement to apologize before being taken to jail. There was no phone number listed for a Sophia Paulinyce of Fort Pierce.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Parents 'failing to protect children from online threats' - 09/07/09
Parents are failing to educate themselves about how to protect their children from online sexual predators, according to a senior policeman responsible for child protection on the internet.

St. Paul man threatens cousin for nude photos - 09/06/09
A University of Minnesota Duluth student has been sentenced to electronic monitoring and probation for trying to blackmail his cousin into sending him nude photos of herself.

Students warned on flat ad scams - 09/05/09
Students looking for accommodation are being warned to beware of bogus landlords advertising on the internet.

Serious data abuse offenders must be given prison sentences, says Information Commissioner - 09/05/09
The UK's data protection watchdog today called for prison sentences for people found guilty of serious misuse of confidential personal information.

Personal data a YouTube no-no - 09/05/09
A YouTube video watched by thousands that published the phone number of a local public servant breaches the popular website's rules, says a spokesperson for parent company Google.

Lawmaker accuses killer of online threats - 09/04/09
Prison officials are investigating whether a Texas death row inmate accused of threatening a state lawmaker using a smuggled cell phone is behind an Internet posting that threatens the lawmaker and his family.

Pacific media freedom awardees condemn threats against editor - 09/04/09
Pacific media freedom awardees from Tonga and Samoa are part of the regional condemnation of the latest threats made against “Fiji Times” editor-in-chief and 2009 PINA Pacific Media Freedom Award winner, Netani Rika.

Hempfield Woman Thinks She Had Web Date Rape - 09/04/09
State police are investigating the claims of a Hempfield Township woman who says she was drugged and raped by two men after meeting one of them on the Internet.

Old Scam Is New Again on Facebook - 09/04/09
A scam that became common earlier this year on Webmail services -- and years ago on Japanese cellular networks -- has surfaced on the popular social networking site.

Teens online: Easy prey for cyberstalkers - 09/03/09
Where adults generally are more aware and fearful of identity theft crimes and online safety issues, unsuspecting teens are less inhibited about revealing personal information. They’ll be more readily to disclose their full name, birth date, home address, school name, activities, feelings, likes, dislikes, and even photographs, putting them at higher risk for cyberstalking and cyber bullying than adults.

Emerging Trends in Online Fraud - 09/03/09
As Internet and online activities evolve, so does the threat from scamsters, closely watching each and every move of yours, and waiting to pounce at the first available vulnerability. We discuss the latest threats and some options to protect your data

Don't Let Your Digital Tattoo Beat You - 09/03/09
This morning I received a release introducing me to a digital media phenomenon I’d not heard of before ­ digital tattoo. It refers to the information we post online, on Facebook, Linkedin et al, that may be embarrassing if viewed by polite company and which is indelible. It’s the digital equivalent of the picture of a swallow on one’s neck.

The FBI is investigating recent posts on craigslist that offered to sell "Maine Indian scalps" to "white people only," according to court documents and the leader of the Penobscot Indian Nation, who reported the situation to state and federal officials.

How to prevent cyberbullying? Monitor - 09/02/09
As we live more of our lives online, a new phenomenon of hostile behavior has emerged on the Web that threatens to disrupt the way our kids live, learn and play. Cyberbullying is using the Internet, cell phones or other devices to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.

'Fear' drove officer, wife to hack into private e-mail -09/02/09
An Amherst police officer and his wife who pleaded guilty to attempting to hack into a police dispatcher's e-mail will not serve any jail time.
However, officer Kurt Oehlstrom will have to resign from the department within 30 days and surrender his Ohio law enforcement certificate as part of a plea agreement reached last week.

Internet victims' award reversed - 09/01/09
An appeals court has reversed $1.4 million in damages awarded to 10 western Wisconsin women whose work pictures were defiled and placed on Internet pornography sites by a security employee.
Internet Technology Has Brought Out The Stalker - 09/01/09
Internet stalking is considered illegal, and is a form of a lethal attachment to another individual online. Internet stalking can be brought on by different reasons. One way of identifying the Internet stalker; they will join the same sites, post on the same boards, and follow you from place to place.

Police: 'Chunky' escorts rip off intoxicated men - 09/01/09
Mountlake Terrace police are on the lookout for a trio of escorts who are alleged to have stolen about $440 from four customers who had invited them over for a weekend party. The cops have their work cut out for them since they're relying on four victims who were "incredibly" intoxicated and provided only the barest of descriptions.

Hollywood piracy detectives close in on French town - 09/01/09
Anti-fraud detectives have turned their international fight against illegal downloads to a small French town, where a mystery pirate has been filming Hollywood blockbusters at the local cinema and posting them on the internet.


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