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Phoebe's Post-Op Eye Checkup Update

She went for her eye checkup today at Port City Veterinary Hospital in Portsmouth, NH. Dr. Cassotis (pictured here with Phoebe) gave her a thumbs up! Eye drops have been cut down to one, three times a day for a week, then two times/day for a week, then one time/day until they are gone. He doesn't need to see her for three months (unless there is a complication). Next week, I do need to take her to see the tech for a pressure test, but other than that, she is good to go! Now for her fur to grow back in on her legs and she''ll be back to normal. I highly recommend Port City to anyone for pet emergencies or specialty surgeries for their pets! Please share Phoebe's page - we are still not close to our goal.

True Crime Online Newsletter - June 29, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Police helicopter loudspeaker broadcasts X-rated conversation
A Canadian police department apologized after an X-rated conversation between officers in a helicopter was broadcast over the vehicle's loudspeaker. The Winnipeg Police Department issued an apology after residents around the city reported hearing snippets of a conversation between officers flying in the department's Air-1 helicopter Monday evening. Residents reported hearing the officers explicitly discussing oral sex. Resident Brandi Armstrong recounted hearing the conversation to CBC News. She was upset by it, as there were children in the area. Jacob Serebrin said he heard the officers talking about money and using profanity.Winnipeg residents used the hashtags "#whoops" and "#speakerphone" to share accounts of what they …

How can you resist this face?

And those beautiful big blue eyes? Phoebe the therapy dog (and cyber crime dog for my organization, WHO@-KTD) still needs help with the costs of her recent surgery. Please donate or share her fundraising page.

True Crime Online Newsletter - June 22, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Utah woman gets emotional at post-surgery Pac-Man dilemma
A Utah woman shared video of herself in a post-surgery haze having an emotional moment spurred by acting out a Pac-Man scenario with her hands. Jenn Packham, an American Fork student who recently underwent leg surgery at University of Utah Health Care in Salt Lake City, shared a video of herself in a post-surgery daze pretending one hand is Pac-Man and the other is one of the video game character's ghost enemies. Packham, who posted the video to YouTube under the appropriate username Jenn Pacmman, decides in the video "the ghost is chasing Pac-Man." "Oh man, that's a bad idea, I don't know where to go," Packham says, giving a window into the imaginary Pac-Man's thought process. The dilemma leads to an emotional moment, and P…

Happy Birthday to the "Cute" Beatle!

Happy birthday to Paul McCartney! Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog's glucose levels were over 200 yesterday when we went in for her checkup, higher than last week, but much lower than when she had them first taken. So she is doing well. If anyone has any ideas on how to get the word out about this page, please let me know. I am a bit stressed about not raising enough to cover her surgery. Thank you.

New Moon, New Beginnings

Phoebe The Cyber Crime Dog made her first appearance since her surgery this morning. She was a hit at the Salvation Army presentation! I show students how to stay safer online for the Tools For Life class. We had the biggest class ever - almost 20 people. Many were French speaking, so one of the students had to translate for me (I'm sending him a signed book as a thank you). It was interesting and fun. Next up is York Hospital to visit the patients at 3 pm. We are taking a breather until then. Don't forget to share Phoebe's page for us

It's National Ride to Work Day!

Today is ride to work day - did you ride a bike to work? I work out of the house, so no need for me! Phoebe is doing fantastic. She is better with the eye drops and has so much energy. It's so good to see her bounce when she walks. But, with the rain today, no walk, so I'll just give her extra hugs and snacks. Spread the word - it would be wonderful if we could reach at least half of our goal. Thank you!

True Crime Online Newsletter- June 15, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . . Indiana police chief toys with phone scammer
An Indiana police department shared video of its chief having some fun with a phone scammer who took a few minutes to realize he was being played. Danville Police Chief Bill Wright said he was in the car with his wife when he got a call from an unknown number saying he had "been selected by the federal government to receive a grant of $7,000." Wright filmed his conversation with the scammer and it was shared on YouTube and the police department's Facebook page. "The government checked all your accounts and you have been a low taxpayer so this is like a tax refund which you never, ever have to pay back in your whole life," the caller says, while Wright's wife struggles not to laugh. Wright later said he recognized the call as a scam right away and decided to…

It's a full moon tonight - you know what that means!

It's a full moon tonight! That means we get some crazy people sending us emails for "help." Enjoy the video of Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog telling us a story.

Today is Best Friend's Day!

Who is your best friend? Want to know mine? She is gray, white and black with big blue eyes - Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog!

True Crime Online Newsletter - June 8, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog Needs Your Help!
You may know she is the mascot of WHO@-KTD (Kids/Teen Division). If you don't, now you do. She recently had to have cataract surgery to save her sight so that she can continue to fight cyberbullies, go to schools with me to teach students online safety and to visit patients at our local hospital every week. We had to borrow the money for the surgery because it had to be paid upfront. If you have helped, thank you! If you haven't, please consider making a donation or sharing her fundraising page.

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2015 Mary Litynski Award Winner features Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog!

A video I did when I won the 2015 Mary Litynski Award in February is finally available to watch on Youtube. I talk about Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog, so you can see what we do to help students stay safer online. Please share!!

Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog is out of surgery!

Read all about it at her fundraising page at GoFundMe.

Phoebe is in Surgery!

The vet called and the surgery is a go - we will be getting a call this afternoon when she's out of surgery. Please continue to share the GoFundMe page we set up for her surgery - we still have to pay that money back.

Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog Update

Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog is at the vet hospital getting ready for her eye surgery. I posted the paid bill for the surgery itself. We borrowed the money and need to repay it, so please help if you can. If you can't, please share her fundraising page on GoFundMe. Thank you!