True Crime Online Newsletter - June 22, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Utah woman gets emotional at post-surgery Pac-Man dilemma
A Utah woman shared video of herself in a post-surgery haze having an emotional moment spurred by acting out a Pac-Man scenario with her hands. Jenn Packham, an American Fork student who recently underwent leg surgery at University of Utah Health Care in Salt Lake City, shared a video of herself in a post-surgery daze pretending one hand is Pac-Man and the other is one of the video game character's ghost enemies. Packham, who posted the video to YouTube under the appropriate username Jenn Pacmman, decides in the video "the ghost is chasing Pac-Man." "Oh man, that's a bad idea, I don't know where to go," Packham says, giving a window into the imaginary Pac-Man's thought process. The dilemma leads to an emotional moment, and Packham breaks into tears until a woman -- believed by commenters to be a nurse -- takes the patient's Pac-Man hand and turns it away from the "ghost." "Oh, dear, he's going to turn this way, that's all," the woman says. The Pac-Man hand escapes the pursuing ghost via the z-axis and Packham, still somewhat distraught, mumbles the game hero's signature "whomp whomp whomp" sound effect as he gets away. Packham was later able to laugh at herself, writing on YouTube: "My hands were the Pacman characters. Nothing else to explain haha."

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Fireman sacked over Facebook sex scandal - 06/22/15
A LOGAN fireman at the centre of a Facebook sex scandal has been sacked. The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services announced last night that a 33-year-old officer from the South Eastern region had been dismissed ‘due to behavioural misconduct and sexual harassment’.

How to Defeat 'Revenge Porn': First, Recognize It's About Privacy, Not Revenge - 06/22/15
Americans value privacy. It is why we have laws to protect us against unauthorized disclosures of many kinds of personal information -- financial data, medical records, driver's licenses, home addresses -- and why trespass and voyeurism are considered not only violations of social norms but criminal offenses.

You're targeted online: What should you do? - 06/22/15
You've been blitzed by hateful speech and treatment on social media, or you've seen another person or group vilified in that way. What should you do? The consensus: Don't respond. "You tend to respond in anger, and that escalates the situation," National Crime Prevention Council spokeswoman Michelle Boykins said.

Cyber stalking increasing, 'easy' way to abuse women: domestic violence report - 06/22/15
Cyber abuse is increasing among perpetrators of violence against women, with the anonymity of the internet providing protection from authorities and easy access to victims, a Victorian research group says. A new survey by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre of Victoria (DVRCV) found 98 per cent of domestic violence victims also experienced technology-facilitated abuse.

Comment: Reddit’s ex-CEO supports banning online harassment that harms people in real life - 06/22/15
Last year, after reddit was used to spread hacked private photos of celebrities, then CEO Yishan Wong was heavily criticized by users for taking down the subreddits doing so, only to insist that the platform was committed to free speech, no matter how unsavory. Last week, after a negative reaction to a policy change by new CEO Ellen Paot that included banning five subreddits (including the very popular “/r/fatpeoplehate”) because they caused real-life harassment, Wong wrote a post on Quora about why he supports her move.

Keeping workplace bullying at bay - 06/22/15
The widespread contemporary discourse on respectful and dignified workplaces has obvious gains for employers and employees alike. Positive morale, heightened satisfaction and enhanced commitment, translating into feelings of empowerment at the employee level, and increased efficiency, higher productivity and greater effectiveness, adding to organizational reputation at the employer level, are the benefits.

Parents should not be afraid to check children’s Internet activities - 06/21/15
On the Internet, crime can easily link a Nebraskan to someone far away. Generally speaking, the Internet knows no boundaries, said Sgt. Eric Jones of the Nebraska State Patrol. It’s not uncommon that a suspect is in Nebraska “but we’ve got 20 victims overseas,” Jones said. Those victims could be in England, Canada, Alaska or any of the 48 continental United States.

Google To Remove ‘Revenge Porn’ Images From Search Results Upon Victims’ Requests - 06/21/15
Google has joined Twitter in the war on "revenge porn" and online harassment, by launching a new policy to protect victims. The tech giant will remove nude photos and other private pics from Google Search results that were shared without people's personal consent, after receiving an official request.

Tips for keeping kids safe online - 06/19/15
Special Agent Rod Khattabi from the Dept. Of Homeland Security Investigations New Haven Division, talked with the Fox CT Morning Extra about how to protect children from falling victim to online predators.

Survivor: Parents must be vigilant when kids use internet - 06/19/15
A victim of Internet stalking and kidnapping shared her frightening story Friday as a caution for parents, children and health care providers. Alicia Kozakiewicz was making the rounds of schools and pediatricians offices in Fayetteville and Fort Bragg. At age 13, Kozakiewicz was an early adopter of the wonders of the Internet. It put the world at her fingertips, but brought unexpected dangers.

Arguments made over sealed testimony in cyberstalking case - 06/19/15
The judge in a federal cyberstalking trial stemming from a fatal shooting at a Delaware courthouse is set to hear arguments over media objections to sealing the courtroom during testimony by the gunman’s granddaughter.

Utah Valley University staircase gets a texting lane - 06/18/15
Officials at Utah Valley University said a staircase with a designated texting lane made famous in viral photos has received positive feedback from students. The staircase in the Oren school's Student Life & Wellness Center is marked with separate lanes labeled "walk," "run" and "text" to accommodate the different speeds of students, but officials said the benefits are more aesthetic than functional.

Family Gets Horrifying Threats After Their Batman-Themed Pics on Railroad Tracks Go Viral - 06/17/15
A family who took Batman-and-Robin-themed photos for Father's Day is getting threats from strangers on the Internet, People reports. This is the most absurd case of Internet faux-rage running out of control ever. Roxanne Daly got her husband Mike to dress up as Batman. Their son played Robin for the pictures, which featured the superheroes "rescuing" mom from being tied up on the tracks. Seems like an adorable, silly photo, right? Not according to a massive throng of keyboard warriors hellbent on ruining the Dalys lives.

Ex-boyfriend convicted of stalking his former partner through WhatsApp by using messages such as 'gold-digger' and 'mutton dressed as lamb' as his status - 06/17/15
A bitter ex-boyfriend has been convicted of stalking his former partner through WhatsApp by using messages such as 'gold-digger' and 'mutton dressed as lamb' as his status. Alan Wilson, 49, harassed his ex-girlfriend – who cannot be named - by simply changing his profile message and display photo on the mobile messaging system - which all contacts are able to see. Wilson, from Hillsea, Hampshire, also bombarded his former partner with 143 messages – pleading for her to take him back – and hung around outside her home, a court heard.

Northants Police Deal With Cyber Stalking - 06/16/15
Northamptonshire Police have launched an innovative approach to tackling cyber stalking and online abuse which will mean better protection for domestic abuse victims. The purpose of the new approach is the prevention of online offences and to bring offenders to justice in a unique collaboration believed to be the first of its kind in the UK. Specialist detectives within the force’s Cyber Crime Unit will work with partner agencies and domestic abuse support services to help safeguard vulnerable victims.


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