Phoebe's Post-Op Eye Checkup Update

She went for her eye checkup today at Port City Veterinary Hospital in Portsmouth, NH. Dr. Cassotis (pictured here with Phoebe) gave her a thumbs up!

Eye drops have been cut down to one, three times a day for a week, then two times/day for a week, then one time/day until they are gone.

He doesn't need to see her for three months (unless there is a complication).

Next week, I do need to take her to see the tech for a pressure test, but other than that, she is good to go! Now for her fur to grow back in on her legs and she''ll be back to normal.

I highly recommend Port City to anyone for pet emergencies or specialty surgeries for their pets!

Please share Phoebe's page - we are still not close to our goal.


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