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WHO@ Newsletter - January 30, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Spurned ex paints graffiti love notes

A spurned lover has covered buildings in a British town with graffiti messages addressed to an ex-girlfriend named "Danielle."

The 16 messages, which include "We were the best" and "Remember the good times we loved and missed," were discovered in various locations around Weston-Super-Mare, England, and signed with the initials "SF," The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

The messages are addressed to a woman named "Danielle" with the initials "DP."

"It's a bit of a mess. Maybe if he does get his girlfriend back he can go and clean it all up," said David Gould, 36, whose office was one of the buildings targeted by the former lover.

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WHO@ Newsletter - January 23, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Brothers Reunited In Japan After 6 Decades

They no longer speak the same language, but two brothers separated nearly 60 years each think the other hasn't changed a bit.

Japanese-American Minoru Ohye celebrate his 86th birthday Monday with his only brother after traveling to Japan for a reunion with him.

The brothers were born in Sacramento, California, but were separated as children after their father died in a fishing accident. They were sent to live with relatives in Japan and ended up in different homes.

The reunited brothers hugged in a hotel room and exchanged gifts of California chocolate and Japanese sake. The American brother wore his trademark baseball cap and jeans. The Japanese bother wore a suit and tie.

But the same bright eyes and square jaws were a dead giveaway that they were brothers. They both loved golf and had back pains. They th…

WHO@ Newsletter - January 16, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried...British man has passport tattooed on back

A British man had his passport tattooed on his back and even used the image as an ID to take money out of the bank, he said.

Richard Ashton, 27, told The Sun he had his passport inked on his back while backpacking in Australia in 2006.

"I wanted something to remember my holiday by, but also wanted something patriotic," he said. "My girlfriend at the time thought I was a bit daft, but eventually she found it hilarious. That seems to be the general reaction."

The London personal trainer said when he ran out of cash on his trip to Australia, he took off his shirt at a bank to use as ID.

"The cashier gave me a strange look. She typed in my name and details after reading my tattoo and allowed me $50."

Ashton, who was born in Sydney and holds dual citizenship, said he keeps his tattoo co…

WHO@ Newsletter - January 9, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Robber tried to sell to victim
Police in Florida said they arrested an armed robbery suspect after he tried to sell iPhones and iPads to his alleged victim two days later.

Miramar police said Hank Yan was robbed Monday near an apartment complex on the 2200 block of Sherman Circle South by a gunman who took two iPhones and $500 cash, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Friday.

Police said Yan received a phone call two days later from a man whose voice he recognized as the robber. Yan said the man offered to sell him an iPad and three iPhones and arranged to meet him at the apartment complex near where the robber occurred.

The accused robber, Zachary Swindle, 19, and alleged accomplice Devonte Suckie, 18, were arrested when they showed up for the arranged meeting Wednesday.

Swindle was booked on an armed robbery charge and Suckie was charged with carryi…

Review of Redemption by Kate Flora

Just finished reading Kate Flora's latest Joe Burgess mystery, Redemption. It officially comes out in March, so get it! Here's my review:

Technically a police procedural, Kate Flora's latest book, Redemption: A Joe Burgess Mystery is a rollicking good time. I may be a bit prejudiced because I live in Maine and know Portland well, but Flora captures the flavor of Maine in a realistic way. I really hate authors who try to write about Maine and Mainers without knowing anything about it! The book starts off with a bang - a dead body in the water, then careens from there. Tossing in some of Burgess' personal life without overdoing it makes the book a good read. I definitely do not want to give away the plot, but suffice it to say that Burgess is very involved in this case and the ending was a complete surprise to me. This is Flora's third book in this series and it's the best so far (but you do need to read the other two first to get a "flavor" for Burgess)…

WHO@ Newsletter - January 2, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Walmart clerk rejects $1 million bill
The old fake $1 million bill scam failed yet again, this time with a North Carolina man allegedly trying to use one at a Walmart store, police said.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported Saturday an arrest warrant alleges Michael Anthony Fuller, 53, of Lexington tried to pay for a vacuum cleaner, a microwave oven and other items totaling $476 with a $1 million bill back on Nov. 17.

Court records show employees at the Lexington store called police and Fuller was later charged with felony counts of trying to obtain property by false pretenses and uttering a forged instrument, the newspaper said. With his bond set at $17,500, he was still in the Davidson County Jail as of Friday pending a Tuesday court appearance.

"It is kind of strange," Lexington police Sgt. Shannon Sharpe said of the case.

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