WHO@ Newsletter - January 23, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Brothers Reunited In Japan After 6 Decades

They no longer speak the same language, but two brothers separated nearly 60 years each think the other hasn't changed a bit.

Japanese-American Minoru Ohye celebrate his 86th birthday Monday with his only brother after traveling to Japan for a reunion with him.

The brothers were born in Sacramento, California, but were separated as children after their father died in a fishing accident. They were sent to live with relatives in Japan and ended up in different homes.

The reunited brothers hugged in a hotel room and exchanged gifts of California chocolate and Japanese sake. The American brother wore his trademark baseball cap and jeans. The Japanese bother wore a suit and tie.

But the same bright eyes and square jaws were a dead giveaway that they were brothers. They both loved golf and had back pains. They thought the other hadn't changed a bit.

"If we miss this chance, we may never meet. You never know," said Ohye, energetic except for a sore knee. "Either he may die, or I may die."

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'Execution imminent' for Canadian tortured into 'confessing' he ran a pornography website in Iran - 01/22/12
A Canadian Iranian software engineer is facing imminent execution in Tehran for allegedly operating a pornography website after the Iranian Supreme Court rejected a final appeal from his lawyers. Saeed Malekpour, 35, says he was tortured into making a confession about the website on live TV and Iranian officials used the broadcast to give him the death sentence.

Crucified by vigilantes of the internet: MoS proves that innocent young man was falsely branded a thief on the world's biggest websites - 01/22/12
An innocent student who had his name blackened on the internet has comprehensively cleared his name ­ thanks to the Irish Mail on Sunday. Dublin student Eoin McKeogh, accused of dodging a €50 taxi fare, has laid bare how the internet can destroy a blameless person's reputation in seconds and put people in the horrifying position of either leaving vile allegations in the public domain or pursuing a difficult and costly legal battle through the courts that will attract more attention from the media.

Report: UCF student's cyberstalker sent to prison - 01/21/12
He’s accused of threatening to kill a young woman over Twitter and sending her YouTube videos showing him touching his private parts and demanding she loves him or else. Now, 24-year-old Patrick Macchione is in prison. The alleged stalker was sentenced Friday on several counts for cyber stalking, but he won’t be behind bars for very long. Macchione will be in jail for 48 months and will then have a 19-year-long probation. The victim said after all of the online stalking and the hundreds of calls, she will never be able to live in peace unless the accused stalker is behind bars for the rest of his life.

Gary Glitter Twitter a fake - 01/21/12
A TWITTER user posing as Gary Glitter has admitted the account is FAKE - and claimed he started it to highlight the dangers of the internet. The imposter sparked fury when the account @OfficialGlitter appeared on Wednesday purporting to be the shamed glam rock star.

Crackdown on Facebook 'burn' pages used for bullying by teenagers as vile trend spreads across country - 01/21/12
Schoolchildren have been setting up special Facebook 'burn' pages to post vile and abusive messages about their peers. Police have now said they are cracking down on the phenomenon and have warned pupils to start removing their names and comments - many of them sexual - off the pages. Officers estimate as many as 700 students are involved in the sites - which are inspired by the cult film Mean Girls - in which students write hurtful and often fabricated gossip in a 'burn book'.

Facebook threat leads to arrest - 01/21/12
A 20-year-old Sparta man was arrested Monday and sent to Sussex County Jail after he posted a death threat on a juvenile girl's Facebook page, township police said. Angel N. Robles was charged with a third-degree count of making terroristic threats. Bail was set at $7,500 with no 10 percent option. On Sunday afternoon, the 17-year-old Sparta girl, with her father, provided Sparta Township Police a printout of her Facebook page, which had an entry from Robles stating that he was sending someone to slit the girl's throat, police said.

Dispatcher case in hands of prosecutor - 01/20/12
The case of a police dispatcher who was arrested on misdemeanor harassment charges is now in the hands of prosecutors. The dispatcher allegedly posted on her Facebook page text messages and photos exchanged between her husband, a Brownsville police officer, and a female officer.

Suit: Web site developer harassed Grayslake orthodontist - 01/19/12
A Web site developer harassed patients and emailed the alma mater of a Grayslake orthodontist after the two became embroiled in a dispute about the design of a site, a libel lawsuit filed Wednesday claims. The two-count suit claims libel and breach of contract. It seeks unspecified damages. Dr. Michael Stosich hired Zenman Productions, Inc., to develop a Web site for his orthodontist practice, a suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court claims. The contract called for Zenman to provide search engine optimization so the Internet site would be displayed on various search engines, including Google.

Cyber-bullying warning after Australia named world's worst - 01/19/12
Kiwi parents should be worried by a study naming Australia as the world's worst place for cyber-bullying on social networking sites, say experts. A survey of 24 countries by Ipsos Social Research Institute found almost 9 in 10 Australian parents said their child or another they knew in their community had experienced harassment on sites like Facebook.

Ohio man sentenced for email threats to Scituate town manager - 01/19/12
An Ohio man has been sentenced in federal court in Massachusetts to five years in prison for sending threatening emails to officials in an affluent Boston suburb. Prosecutors say 49-year-old Jeffrey Clemens of Huron, Ohio sent the emails in March 2010 to a town attorney and the town manager in Scituate.

Kentucky man facing stalking charge in Colorado - 01/19/12
A Kentucky man was arrested after he offered $10,000 on Facebook for help finding his ex-girlfriend and her son, and then tracked them to a Longmont women's shelter, police said. Joshua Payne was arrested Saturday on suspicion of domestic violence, felony stalking and felony to commit stalking. Police also arrested Madison Greenfield, 21, on suspicion of conspiracy to commit stalking.

Woman accused of trying to run over another woman in parking lot - 01/19/12
Two women were arrested in the parking lot at Sandy’s One Stop on Tuesday after deputies said a 20-year-old try to run over another woman with her car. According to the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, Brooke Ashton Royston was charged after she followed 20-year-old Mary Beyer through Rockwell to the gas station. Royston is accused of sending Beyer threatening messages on Facebook before the clash started about 4:30 p.m.

Internet Justice: 7 Youths Charged in Brutal Assault - 01/18/12
Kids! Aren’t they adorable? Their cherubic little faces, their big dreams, their boundless energy ­ oh, and the way they gang up on helpless peers, kicking them in the face repeatedly while yelling racial slurs. Such was the case in Bridgeport, a Chicago neighborhood, where six teens filmed themselves assaulting a 17-year-old Asian boy in an alley.

Jackson businessman Stuart M. Irby found dead - 01/18/12
A prominent Jackson businessman has taken his own life, days after his former wife was released from prison by then-Gov. Haley Barbour, authorities said. Jackson Police spokeswoman Colendula Green told The Associated Press that the caretaker at Stuart M. Irby's home called for an ambulance about at 8:04 p.m. on Tuesday. She said police and the Hinds County coroner arrived shortly thereafter and the coroner pronounced Irby dead about 9:04 p.m. Green said Irby hanged himself.

Ed Miliband lookalike death threat tweeter arrested - 01/17/12
A man who allegedly posted antisemitic and threatening messages on Twitter directed at women has been arrested. Professional Ed Miliband lookalike Shereef Abdallah was arrested today "on suspicion of sending by communication network an offensive or abusive or obscene message".


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