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True Crime Online Newsletter - July 29, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Prancercise creator releases 'X-Rated' workout video
Horse-inspired fitness enthusiast Joanna Rohrback is at it again, this time with a disclaimer that the video is "X-rated." After her first video hit more than 7.5 million views, Rohrback was brought on to make a John Mayer music video. Now, she's getting back to making videos of her own. Her newest clip, called "Uninhibited Fitness," encourages viewers to take their horselike gait into the open, releasing their "inner horse." "I’m uninhibited as I’ve already exhibited, so let them stare and gawk -- I’m gonna do my Prancercise walk!” Rohrback says, galloping along a path. The video itself is not really X-rated, despite the caveat. Instead, Rohrback says it's a response to the comedians that call her clothing "to…

Comic Con 2013 - I was there!

You need to have a Facebook account to see all the photos, but here they are!

True Crime Online Newsletter - July 8, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Teacher wears same outfit on picture day for 40 years

A retired teacher from Dallas who wore the same outfit for yearbook picture day for 40 years says he started the trend by accident and kept it up on a dare.

Dale Irby, 63, said the whole stunt started out in 1974, when he wore the same outfit for picture day as he did the year before, the Dallas Morning News reported.

"I was so embarrassed when I got the school pictures back that second year and realized I had worn the very same thing as the first year," said Irby, an elementary school gym teacher.

Then, his wife dared him to wear the outfit -- a patterned polyester shirt and coffee-colored sweater -- again for a third year in a row.

"After five pictures," he said, "it was like: 'Why stop?'"

Irby wore the same outfit every year until …

Our Marlboro Ranch/Crazy Mountain Ranch Adventure - June 28-July 1, 2013

Yes, there really is a Marlboro Ranch. And yes, it's that Marlboro. My husband smokes their cigarettes, much less than he did when he first met me. He told me about the Marlboro web site, so I registered him and me and began entering their contests. Over the years we have won a boatload of things, from ashtrays to horseshoes to customized tee shirts and pint glasses and a NASCAR Hot Laps Experience (we got to ride shotgun around the track and drifting in brand new Mustangs - the cars, not the horses). I began entering us every day to possibly win a trip to the Marlboro Ranch, which always seemed like a fantasy place to me. Well, we won in May 2013. A Fedex envelope came two days after the "You won" notification on their web site, with documents for us to sign. They would be paying for everything, from travel to food and lodging and more. All we had to pay was taxes on the trip, estimated to be almost $5,000. That's doable, considering neither of us have had a vacat…

True Crime Online Newsletter - July 2, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Man put ex-roommate's nude photos on grandma's car
Florida authorities said they arrested a man accused of giving nude pictures of his former roommate to the other man's co-workers, girlfriend and grandmother.

Lake County sheriff's deputies said Samuel Otero, 37, allegedly placed nude photos of his former roommate on cars belonging to the other man's coworkers and grandmother, Central Florida News 13 reported Friday.

The alleged victim told deputies he allowed Otero to take nude photos and videos of him in lieu of payment for room and board.

The man, who left Otero's home in August, said his former roommate has been texting him ever since and threatened Monday to shoot the victim and himself if they couldn't be together romantically.

Otero was arrested on a stalking charge Tuesday and released …