True Crime Online Newsletter - July 2, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Man put ex-roommate's nude photos on grandma's car
Florida authorities said they arrested a man accused of giving nude pictures of his former roommate to the other man's co-workers, girlfriend and grandmother.

Lake County sheriff's deputies said Samuel Otero, 37, allegedly placed nude photos of his former roommate on cars belonging to the other man's coworkers and grandmother, Central Florida News 13 reported Friday.

The alleged victim told deputies he allowed Otero to take nude photos and videos of him in lieu of payment for room and board.

The man, who left Otero's home in August, said his former roommate has been texting him ever since and threatened Monday to shoot the victim and himself if they couldn't be together romantically.

Otero was arrested on a stalking charge Tuesday and released from jail after posting $5,500 bond.

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The Instagram 'slut shaming' which sparked a riot: Teenage girls who set-up account are jailed and fined £55,000 after hundreds took to streets of Gothenburg in violent protest - 07/01/13
Two teenage girls who incited riots in Sweden by posting insults about about their classmates online and calling them 'sluts' have been found guilty of defamation. The defendants, aged 15 and 16, set up an Instagram page on which they posted photographs of other girls and boys annotated with derogatory remarks. They were ordered to pay more than £55,000 in compensation to their victims, while the younger girl was sentenced to juvenile detention and the elder to community service.

JFK airport worker accidentally emails genital photo - 07/01/13
A security supervisor at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport was fired for accidentally sending nude photo to colleagues, officials said. FJC Security confirmed Gerard Robson, a project manager for the company, was fired after the picture of him nude from the waist down was accidentally included in a June 21 email containing photos of a fender bender in the airport's parking lot, the New York Post reported Monday.

'Vegan Sellout List' outs and shames ex-vegans online - 07/01/13
Do you know any meat-eaters who used to be vegan? If so, they might appear on the Vegan Sellout List at, where vegans can post details about "traitors" to the cause.

'By the end, she was simply broken': Burnaby mom goes public after teenage daughter attacked online - 06/29/13
“You’re fat. You’re ugly. Your life is so worthless that you should commit suicide.” Those were the words written to a 13-year-old Burnaby girl by an anonymous user on, a social-media website making headlines after being linked to several teen suicides around the world. After enduring two months of relentless taunts on the site, the teen started to contemplate taking her own life, said her tearful mom, Jane, whose name has been changed to protect her family’s identity.

Facebook Tests Chat Room Feature Perfect For Tween Cyberbullying - 06/28/13
Have a hankering for the sluggish simplicity of Web 1.0? Facebook is here to sate your cravings with a “new” chat room feature reminiscent of ’90s AOL, according to a report from TechCrunch. Facebook is testing the feature now with a small amount of users, TechCrunch reports. It would enable people to host chats revolving around topics, events, projects or nothing at all. Any of the host’s friends can join the chat without being invited.

Vancouver mom pleads guilty to soliciting murder of lover's wife - 06/28/13
A Vancouver mother of three pleaded guilty Friday to solicitation to murder her lover’s wife and to stalking another victim. Lori Lyn Goulet, 40, sent an anonymous letter Oct. 29 to her estranged brother, Kevin Newsom, asking him to kill Carmady Perez, 26, of Vancouver, according to a probable cause affidavit. Perez was never harmed. In the letter, Goulet falsely accused Perez of child abuse, court documents say. Investigation of the crime, which included perusing Goulet’s computer, led to the discovery of at least one other victim and to additional charges against Goulet. Goulet pleaded guilty Friday to second-degree solicitation to commit murder, misdemeanor stalking, cyberstalking and filing a false report of child abuse or neglect.

Teen commits suicide after being cyber bullied on Facebook by police - 06/28/13
A teenager is dead after committing suicide on June 22, KTLA5 News reported on June 28. Andrew Cain, 19, an Idaho teen, recently missed a court appearance on charges for driving without privileges. This put the Latoh County (Idaho) Sheriff's Office in the position of having to issue a warrant for failure to appear in court. This is a job all police officer's have to perform, but the officer in charge of Cain's warrant went one step further by posting a photo of the teenager of the Latoh County Sheroff's Office Facebook page with the message

Canadian cop claims he didn't know cyber-stalking was illegal - 06/28/13
A Canadian police officer who pleaded guilty to planting spyware on his wife's BlackBerry has been sentenced to demotion, after two years' paid suspension. According to local news sources, a mitigating factor in his sentencing was that he didn't know that planting the cyber bug was a crime.

Paris Jackson 'Destroyed' By Facebook; Michael Jackson Daughter Was Victim Of Cyberbullying - 06/26/13
Paris Jackson's recent suidice attempt may have been a result of cyberbullying. Jackson attempted to commit suicide on June 5. And while she reportedly had suicidal tendencies before such as acts of “cutting,” it’s now believed that vicious comments left on her Facebook page “destroyed” the daughter of Michael Jackson and helped contribute to her suicide attempt.


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