True Crime Online Newsletter - July 8, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Teacher wears same outfit on picture day for 40 years

A retired teacher from Dallas who wore the same outfit for yearbook picture day for 40 years says he started the trend by accident and kept it up on a dare.

Dale Irby, 63, said the whole stunt started out in 1974, when he wore the same outfit for picture day as he did the year before, the Dallas Morning News reported.

"I was so embarrassed when I got the school pictures back that second year and realized I had worn the very same thing as the first year," said Irby, an elementary school gym teacher.

Then, his wife dared him to wear the outfit -- a patterned polyester shirt and coffee-colored sweater -- again for a third year in a row.

"After five pictures," he said, "it was like: 'Why stop?'"

Irby wore the same outfit every year until he retired from Prestonwood Elementary this year.

"He took his job so seriously in teaching good sportsmanship -- both in athletics and in life," Prestonwood principal Pam Aitken said. "He taught a lot of kids to be fair and respectful of others. That's a great legacy to leave."

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Real-life dates turn shady for online gamers - 07/08/13
Online gamers are leaving themselves vulnerable to blackmail and extortion as increasing numbers of stalkers use the sites to trawl for potential victims. An Auckland private investigator has laid two restraining orders against New Zealand gamers in the past week, after internet relationships spilled into the real world and turned sour.

Beware of These 7 Internet Lies - 07/06/13
Internet is one of the coolest inventions by mankind. It’s a great place to be at, full of awesome services and resources. But just like we have bad people in real world, there are culprits present at the labyrinth of your internet browser too. Not everything you see there is real. If it looks to too good to be true, then it probably isn’t. We have complied a list of such lies, so next time when you come across any of them, you will know how you are supposed to deal with it.

The hoaxer who breaks women's hearts - 07/06/13
When Claire met Seb online she thought she'd found true love, but slowly it became clear that Seb was not who he said he was. Then the other women began to get in touch. In a remarkable investigation, Tom Lamont unpicks an unsettling tale of hope, secrets and dishonesty

Vancouver women out thousands of dollars after online date scam - 07/05/13
Two Vancouver women scammed out of thousands of dollars by a man they met through online dating are sharing their cautionary tale. Liz Charyna and Lisa Dwyer said they were both wooed by the same man, unbeknownst to each other, on popular internet dating site Plenty of Fish. “He really came across as somebody who has a good job; he mentioned that he was a site supervisor for construction, plus he had a renovation business on the side,” Charyna said. “He seemed legitimate.”

Victim Narrowly Avoids Craigslist Scam - 07/05/13
Making a deal online is common, but using the Internet can provide scammers with a way to fool people out of their money. Drew and his band almost got caught in one con-man's snare. Drew put a music mixer on Craigslist for $250, but the buyer sent a check for more than $1,600.

Police seek warrant for boy, 18, in high school porn case - 07/05/13
Police in Florida said they were seeking an arrest warrant for an 18-year-old boy in the case of a 15-year-old girl charged with taking a pornographic picture. Pasco County sheriff's deputies said they were working to obtain an arrest warrant for the 18-year-old boy accused of posting a picture to Twitter depicting a 15-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl engaged in oral sex, WTSP-TV, Tampa Bay, Fla., reported Friday.

Tribune survey: 34% respondents say they have been harassed online - 07/05/13
A recent online survey conducted by The Express Tribune revealed that 65% of the users had been victims of online harassment either themselves, or knew someone who had been harassed online. With an increasing use of social media services throughout Pakistan, all kinds of people have started using these services for all kinds of reasons.

Prof accused of cyber sex stalk bailed out at Rikers - 07/05/13
The pretty Dutch number cruncher accused of sexual cyber-stalking was set to leave Rikers Island after a jailhouse visit Thursday from a top diplomat. Heleen Mees, 44, had her bail posted, clearing the way for her release from Rikers, where she met with Rob de Vos, the Dutch consul general in New York.

Ex-boyfriend arrested on stalking charges - 07/04/13
Willie L. Johnson, 51, of 3203 Lee Ave., was arrested Wednesday night on charges of cyberstalking, damage to property and stalking. According to an arrest affidavit, Johnson and his live-in girlfriend, the victim, separated on Tuesday. He then located where she moved to, went to the location and damaged the back door of her van by putting a large dent in it.

Is LinkedIn Soft On Stalkers? Blocking Someone On Social Network Should Be Easier, Says Petition - 07/03/13
Ever since the advent of the first friend request, online social networks have been plagued by a stubbornly immutable adage: If you build it, stalkers will come. Internet companies constantly struggle to balance the privacy needs of their users with the out-in-the-open ethos that drives social media. The results are not always pretty, as Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) recently learned when its users demanded a crackdown on gender-based hate speech.

Calls amid Zimmerman trial witness' Skype testimony elicit laughter - 07/03/13
An attempt to have a witness testify via Skype in the George Zimmerman murder trial in Florida elicited laughter when numerous incoming calls interrupted him. Scott Pleasants, a professor at Seminole State College, was trying to testify from Colorado about his contact with Zimmerman as one of his students in 2010 when a slew of incoming calls from the public to Pleasants' Skype account made it impractical, WFTV, Orlando, reported.

Greensboro woman charged with cyberstalking - 07/03/13
A Greensboro woman was arrested and charged with cyberstalking after creating a fake profile for another woman, according to Guilford County arrest reports. Stacy Davis, 30, of 2915 Liberty Road created an online profile for a McLeansville woman using her real name and phone number on March 10, reports state.


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