True Crime Online Newsletter - July 29, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Prancercise creator releases 'X-Rated' workout video
Horse-inspired fitness enthusiast Joanna Rohrback is at it again, this time with a disclaimer that the video is "X-rated." After her first video hit more than 7.5 million views, Rohrback was brought on to make a John Mayer music video. Now, she's getting back to making videos of her own. Her newest clip, called "Uninhibited Fitness," encourages viewers to take their horselike gait into the open, releasing their "inner horse." "I’m uninhibited as I’ve already exhibited, so let them stare and gawk -- I’m gonna do my Prancercise walk!” Rohrback says, galloping along a path. The video itself is not really X-rated, despite the caveat. Instead, Rohrback says it's a response to the comedians that call her clothing "too revealing." Rohrback has amassed a cult following thanks to her ever-present spandex pants. "If my camel toe doesn't embarrass me, why would this? I'm not embarrassed at all," Rohrback said.

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Treat Twitter trolls the same as stalkers - 07/29/13
Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy has become the latest woman to attract the attention of aggressive stalkers on Twitter after supporting Caroline Criado-Perez, who bore the brunt of a succession of unpleasant and threatening tweets after campaigning for Jane Austen to feature on Bank of England £10 notes, hardly a contentious cause. Would-be anonymous internet users abused both women in an intimidatory fashion, including threats of rape.

Twitter abuse: Why cyberbullies are targeting women - 07/29/13
Does it matter whether this article was written by a man or a woman? The politically correct answer may be no, but for some readers it could be an important factor. The threats of sexual violence which Caroline Criado-Perez received online following her campaign for a woman to be featured on British bank notes has highlighted the prevalence of gender-based bullying across social media.

Facebook parenting group slams door on haters - 07/29/13
Vicious cyber bullying by mothers towards other mothers has prompted the managers of one of the largest Facebook communities for parents to tell the mama trolls to shut up or get off. Babyology's decision to take a stand against vicious and personal comments on its 113,000 strong parenting group on Facebook seems to have won support. By Sunday night, the post announcing the decision had nearly 2500 likes and close to 100 comments. Member Hilda McBrien agreed, saying there was no place for ''negative abusive comments. Well done, Babyology, for taking a stance.''

Caroline Criado-Perez Twitter abuse case leads to arrest - 07/29/13
A 21-year-old man has been arrested after a feminist campaigner was deluged on Twitter with abuse and threats of rape, Scotland Yard has confirmed. He was detained in the Manchester area on suspicion of harassment offences. Caroline Criado-Perez faced abuse after successfully campaigning for a woman's face to appear on UK banknotes.

The vigilante paedophile hunters: They claim to be good citizens exposing sex predators by posing as underage girls online. Police say they're recklessly jeopardising official investigations. Who's right? - 07/29/13
Holding up his smartphone, the founder of an organisation called Letzgo Hunting scrolls through a long series of tiny internet profile pictures of men. Some are in their 20s and grinning inanely, others are middle-aged with blank expressions. A few are pensioners. All of these men, says Jamie ­ or ‘Scumm Buster’ as he likes to be known ­ are paedophiles grooming under-age girls in chatrooms and on social networking and dating sites such as ‘badoo’ and ‘’, each of which have more than 100 million members worldwide. ‘We are currently in online contact with about 30 such men who are talking to us in a sexually explicit way as we pose as teenage girls on the web,’ Jamie says.

DBPD chief gift wraps nude sgt. to media while shielding supervisor who harassed her with 500 text messages - 07/28/13
There's the deeper story inside the sex scandal story that Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood kept from the media in "gift wrapping the news" of the resignation of Sgt. Penny Dane. So says the union head of the 46-year-old female sergeant who was forced out after admitting to posting online semi-nude photos of herself in uniform as well as nude shots onto a virtual adult sex network via city-owned computers while on duty.

Internet dating firms entice lonely hearts with faked profiles based on real people - 07/28/13
Internet dating firms are using the details of real people without their permission to create fake profiles designed to entice lonely customers into paying to find love. Investigators also found some matchmaking sites were buying the personal data of members of the public to artificially boost the number of people who appeared to be using their services, thereby helping the sites attract more customers.

Sperm donor ordered to pay £300,000 after affair with client he met on a website where he said he was available for 'breeding parties' - 07/26/13
A prolific sperm donor who advertised himself for ‘breeding parties’ has been ordered to pay £300,000 after fathering a child with a married client during a fling. The man, who claims to have sired 30 children, was ruled the legal parent of a two-year-old boy conceived after an affair. His claim that conception was the result of artificial insemination rather than ‘ordinary sex’ was rejected by the court, which heard he used his fertility to get women into bed.

Cop in cyberstalking case allowed to go to treatment - 07/26/13
A Seattle cop being investigated for cyberstalking, identity theft and fourth-degree domestic-violence assault was released from jail Friday so he can go to a treatment center in Florida. Seattle detective David Blackmer, 43, lives in the Everett area. Seattle investigators allege that he created a fake Facebook page for his ex-mistress, 31, and posted sexual pictures of her without her consent. He also reportedly assaulted her during an argument the two had near his home.

Pittsburgh man modifies his toaster to tweet 'toasting' and 'done' - 07/26/13
A Pittsburgh says he's wired his toaster into Twitter so it to automatically sends him a tweet when it's toasting every morning.Hans Scharler glued a switch to the outside of his toaster that detects when the slider is down and the toaster is on, or when it's up and finished toasting -- and connected in to the Internet to automatically tweet "Toasting" and "Done Toasting," reported Friday.

Email threats against Cuccinelli investigated - 07/26/13
State and local authorities are investigating threatening emails sent to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Search warrants obtained by NBC4 Washington Thursday reveal the sender of the emails threatened the Republican candidate for governor and his family.

Self-shot cellphone photo helps identify teen robbery suspects - 07/25/13
Police said a pair of teen girls accused of a restaurant robbery were identified in part thanks to a picture they took of themselves before the crime. Investigators in Halmstad, Sweden, said two masked girls robbed a local restaurant and threatened staff with a large kitchen knife, and police dogs followed their scent to a home, The reported Thursday.

Pa. police chief says he expects to be fired for vulgar video - 07/25/13
A Pennsylvania police chief said he expects to lose his job because of online posts in which he calls liberals "libtards" and tells critics "[expletive] you." Gilberton, Pa. Police Chief Mark Kessler is seen in a YouTube clip firing federally restricted weapons along an old strip-mining road while unleashing a stream of vulgarity -- referring at one point to an earlier clip that had drawn criticism for its vulgar content, the Allentown (Pa.) Morning Call reported.

Twitter faked user opinions for ad campaign - 07/25/13
TV ad targeting is the network's latest service designed for marketers to champion their programmes' adverts through Twitter. An image created for the campaign featured three accounts praising an advert for US coffee chain Barista Bar was posted on the company's blog page in May. The tweets may have been mocked up, but the users' accounts were real and used without their knowledge.

FOX 29 Explores Cyber Stalking - 07/24/13
Email, instant messaging, Facebook and Twitter. Just some of the ways cyber stalkers can harass someone. Common characteristics: false accusations, rumors or threats that are usually unwanted, obsessive and menacing. "Cyber stalking is essentially creating an online ID and using it to harass someone," defines Anthony Mongeluzo, the President of Pro Computer Service. "A lot of times it will happen where people will spread rumors or do different things either to make money, hurt a reputation, or just personal dislike."

Animals frontman Eric Burdon withdraws from Israel concert after email threats - 07/24/13
He once sang, ‘You Gotta Get Outta This Place,’ but now Eric Burdon is not even turning up at all having deciding to withdraw from a planned concert in Israel, following what his management said were threatening emails. The Animals frontman, whose hits include ‘House of the Rising Sun’, and ‘San Franciscan Nights,’ had been due to perform alongside local Israeli bands in Binyamina, in the north of the country.


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