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Monday, August 30, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - August 30, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .that must have been one heck of a sale!
Yard sale patron allegedly hits man with pan

A 70-year-old yard sale shopper is facing charges after things apparently got a bit out of hand at a yard sale. Tuolumne County authorities said Jon Joslin was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly hit another man over the head with a cornbread pan at the sale Friday. A sheriff's spokesman said Joslin hit the fellow shopper with a five-pound, cast iron pan to prevent him from getting to the sale first.

It seems the two men arrived early at the yard sale and were walking up a long driveway when investigators said Joslin first attempted to trip 64-year-old Joseph Brown.

Brown suffered a head laceration but refused medical treatment.

It was not known if Joslin had retained an attorney.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Bill barring malicious e-personation awating gov's signature to become law - 08/30/10
California Senator Joe Simitian's bill penalizing malicious e-personation just needs the governor's signature now to bloom into law after it was unanimously passed by both the Senate and the Assembly. As mentioned in a recent story in The Chronicle, California State Bill 1411 would make it a misdemeanor to impersonate someone online with the purpose "of harming, intimidating, threatening or defrauding," and would be punishable with up to $1,000 in fines and/or one year in prison.

Watts murder: Police close in on accused - 08/30/10
After apparently groping in the dark for a little over the last one-and-a-half years, Mohali police is now on the verge of cracking the sensational Sameer Watts murder case. Investigations so far have revealed that a jilted lover could have been behind the gruesome killing of Sameer, who was working as a manager with a telecom company, on March 12, 2009.

Amitabh Bachchan victim of death threats - 08/30/10
Indian superstar Amitabh Bachchan is the latest celebrity victim of online abuse, who was forced to lodge a police complaint against an unknown blogger that has reportedly threatened the actor’s family.

Girls, enough with the naked pics already - 08/30/10
There has always been some risk in sharing a naked photo of yourself. But now that digital images can be made public within seconds of winding up in the wrong hands, handing out a risqué snapshot has become downright dangerous.

Jordan amends cyber crimes law after media outcry - 08/29/10
Jordan on Sunday approved a temporary law on cyber crimes after amending it to appease the fury of journalists who said the legislation was a means to control local news websites. The law had initially allowed the authorities to raid and search offices from which websites are published and to access computers without prior approval from public prosecutors.

Cyber stalker breaks restraining order with blog message about ex - 08/29/10
A man who subjected his ex-girlfriend to a terrifying internet hate campaign has broken his restraining order just two months later – by writing about her in a blog. Stephen Andreassen, 37, pleaded guilty to harassment in June after bombarding her with Facebook messages and setting up 35 websites about her when she dumped him.

Wandering goat in Missouri gets Facebook fan page - 08/28/10
A goat that has been wandering around the eastern Missouri town of Mexico has gained enough attention to have his own Facebook page. But animal control officers are not amused.

Cyber stalker crackdown 'thwarted' by service providers - 08/28/10
Efforts to crack down on cyber stalking are being thwarted because internet service providers will not take action, according to victims' groups. The Network for Surviving Stalking says the police, Home Office and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) are doing their best to tackle the problem.

Wanted: Sheriff to bring some order to web's Wild West - 08/28/10
THE Internet is an increasingly dangerous place to operate, according to this thought-provoking American book, which argues for increased state regulation of cyberspace. Our computer systems are constantly being bombarded by attacks, and these online threats no longer emanate just from the basements of young hackers.

Man sentenced to join military after online threat - 08/27/10
A judge has sentenced a former university student to join the military for a post he made on Facebook that led to a lockdown at Faulkner University here. Zachary Lambert, 23, agreed to plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge of harassing communications for a message that made reference to a deadly campus attack at Virginia Tech in 2007. He originally was charged with making a terrorist threat, a felony, and placed in jail on $500,000 bond.

Dublin YouTube voyeur 'stalks' women - 08/27/10
A voyeur is stalking women in the street, filming them from behind without consent and posting the images on the internet. Young women have been followed around some of the busiest streets in Dublin and furtively filmed from behind by a hidden camera and the images uploaded on to YouTube .

Teens in cyberstalking case told to play nice - 08/27/10
Two Pamlico County teens accused of cyberstalking have the opportunity to have their charges dismissed. Matthew L. Nanney and Tony R. Bloomberg, both 18, were charged with cyberstalking after they made a profile on Facebook, a social networking website, to look as if it belonged to Pamlico County High School’s interim principal.

Cyberstalking on the rise - 08/26/10
He e-mailed her a photo of himself holding a gun with a Google map of her house, she says. He threatened to come to Colorado and rape her. He threatened her kids, and called her son derogatory names. That's when Amber decided to get a restraining order, wipe away her entire online presence and start over. Hopefully this time, she says, he won't find her.

Juror "is he guilty?" posts on Facebook - 08/26/10
A WOMAN juror was hauled weeping before a furious judge - for blabbing about the trial on FACEBOOK.The 29-year-old used her mobile phone to post messages on her way home about how many on the jury thought the defendant guilty.

Teen Wants Forgiveness For Death Threats - 08/26/10
A teenager is asking for forgiveness after he threatened to kill three Metro school principals. A few months ago, Pearl-Cohn High School principal Marva Blanchard-Woods spoke only to Channel 4 News about receiving an anonymous e-mail threatening to kill her. She, along with two assistant principals, received the death threats.

Indiana Man Charged with Stalking Pa. Woman Using Facebook Page in Name of Woman He Raped - 08/26/10
Travis Davis is facing stalking charges after he allegedly set up a Facebook account using the name of an ex-girlfriend he raped in Ohio to contact a more recent ex in Pennsylvania. He tried to force the woman he contacted to come back to him by threatening to distribute a secretly filmed sex tape.

Facebook Taking Users to Dangerous "Places"? - 08/25/10
Facebook just launched a geo-tagging service it calls "Places." Basically, it means enables users to share their exact location with their friends who are fellow users -- or perhaps complete strangers.

Indiana man charged in online extortion sex scheme - 08/25/10
An Indiana man awaiting sentencing on a rape charge tried to blackmail his ex-girlfriend into coming back to him by threatening to spread nude photos and video of her online, police in Pennsylvania said.

Tips to protect yourself when online gaming - 08/24/10
Gamers could have a greater risk of being exposed to online threats. Here are some tips to help keep you safe.
Online gamers are as likely as anybody else to encounter scams and malware attacks. In fact, because gamers often spend a considerable amount of time online, they may even be more likely than most users to be exposed to an attack.

Cheating gamers face online ban - 08/24/10
The people behind one of the biggest video games of the year are taking the unusual step of banning some of its fans from playing the online, multi-player version. Set in the American Wild West, Red Dead Redemption has sold millions of copies around the world, many of them in the UK.

Monday, August 23, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - August 23, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Stupid robber
Doh! Upstate NY bank robber forgets to put on mask

Note to would-be bank robbers: when robbing a bank, be sure to put on your mask. Police said a robbery suspect had a dust mask around his neck but didn't pull it over his face when he walked into an HSBC branch Wednesday afternoon in the town of Eden, 15 miles south of Buffalo.

The bank's surveillance video shows the man walking into the bank and handing a teller a note that police said demanded money. The video also shows a dust mask that remains hanging around the man's neck.

While handing the note to the teller, the man answers his cell phone, then grabs the note and runs out of the bank.

Police speculate that the call came from the suspect's get-away driver, alerting him that he forgot to put on his mask.

The suspect remains at large.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Beating the bullying problem - 08/23/10
As 55-million children head back to school, thousands of unsuspecting students will encounter bullies -- so the Department of Education is taking steps to confront the growing trend.
Many students learn every year that the phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is anything but true. So hundreds of school administrators and teachers from across the U.S. recently gathered in Washington, DC, to study methods that could cut down on the issue. They recognize that bullying has evolved from name-calling to methods like cyber-stalking through social networking sites, physical abuse, and intimidation.

Electronic Frontier Foundation warns of Epersonation Bill - 08/23/10
ONLINE HUMAN RIGHTS GROUP the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has warned that a bill working its way through the California legislature will make it a crime to impersonate someone online in order to "harm" that person. The law will make it illegal to create a Facebook or Twitter account with someone else's name, and then use that account to embarrass that person.

TalkTalk defends website spying - 08/23/10
TalkTalk has today issued a statement defending its recent action of spying on customers, reiterating its assertion that its website tracker is only part of its anti-malware program, not an attempt to invade users' privacy. It said that its approach is designed to make the internet “a safer place”, scanning the URLs of websites visited and comparing them to a database of threats, allowing TalkTalk to block such threats before customers engage them.

Guess who's stalking you on the Web? - 08/23/10
Asha (name changed), a 14-year-old student, befriended a stranger on one of the social networking sites a few months ago without realising that her innocent move could land her in trouble. When she decided to meet her cyber-chat friend in person, she was abducted, only to be released after her parents paid a ransom.

Software searches for faces online - 08/23/10
A new program will soon be released which can scan social networks for pictures of particular individuals. Israeli company has been testing a product which works by scanning a face and matching the relative positions of eyes, nose and mouth to photos that it reckons could be of the same person. It's claimed to have 90 percent accuracy.

'Ex-blocker' helps during those crazy post-breakup days - 08/22/10
While we used to simply look through old photos or listen to sappy love songs after a break-up, we can now spend hours online, scrolling through old memories, or more importantly, checking up on what new memories our ex may be creating post-"us."

Facebook revenge plot nets 6-month sentence - 08/22/10
A young Winnipeg man's plot to seek revenge on his ex-girlfriend by posting explicit photos of the teen on Facebook has netted him a six-month jail term for distributing child pornography. The 18-year-old was sentenced Friday after pleading guilty in July to the child-pornography charge and another allegation of criminal harassment.

Facebook could be your downfall! - 08/22/10
If you were to ask a physicist what the most abundant material was in the universe, he or she would put down their pipe (because female physicists also smoke pipes, fact), pick absentmindedly at the Sellotape holding their glasses together and proclaim ‘Hydrogen’. They would then talk at great length how the element is the answer to our impending energy woes, and the key to unlocking interplanetary travel, and thereafter, the stars.

Judge declares accused stalker incompetent for trial; prosecutors say they'll drop charges - 08/22/10
A Florida man accused of stalking a Daphne woman on the Internet and showing up at her house one day last year is mentally unfit to stand trial, a federal judge in Mobile ruled last week. With that ruling ­ and the likelihood that Jeremy Lee Taff would have found not guilty by reason of insanity if he ever did go to trial ­ prosecutors indicated they would ask a judge to dismiss the charges.

Cyber stalking: Loopholes abound - 08/22/10
When a department head with a technology firm in Bangalore, wanted to repeatedly meet up with a female subordinate outside work, but was frustrated in his attempts, he decided to play nasty. He posted intimate chat conversations which the object of his obsession had with her boyfriend on various social networking sites, and splattered the text with obscene, doctored images of the lady.

Those facing a bad rep online are looking to strike back - 08/22/10
Some people with bad “online reputations” are hitting the undo button. Those who’ve been slandered online or a embarrassing moments caught on the web are taking their cyber lives into their own hands by hiring attorneys, detectives and online “reputation managers” to clean up the dirt.

The price of being plugged into the digital age - 08/21/10
My friend Nicki Jenish's daughter Rachael is a pretty and athletic 14-year-old with plenty of friends, a huge smile -- and a major addiction that's costing hundreds of dollars and causing huge family arguments. At least that's the story her mother tells.

Baboon on the loose? Girl starts false frenzy -08/21/10
Police in the St. Louis suburb of Florissant spent a big part of the day looking for a baboon on the loose. A grade school went into lockdown. A woman scattered potato chips on the ground and made monkey sounds to try and lure the primate. But in the end, a 14-year-old girl admitted it was all a hoax after the picture she claimed to have snapped proved to be one she actually found on the Internet.

CyberStalking Easier Than You Think? - 08/20/10
Sending a picture to the web from your smartphone is easy and convenient, but what you don't see can be the most revealing part. Embedded inside several smartphones is a geotag feature which can reveal the exact location of pictures you post online and much more.

He Met Women on Craigslist, Then Harassed Them: Cops - 08/20/10
When Randall Mason’s girlfriend ended their relationship, the harassing calls began, police said. The threats led the victim to being fired and led police to capture a man they believe is a serial harasser. The Greenwich woman called police in July and they soon determined that Mason, 28, had a history of meeting women on Craigslist. When they ended the relationship, he would harass them, the Greenwich Time reports. Police believe there are at least six victims, mostly in Connecticut and New York.

Trial date set for College Place woman in cyberstalking, threats - 08/19/10
A College Place woman is scheduled to stand trial in November for allegedly sending e-mails threatening to kill local judges and a state Supreme Court justice two years ago, as well as stalking her former boyfriend and stealing his identity.

Know the laws before you make mistakes - 08/19/10
About 4,000 students every year get more from their time at Penn State than just a diploma. They leave with a notation of discipline on their transcript ­ often accompanied by a criminal record ­ that can haunt them as they apply for jobs, apartments, loans or grad school. Some of those co-eds are even worse off. Their education gets derailed before they get their degrees by jail or disciplinary expulsion.

Comprehensive Internet law pushed - 08/19/10
Senator Edgardo Angara Thursday pushed for a comprehensive Internet law in the Philippines to curb the rising incidence of online-related crimes in the country. Angara, chair of the Senate committee on Education, Arts and Culture, said recent studies have shown that a number of crimes and other forms of violations committed over the Internet are rapidly increasing, thus, a stringent law should be crafted that would give heavy penalties to “cybercriminals.”

Oshkosh teen, Joshua J. Cheek, faces charges in another e-mail bomb threat - 08/19/10
An Oshkosh teen accused of making bomb threats to three downtown buildings earlier this year is now facing an additional criminal charge. Joshua J. Cheek, 19, was charged in Winnebago County Circuit Court Tuesday with a single count of bomb scares, a felony that carries a maximum penalty of three years, six months in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Addicted Gamer Sues Game-Maker, Says He is ‘Unable to Function’ - 08/19/10
A federal judge is allowing a negligence lawsuit to proceed against the publisher of the online virtual-world game Lineage II, amid allegations that a Hawaii man became so addicted he is “unable to function independently in usual daily activities such as getting up, getting dressed, bathing or communicating with family and friends.”

Columbia Business School Grad Files Lawsuit Over YouTube Comment - 08/18/10
Can you sue someone for writing an ugly YouTube comment about you? One woman is about to find out. Her name is Carla Franklin, and she is a former model who holds degrees from Duke and Columbia universities, and she’s filed paperwork to attempt to force Google­which owns YouTube­to reveal the identity of the offending comment’s author.

Shamebook: Should Cops Use Facebook to Publicize the Accused? - 08/18/10
In February 2010, New Jersey's Evesham Township Police Department joined Facebook. Like most new members of the social network, it posted its contact and personal information, linked out to some of its favorite sites, and began writing updates about daily events in its community.

Craigslist police blotter: Bryan pastor in gay sex scandal; Azle man faces charges over fake ad - 08/17/10
While we’re on the subject of hookup site-related crime stories in Texas, we’ve got two more to tell you about. One involves a 51-year-old closeted church pastor from Bryan who’s accused of meeting other men online and forcing them to have sex with him. According to, Pastor George Randall Scott resigned from the Bethel Temple Church, where he had served since 1990, following his arrest last Tuesday.

Monday, August 16, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - August 16, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Don't tick off da judge
NC man sent to jail after laughing in courtroom
Court is no laughing matter as far as one North Carolina judge is concerned. A Fayetteville man who was waiting for his case to be heard Friday drew the ire of Judge Toni King after starting to laugh in a Cumberland County courtroom. Authorities said King asked 47-year-old Johnny Montgomery why he was laughing, but the man refused to say.

King ordered Montgomery to jail on a misdemeanor charge. As deputies were preparing to take Montgomery to jail, they searched him and found more than 3 grams of crack cocaine.

Montgomery was charged with felony drug possession. Authorities said he was being processed Friday evening and does not yet have a court date nor an attorney.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Officer sacked over internet site - 08/16/10
A senior South Australian police officer has been sacked for helping set up a lurid internet dating profile that encouraged men to pursue his ex-girlfriend for sex. Detective Sergeant Darren James Clohesy lost his job on Monday after failing to attend a police disciplinary hearing in response to his court conviction.

New York Cyber-Cop Says Consequences Will Never Be the Same - 08/16/10
Lieutenant Joe Donohue of the New York State Police has been assigned to a special computer crimes unit since 1994 and has had his cuffs rattled by plenty of cyber-bullying; Jessi Slaughter's altercation with the notorious hackers of 4Chan is just one example. In an exclusive interview with Asylum, Lt. Donohue explains that Old Man Slaughter's prophecy may very well be true: Consequences will never be the same.

Free-speech policies questioned - 08/16/10
Students at Mississippi universities may have to watch what they say more than those in other states because of policies that free-speech advocates say are oppressive. At Ole Miss, someone could theoretically get in trouble for sending an e-mail about how much they "hate" rival Mississippi State. Jackson State students could be punished for unsolicited flirting.

Law enforcement becoming increasingly vigilant in tracking down and prosecuting cyberbullies -08/16/10
The 21st-century bully doesn't hang on the street corners looking to shake kids down for their lunch money. Law enforcement officials say cyberbullies are hiding behind their computer screens to torment their targets. At least three deaths nationally have been tied to this type of harassment, according to a report by the Dallas Morning News. "Internet threats and bullying are definitely a problem,” Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office Chief of Detectives Dan Hurley said.

Convicted cyberstalker back at it, prosecutors claim - 08/15/10
A twice-convicted cyberstalker has been charged with terrorizing a teen girl he met on the Internet. Filing new cyberstalking charges earlier this month, King County prosecutors contend William Thomas Pritchard threatened to carve his name in the chest of 17-year-old girl and went so far as to follow her to a college fair. According to charging papers, Pritchard, 23, met the girl on in 2009 and soon began demanding nude photos of her. When she refused, prosecutors contend Pritchard began threatening her and her family before sending her about 30 nude photos of himself accompanied by sexually explicit comments.

‘Bogus boy’ asylum seeker who claimed he was a child despite being 20 makes Facebook getaway - 08/15/10
An asylum seeker who claimed he was a child but was actually 20 has tried to avoid deportation by going on the run with the help of friends from a 2,500-strong Facebook group. Rabar Hamad disappeared days before officials were to set a date to remove him from the UK.

La. cyberbullying law takes effect - 08/15/10
Bullying has always been a childhood peer issue, but computer and telecommunications technology is making it almost inescapable for victims. Today, Louisiana House Bill 1259, becomes law, putting the state among 30 with some form of legislation targeting those engaging in cyberbullying in all its forms.

Stalkers on the Cyberway - 08/14/10
Here's what an ad posted on Adult-FriendFinder .com in the 'miscellaneous fetishes' category had to say: "28/f/del looking for a good time" . It continued, "I don't mind orgies or sex with other women. My husband might join us as well." The classified went on to detail various sex acts the person posting it would "love to" engage in and ended with a name (let's call her Preeti), a telephone number spelt out in alphabets to beat search engines, and a request for calls.

Feds: Teen 'sextortion' rising - 08/14/10
The nightmare began with a party: three teenage girls with a webcam, visiting an Internet chatroom and yielding to requests to flash their breasts. A week later, one of the girls, a 17-year-old from Indiana, started getting threatening e-mails.

Internet pest wins reprieve over sentence - 08/14/10
A woman from the Black Country who bombarded Watchdog presenter Rav Wilding with abusive internet messages has had her custodial punishment quashed. Wolverhampton Crown Court Judge Michael Challinor yesterday upheld Toneeta Beckford’s appeal against her sentence. She had originally received a suspended 20-week jail term, meaning she would only serve the time if she offended again, but this was replaced with a 12 month community order and 50 hours unpaid work.

Man accused of faking personals ads on Craigslist charged with online harassment in Denton County - 08/14/10
Michael Martin never anticipated he'd receive so many phone calls, e-mails and text messages after posting an ad on Craigslist to sell an old boat. The Denton man received many predictable requests at first, but he soon was hearing from dozens of men who were after more than his 20-foot Bayliner.

Teens vs. principal cyberstalking case in judge's hands - 08/13/10
Two Pamlico County High School graduates claim innocence to cyberstalking charges after a profile was made on the social networking website Facebook to look like it belonged to the school’s interim principal. District Court Judge Walter Mills, during the teens’ trial Friday, said he wanted more time to read materials given to him by the prosecution and defense attorneys so he pushed back his decision on the case until Aug. 27.

Facebook Cracking Down on Abuse 'Trolls' - 08/12/10
Vicious "trolls" who heap abuse on total strangers on the Internet for fun are being targeted in a Facebook crackdown. Tribute pages honoring the dead, such as soldiers in Afghanistan, have become a recent favorite of the ugly trolls, reports the Telegraph. Facebook users can manually delete abusive messages, but company engineers are now working on new systems that will automatically delete the hurtful slams. Facebook already tracks suspected trolls­those who repeatedly communicate with non-friends, or whose friend requests are often rejected.

Thousands of online banking customers have accounts emptied by 'most dangerous trojan virus ever created' - 08/11/10
Cyber criminals have raided the accounts of thousands of British internet bank customers in one of the most sophisticated attacks of its kind. The fraudsters used a malicious computer programme that hides on home computers to steal confidential passwords and account details from at least 3,000 people.

Barrington police investigating newspaper’s online posts - 08/10/10
The Barrington Police Department initiated an investigation last week into online comments posted on the Barrington Times parent company’s website Barrington Police Chief John LaCross called the newspaper on Wednesday, Aug. 4, to request the names of people posting comments beneath news articles. He said he was alerted to a potentially threatening comment posted beneath the story “Council will not investigate town manager,” which was uploaded to on July 20.

Monday, August 09, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - August 9, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Yeah, wearing headphones during sex is sexy

Ancient sex guide published as audio book

Too shy to read the Kama Sutra on the train during rush hour? Just take out your headphones.

The ancient sex guide dating back 1,600 years has been published as an audio book for the first time in its long history in what its British-based publisher described as a "perfect meeting of ancient history and modernity."

"Now there's no need to feel embarrassed by reading a copy of this wonderful and important book in public -- simply download it on to your mp3 player and liven up your commute to work," said Simon Petherick, managing director of Beautiful Books.

"Some may also consider using the audio book as a step-by-step manual for improving bedroom techniques, without the need to stop and start with constant reference to a book." The Kama Sutra, narrated by a British actress, is based on ancient Indian philosophies and was first translated into English in the 19th century. It contains advice on relationships and one of its chapters describes 64 types of sexual acts.

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Simitian's bill aimed at online impersonation - 08/09/10
Two months ago, a San Jose Mercury News reporter received a profanity-laced e-mail critical of one of her stories. More than a year before, a similar e-mail was sent to a long mailing list of hundreds of Silicon Valley industry, labor, political and community leaders. The sender of the e-mails appeared to be Carl Guardino, the chief executive of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, which represents the high-tech industry. The problem: He didn't actually send it.

Topix to Stop Charging to Pull Inappropriate Posts Quickly - 08/09/10
If someone posts an abusive or inappropriate comment on a Web site, it’s likely that fewer people will see it after several attorneys general went after a giant in Internet message boards. Topix, a host responsible for the commenting function on many Web sites, has agreed to change its policies after Connecticut’s Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and 31 other attorney generals went after the company over policies for pulling down comments.

Yahoo doesn’t have to reveal e-mailer's identity -08/09/10
A high school teacher cannot force Yahoo to reveal the identity of an anonymous individual who sent him disparaging e-mails, a New Jersey appeals court has ruled. Tom Juzwiak, a high school teacher at Hightstown High School, received an e-mail on July 23, 2009, from someone called “Josh Hartnett” with the e-mail address The e-mail read in the subject line: “Hopefully you will be gone permanently.” The body of the message read: “We are all praying for that.” It was signed only “Josh.”

Internet ‘spoofing’ isn’t so funny if you’re the target - 08/09/10
“Spoofing” may sound funny, but it is no laughing matter. If you are an Internet shopper, banker, bill payer or just a surfer, you are a prime target for thieves who are trying to get your identity. Spoofing involves Internet thieves who create or “spoof” a valid Internet site such as a bank. They create deceptively similar websites of valid companies and try to lure customers to give up their personal information. Many, including myself, have received an e-mail from what appears to be a legitimate bank, stating that there has been an error in processing my account and in order to continue my Internet banking I must reply to the e-mail with my account number, Social Security number, address and other personal information to get my account back on line.

Text harassment, Cyberbullying a concern even for college students - 08/08/10
Thirteen-year-old Estee Cervene has seen cyberbullying first hand. When three girls from her school began to bully her on Facebook, she knew exactly what she had to do. "I deleted them as friends and blocked them," said Cervene, a student who is moving from Fort Dodge to Waterloo. "People at my school won't always say mean things in person, but they will say mean things on Facebook."

Foursquare's Stalker Problem - 08/08/10
In the world of social networking, Carri Bugbee is hardly a novice. The social-media marketing strategist from Portland, Oregon has 7,164 followers on Twitter, 1,197 Facebook friends, and more than 500 connections on LinkedIn. But when she ventured into the world of geotagging­the technology behind many of the social networks that broadcast your location to the Internet­she received an unsettling wake-up call.

Facebook photos 'jeopardising justice', warns top police unit - 08/07/10
Facebook is wrecking criminal trials, according to detectives. Victims and witnesses using the social networking site to identify a suspect are jeopardising justice, police have warned.

Raleigh man accused of cyberstalking - 08/07/10
A 44-year-old Raleigh man has been charged with cyberstalking for harassing a woman, according to an arrest warrant. The warrant states that Stanley Ayers Jr., of 3712 Greenleaf, repeatedly sent a Raleigh woman emails "for the purpose of annoying and harassing" her.

Safe cyber surfing: U.S. Attorney's Office raises awareness about online threats - 08/07/10
When he doesn't have to share the computer with his dad, 14-year-old Troy Saure spends three to five hours daily surfing the Web on his family's laptop. While he says he sometimes uses the Internet for research for school projects, more often he checks his profiles on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, sends notes to friends, and watches funny videos on YouTube.

Justice in Brooklyn - 08/06/10
Today is one of my proudest days as a New Yorker. My bike got stolen last night and goddamn if I didn’t have it back before noon today, thanks to a curious but powerful mixture of internet savvy, a responsive police force, and one very special “Law and Order” fan.

Area man pleads not guilty to Internet stalking - 08/06/10
A Fouke, Ark., man arrested in June as part of an Internet predator sting operation pleaded not guilty Thursday to Internet stalking. James Leonard Buchanan, 50, appeared for arraignment with Texarkana defense attorney Joe Tyler. Circuit Judge Joe Griffin scheduled Buchanan to return to court in December at Tyler’s request.

Dead dog case: Probe into dog park shooting intensifies - 08/06/10
The Baltimore Sun reports the off-duty federal police officer who fatally shot a Siberian husky in a Severn, Md., dog park has been placed on administrative but his lawyer says he fired his gun in defense of his pet, his wife and himself. Anne Arundel County police still have not named the officer, who they said fired his personal weapon in the Monday shooting of Bear-Bear, a brown and white husky, who died a few hours later. The officer's attorney, David Putzi, cited online threats made against the officer and his family.

Federal jury charges rejected ex-boyfriend with stalking - 08/06/10
Spurned by his ex-girlfriend, Todd Hart, 26, allegedly used computer software to disguise his voice to leave the woman a threatening message on her cell phone June 13. "You're going to f------ die," he said, according to authorities. But by then, police already had interviewed the woman and suspected her former boyfriend of stalking her. Yesterday, a federal grand jury charged Hart, a former SEPTA driver from West Philadelphia, with stalking and related offenses.

Prosecutors paying attention to online harassment - 08/05/10
A Chicago man accused of posting a fake Craigslist ad that said his sister was giving away all her possessions is facing misdemeanor charges after bargain-hunters descended on the woman's Joliet home looking to cart away her belongings. And a married Chicago computer consultant is being accused of posting nude photos of his California ex-girlfriend having intercourse on two Web sites, as well as posting the woman's phone number and the home addresses of her and her mother.

The shadow of fear that stalkers leave on their victims - 08/05/10
JENNIFER Aniston recently had a restraining order issued against 24-year-old Jayson Peyton, who staked out her home for eight days and was found to have duct tape, dvds of her films and a sharp object in his car. The story made the headlines and saw the former Friends star join the likes of Halle Berry, Mel Gibson and Gwyneth Paltrow, who have all been victims of stalkers. But it is not just Hollywood A-listers who suffer what can be a terrifying experience.

What They Know - 08/05/10
The Wall Street Journal is running a good series this week on privacy in the digital age called "What They Know." This is from their piece today on cell phone tracking: Global-positioning systems, called GPS, and other technologies used by phone companies have unexpectedly made it easier for abusers to track their victims. A U.S. Justice Department report last year estimated that more than 25,000 adults in the U.S. are victims of GPS stalking annually, including by cellphone.

Stalking by Cell Phone - 08/05/10
Phone companies know where their customers' cell phones are, often within a radius of less than 100 feet. That tracking technology has rescued lost drivers, helped authorities find kidnap victims and let parents keep tabs on their kids. But the technology isn't always used the way the phone company intends.

Facebook: Grounds for Divorce? - 08/05/10
There are many ways to dig up dirt on a spouse in a heated divorce. Surveillance, subpoenas, listening in on the phone, and now logging onto a computer. According to a recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more than 80 percent of divorce attorneys say they have seen an increase in evidence pulled from social media sites when relationships bust.

Spam a whopping 84% of email traffic - 08/04/10
According to the latest spam report from Kaspersky Lab, spam accounted for an average of 84.4% of the total volume of email traffic. One of the most significant events in the last quarter was an unprecedentedly large mass mailing that used HTML-based threats in the form of emails disguised as legitimate notifications from social networks.

'Web attacks can find where you live' - 08/04/10
Visiting a booby-trapped website, the bogus webpage designed for phishing, means inviting cyber attackers to your home, a hacker turned security researcher has warned. The attacker exploits the shortcomings in many routers -- the device which forwards data packets to their destinations -- to find out a key identification number that can reveal the victim's whereabout in minutes, noted hacker Samy Kamkar said.

Legislators react to child porn e-mails - 08/03/10
Email attachments that included child pornography arrived at some of the legislative offices at the Capitol in Madison. "There were several legislators including myself that were basically the targets of an extortion attempt," said Representative Tom Nelson of Kaukauna.

Monday, August 02, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - August 2, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .And I have a bridge for sale cheap

Police: 2 men tried to sell wood blocks as laptops
Investigators in Mississippi say two men wrapped blocks of wood in duct tape and bubble wrap, attached Toshiba labels and tried to pass them off as laptops.

Hinds County authorities charged the men with trademark infringement and selling goods with counterfeit labels. WLBT-TV in Jackson reports the men were caught Thursday when they tried to sell the fake laptops to an off-duty state trooper.

Hinds County Sheriff's Lt. Jeffery Scott says authorities also found binders filled with paper being passed off as computers.

However, no one actually bought the fakes.

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Policeman contests dating site claim - 08/02/10
A POLICE officer accused of smearing his ex-girlfriend's reputation through a bogus, salacious internet profile has struck a plea bargain with prosecutors. Detective Sergeant Darren James Clohesy, 40, of Mawson Lakes, was due to stand trial today for unlawful stalking.

Chinese Online Game Law Requires Real-name Registration -08/02/10
Online gamers in China will have to begin registering with their real names due to new government regulations that took effect on Sunday. The regulations are China's first on online gaming and are expected to protect minors from Internet addiction and unhealthy content, according to China's state-controlled media. But while the regulations call for new restrictions geared for minors, they also require that online game companies begin implementing a real-name registration system for all users, both new and existing.

Plaintiff describes harassment behind suit - 07/31/10
Even after hundreds of empty boxes arrived in the mail and she was warned that firecrackers would explode on her lawn, Laurie A. Narey shied away from taking court action. "It's not something I'm comfortable with," she said. "I'm a private person." Eventually, however, the harassment was too much. She was getting e-mails and telephone calls blaming her for Phoebe Prince's suicide. Even the boxes she never ordered would be labeled "Phoebe Died" and "Phoebe's Killed." Someone had mistakenly linked her online to Kayla Narey, one of the six former South Hadley High School students charged in connection with Prince.

Detergent uses GPS to stalk customers - 07/31/10
Do you ever feel like you're being followed? Do you ever wonder whether someone (other than Google) knows your every move because they see it? Well, a delightfully progressive marketing promotion in Brazil from Unilever's Omo detergent tries to bring some joy to that troubling sensation.

Foursquare is for stalkers ... Kansas City blogger finds out - 07/30/10
Kansas City blogger Shea Sylvia is taking some lumps for her blog/Guardian article about being stalked on Foursquare. More than lumps, really. Yesterday, she blogged that she'd received "a graphic, detailed account of how this person would like to brutally rape and then kill me." Scary stuff. She wrote that she filed a police report.

How parents can help their children fend off cyberbullies - 07/30/10
Cyberbullying is being more common, and children are often unaware of the steps they can take to deal with the problem. Because of this, parents play an important role in helping their child secure a bully-free existence online. To do this, parents and children can utilize a variety of techniques to deal with the bullying.

Happy slapping - don't suffer in silence -07/29/10
Concerns have been raised recently about cyberbullying, and particularly the current craze of happy slapping, in which somebody attacks an unsuspecting victim, while their accomplice records the assault on their camera phone. The video is then posted on the internet or circulated by mobile phones.

Facebook data harvester speaks out - 07/29/10
The man who harvested and published the personal details of 100m Facebook users has spoken out about his motives. Ron Bowes, a Canadian security consultant, used a piece of code to scan Facebook profiles, collecting data not hidden by users' privacy settings. The list, which contains the URL of every searchable Facebook user's profile, name and unique ID, has been shared as a downloadable file.

Woman Discovers Husband's Second Wife When She Sees Their Wedding Photos on Facebook - 07/28/10
Finding out that your significant other is cheating on you is hard. Finding out that your significant other has a second spouse is even harder. Finding out that your significant other has a second spouse when you see their wedding photos on Facebook? That's a whole 'nother level of hard.

Anti Social Networking? - 07/28/10
NEW social networking site Foursquare aims to knock Twitter for six.
It uses your mobile phone to track every step you take and tell other users about it. But the app, which already has two million users, is just as easy to use for sinister purposes as for social networking.

ATM hack gives cash on demand - 07/28/10
Exploiting bugs in two different ATM machines, the researcher from IOActive was able to get them to spit out money on demand and record sensitive data from the cards of people who used them. He showed the attacks on two systems he had purchased himself -- the type of generic ATM machines typically found in bars and convenience stores.

Web filtering and reporting tools for the small business - 07/28/10
Last month, ICANN approved the .xxx top-level domain for adult websites. It's been a controversial subject for many years, with conservatives saying the domain legitimizes the porn industry and pornographers decrying digital segregation. Well, the domain is approved, but there is no law in place that will force adult websites to use it (at least, not yet).

Cops: Craigslist car scammer got greedy, got caught - 07/28/10,0,6821574.story
A car-theft suspect who used Craigslist to peddle stolen vehicles was jailed after greed got the best of his get-rich-quick scheme, police said. Orlando police said Anthony Parkhurst didn't own the stolen 2001 Honda van he listed on the popular online marketplace, but that didn't stop him from selling it, stealing it back and trying to sell it again.

Law student dubbed 'paedophile' by former friend who posted child porn on his Facebook page wins £10,000 libel damages - 07/28/10
A chef was yesterday ordered to pay £10,000 in damages to a former friend he falsely accused of being a paedophile on Facebook. Jeremiah Barber posted an indecent image of children on Raymond Bryce's page on the social networking website along with the comment: 'Ray, you like kids and you are gay so I bet you love this picture, Ha ha'.

Unobtrusive Methods to Monitor Your Employees - 07/28/10
Earlier this month, I spotted the article provocatively titled, "SMB Security: Do You Need Employee-Monitoring Software?" over at Small Business Computing. The article walks through various methods that businesses can use to monitor employees in the office. It caught my attention because I consider some of the suggestions a tad invasive and morale-sapping, not to mention potentially illegal depending on the locality. The unfortunate truth, though, is that not all employees are angels, either. It is not uncommon for staffers to be up to shenanigans to hide their tracks and get away scot-free.

Woman's nude photos exposed by tech support - 07/28/10
A Sacramento woman says a tech support engineer in India managed to expose her secrets and make charges to her credit card after she called him with a desperate request. There's no getting around the fact that Tara Fitzgerald was faced with an embarrassing situation and a 14-year-old daughter in the house.

Cyberstalking could be a federal crime - 07/27/10
Making threats online has become an increasingly popular way for stalkers to get to their victims. But they will face federal charges if a new law is passed.

Man says online harassment triggered Tokyo knifing spree - 07/27/10
A man on trial for killing seven people in a 2008 stabbing frenzy in Tokyo's neon-lit electronics district said Tuesday he went on the rampage because he was harassed on an Internet bulletin board.

Kerry Will Push for Online Privacy Legislation - 07/27/10
Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) says he will pursue an online privacy bill in the Senate. That announcement came in concert with an online privacy hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee. Kerry is chairman of the committee's Communications Subcommittee. He said the goal went beyond targeted advertising.