WHO@ Newsletter - August 2, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .And I have a bridge for sale cheap

Police: 2 men tried to sell wood blocks as laptops
Investigators in Mississippi say two men wrapped blocks of wood in duct tape and bubble wrap, attached Toshiba labels and tried to pass them off as laptops.

Hinds County authorities charged the men with trademark infringement and selling goods with counterfeit labels. WLBT-TV in Jackson reports the men were caught Thursday when they tried to sell the fake laptops to an off-duty state trooper.

Hinds County Sheriff's Lt. Jeffery Scott says authorities also found binders filled with paper being passed off as computers.

However, no one actually bought the fakes.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Policeman contests dating site claim - 08/02/10
A POLICE officer accused of smearing his ex-girlfriend's reputation through a bogus, salacious internet profile has struck a plea bargain with prosecutors. Detective Sergeant Darren James Clohesy, 40, of Mawson Lakes, was due to stand trial today for unlawful stalking.

Chinese Online Game Law Requires Real-name Registration -08/02/10
Online gamers in China will have to begin registering with their real names due to new government regulations that took effect on Sunday. The regulations are China's first on online gaming and are expected to protect minors from Internet addiction and unhealthy content, according to China's state-controlled media. But while the regulations call for new restrictions geared for minors, they also require that online game companies begin implementing a real-name registration system for all users, both new and existing.

Plaintiff describes harassment behind suit - 07/31/10
Even after hundreds of empty boxes arrived in the mail and she was warned that firecrackers would explode on her lawn, Laurie A. Narey shied away from taking court action. "It's not something I'm comfortable with," she said. "I'm a private person." Eventually, however, the harassment was too much. She was getting e-mails and telephone calls blaming her for Phoebe Prince's suicide. Even the boxes she never ordered would be labeled "Phoebe Died" and "Phoebe's Killed." Someone had mistakenly linked her online to Kayla Narey, one of the six former South Hadley High School students charged in connection with Prince.

Detergent uses GPS to stalk customers - 07/31/10
Do you ever feel like you're being followed? Do you ever wonder whether someone (other than Google) knows your every move because they see it? Well, a delightfully progressive marketing promotion in Brazil from Unilever's Omo detergent tries to bring some joy to that troubling sensation.

Foursquare is for stalkers ... Kansas City blogger finds out - 07/30/10
Kansas City blogger Shea Sylvia is taking some lumps for her blog/Guardian article about being stalked on Foursquare. More than lumps, really. Yesterday, she blogged that she'd received "a graphic, detailed account of how this person would like to brutally rape and then kill me." Scary stuff. She wrote that she filed a police report.

How parents can help their children fend off cyberbullies - 07/30/10
Cyberbullying is being more common, and children are often unaware of the steps they can take to deal with the problem. Because of this, parents play an important role in helping their child secure a bully-free existence online. To do this, parents and children can utilize a variety of techniques to deal with the bullying.

Happy slapping - don't suffer in silence -07/29/10
Concerns have been raised recently about cyberbullying, and particularly the current craze of happy slapping, in which somebody attacks an unsuspecting victim, while their accomplice records the assault on their camera phone. The video is then posted on the internet or circulated by mobile phones.

Facebook data harvester speaks out - 07/29/10
The man who harvested and published the personal details of 100m Facebook users has spoken out about his motives. Ron Bowes, a Canadian security consultant, used a piece of code to scan Facebook profiles, collecting data not hidden by users' privacy settings. The list, which contains the URL of every searchable Facebook user's profile, name and unique ID, has been shared as a downloadable file.

Woman Discovers Husband's Second Wife When She Sees Their Wedding Photos on Facebook - 07/28/10
Finding out that your significant other is cheating on you is hard. Finding out that your significant other has a second spouse is even harder. Finding out that your significant other has a second spouse when you see their wedding photos on Facebook? That's a whole 'nother level of hard.

Anti Social Networking? - 07/28/10
NEW social networking site Foursquare aims to knock Twitter for six.
It uses your mobile phone to track every step you take and tell other users about it. But the app, which already has two million users, is just as easy to use for sinister purposes as for social networking.

ATM hack gives cash on demand - 07/28/10
Exploiting bugs in two different ATM machines, the researcher from IOActive was able to get them to spit out money on demand and record sensitive data from the cards of people who used them. He showed the attacks on two systems he had purchased himself -- the type of generic ATM machines typically found in bars and convenience stores.

Web filtering and reporting tools for the small business - 07/28/10
Last month, ICANN approved the .xxx top-level domain for adult websites. It's been a controversial subject for many years, with conservatives saying the domain legitimizes the porn industry and pornographers decrying digital segregation. Well, the domain is approved, but there is no law in place that will force adult websites to use it (at least, not yet).

Cops: Craigslist car scammer got greedy, got caught - 07/28/10
A car-theft suspect who used Craigslist to peddle stolen vehicles was jailed after greed got the best of his get-rich-quick scheme, police said. Orlando police said Anthony Parkhurst didn't own the stolen 2001 Honda van he listed on the popular online marketplace, but that didn't stop him from selling it, stealing it back and trying to sell it again.

Law student dubbed 'paedophile' by former friend who posted child porn on his Facebook page wins £10,000 libel damages - 07/28/10
A chef was yesterday ordered to pay £10,000 in damages to a former friend he falsely accused of being a paedophile on Facebook. Jeremiah Barber posted an indecent image of children on Raymond Bryce's page on the social networking website along with the comment: 'Ray, you like kids and you are gay so I bet you love this picture, Ha ha'.

Unobtrusive Methods to Monitor Your Employees - 07/28/10
Earlier this month, I spotted the article provocatively titled, "SMB Security: Do You Need Employee-Monitoring Software?" over at Small Business Computing. The article walks through various methods that businesses can use to monitor employees in the office. It caught my attention because I consider some of the suggestions a tad invasive and morale-sapping, not to mention potentially illegal depending on the locality. The unfortunate truth, though, is that not all employees are angels, either. It is not uncommon for staffers to be up to shenanigans to hide their tracks and get away scot-free.

Woman's nude photos exposed by tech support - 07/28/10
A Sacramento woman says a tech support engineer in India managed to expose her secrets and make charges to her credit card after she called him with a desperate request. There's no getting around the fact that Tara Fitzgerald was faced with an embarrassing situation and a 14-year-old daughter in the house.

Cyberstalking could be a federal crime - 07/27/10
Making threats online has become an increasingly popular way for stalkers to get to their victims. But they will face federal charges if a new law is passed.

Man says online harassment triggered Tokyo knifing spree - 07/27/10
A man on trial for killing seven people in a 2008 stabbing frenzy in Tokyo's neon-lit electronics district said Tuesday he went on the rampage because he was harassed on an Internet bulletin board.

Kerry Will Push for Online Privacy Legislation - 07/27/10
Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) says he will pursue an online privacy bill in the Senate. That announcement came in concert with an online privacy hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee. Kerry is chairman of the committee's Communications Subcommittee. He said the goal went beyond targeted advertising.


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