WHO@ Newsletter - August 16, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Don't tick off da judge
NC man sent to jail after laughing in courtroom
Court is no laughing matter as far as one North Carolina judge is concerned. A Fayetteville man who was waiting for his case to be heard Friday drew the ire of Judge Toni King after starting to laugh in a Cumberland County courtroom. Authorities said King asked 47-year-old Johnny Montgomery why he was laughing, but the man refused to say.

King ordered Montgomery to jail on a misdemeanor charge. As deputies were preparing to take Montgomery to jail, they searched him and found more than 3 grams of crack cocaine.

Montgomery was charged with felony drug possession. Authorities said he was being processed Friday evening and does not yet have a court date nor an attorney.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Officer sacked over internet site - 08/16/10
A senior South Australian police officer has been sacked for helping set up a lurid internet dating profile that encouraged men to pursue his ex-girlfriend for sex. Detective Sergeant Darren James Clohesy lost his job on Monday after failing to attend a police disciplinary hearing in response to his court conviction.

New York Cyber-Cop Says Consequences Will Never Be the Same - 08/16/10
Lieutenant Joe Donohue of the New York State Police has been assigned to a special computer crimes unit since 1994 and has had his cuffs rattled by plenty of cyber-bullying; Jessi Slaughter's altercation with the notorious hackers of 4Chan is just one example. In an exclusive interview with Asylum, Lt. Donohue explains that Old Man Slaughter's prophecy may very well be true: Consequences will never be the same.

Free-speech policies questioned - 08/16/10
Students at Mississippi universities may have to watch what they say more than those in other states because of policies that free-speech advocates say are oppressive. At Ole Miss, someone could theoretically get in trouble for sending an e-mail about how much they "hate" rival Mississippi State. Jackson State students could be punished for unsolicited flirting.

Law enforcement becoming increasingly vigilant in tracking down and prosecuting cyberbullies -08/16/10
The 21st-century bully doesn't hang on the street corners looking to shake kids down for their lunch money. Law enforcement officials say cyberbullies are hiding behind their computer screens to torment their targets. At least three deaths nationally have been tied to this type of harassment, according to a report by the Dallas Morning News. "Internet threats and bullying are definitely a problem,” Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office Chief of Detectives Dan Hurley said.

Convicted cyberstalker back at it, prosecutors claim - 08/15/10
A twice-convicted cyberstalker has been charged with terrorizing a teen girl he met on the Internet. Filing new cyberstalking charges earlier this month, King County prosecutors contend William Thomas Pritchard threatened to carve his name in the chest of 17-year-old girl and went so far as to follow her to a college fair. According to charging papers, Pritchard, 23, met the girl on MySpace.com in 2009 and soon began demanding nude photos of her. When she refused, prosecutors contend Pritchard began threatening her and her family before sending her about 30 nude photos of himself accompanied by sexually explicit comments.

‘Bogus boy’ asylum seeker who claimed he was a child despite being 20 makes Facebook getaway - 08/15/10
An asylum seeker who claimed he was a child but was actually 20 has tried to avoid deportation by going on the run with the help of friends from a 2,500-strong Facebook group. Rabar Hamad disappeared days before officials were to set a date to remove him from the UK.

La. cyberbullying law takes effect - 08/15/10
Bullying has always been a childhood peer issue, but computer and telecommunications technology is making it almost inescapable for victims. Today, Louisiana House Bill 1259, becomes law, putting the state among 30 with some form of legislation targeting those engaging in cyberbullying in all its forms.

Stalkers on the Cyberway - 08/14/10
Here's what an ad posted on Adult-FriendFinder .com in the 'miscellaneous fetishes' category had to say: "28/f/del looking for a good time" . It continued, "I don't mind orgies or sex with other women. My husband might join us as well." The classified went on to detail various sex acts the person posting it would "love to" engage in and ended with a name (let's call her Preeti), a telephone number spelt out in alphabets to beat search engines, and a request for calls.

Feds: Teen 'sextortion' rising - 08/14/10
The nightmare began with a party: three teenage girls with a webcam, visiting an Internet chatroom and yielding to requests to flash their breasts. A week later, one of the girls, a 17-year-old from Indiana, started getting threatening e-mails.

Internet pest wins reprieve over sentence - 08/14/10
A woman from the Black Country who bombarded Watchdog presenter Rav Wilding with abusive internet messages has had her custodial punishment quashed. Wolverhampton Crown Court Judge Michael Challinor yesterday upheld Toneeta Beckford’s appeal against her sentence. She had originally received a suspended 20-week jail term, meaning she would only serve the time if she offended again, but this was replaced with a 12 month community order and 50 hours unpaid work.

Man accused of faking personals ads on Craigslist charged with online harassment in Denton County - 08/14/10
Michael Martin never anticipated he'd receive so many phone calls, e-mails and text messages after posting an ad on Craigslist to sell an old boat. The Denton man received many predictable requests at first, but he soon was hearing from dozens of men who were after more than his 20-foot Bayliner.

Teens vs. principal cyberstalking case in judge's hands - 08/13/10
Two Pamlico County High School graduates claim innocence to cyberstalking charges after a profile was made on the social networking website Facebook to look like it belonged to the school’s interim principal. District Court Judge Walter Mills, during the teens’ trial Friday, said he wanted more time to read materials given to him by the prosecution and defense attorneys so he pushed back his decision on the case until Aug. 27.

Facebook Cracking Down on Abuse 'Trolls' - 08/12/10
Vicious "trolls" who heap abuse on total strangers on the Internet for fun are being targeted in a Facebook crackdown. Tribute pages honoring the dead, such as soldiers in Afghanistan, have become a recent favorite of the ugly trolls, reports the Telegraph. Facebook users can manually delete abusive messages, but company engineers are now working on new systems that will automatically delete the hurtful slams. Facebook already tracks suspected trolls­those who repeatedly communicate with non-friends, or whose friend requests are often rejected.

Thousands of online banking customers have accounts emptied by 'most dangerous trojan virus ever created' - 08/11/10
Cyber criminals have raided the accounts of thousands of British internet bank customers in one of the most sophisticated attacks of its kind. The fraudsters used a malicious computer programme that hides on home computers to steal confidential passwords and account details from at least 3,000 people.

Barrington police investigating newspaper’s online posts - 08/10/10
The Barrington Police Department initiated an investigation last week into online comments posted on the Barrington Times parent company’s website www.eastbayri.com. Barrington Police Chief John LaCross called the newspaper on Wednesday, Aug. 4, to request the names of people posting comments beneath news articles. He said he was alerted to a potentially threatening comment posted beneath the story “Council will not investigate town manager,” which was uploaded to eastbayri.com on July 20.


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