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Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST Finale - My take (SPOILERS)

I spent the last six years watching LOST. Three years ago (almost), when I met Chris, we watched it from the beginning so he could catch up. So last night, we watched the pre-finale show at 7 pm (wonderful!) and then settled in for the finale. Two and a half hours.

If you did NOT watch it yet, do not read any further.

All throughout those six years, producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof insisted that:

1) The characters were not dead

2) The island was not Purgatory

3) It was not a dream

4) No aliens were involved

5) It was not a fantasy made up in one of the character's heads

So, how to make heads or tails out of the finale?

I thought and thought when I ran with Phoebe to the beach this morning. I was upset last night. I wasn't happy with the ending. . .at first. Then it came to me - Juliet was right - It DID work (meaning when she set off the hydrogen bomb at the end of last season). That bright white light was the answer.

All the characters died when the bomb went off and this season had them dealing with what would have happened on the island as it always had or in the sideways world, where the plane never crashed. Throughout this last season, they have had to reconcile their lives, come to terms with their lives and deaths and go into the light.

It all made sense. And the last scene, a reverse image of the opening scene of the first episode the first season where there was a cloesup of one of Jack's eyes opening; now Jack was closing his eye. And like he predicted, he did not die alone - Vincent was with him.

But. . .I am still upset that questions the producers had promised there were would be answers to were NOT answered. In the past year, in interviews and podcasts, they said things would be explained, such as:

1) What was up with the polar bears?

2) The volcano on the island (maybe could have been the "plug" Desmond pulled out and Jack put back in, but hmmmm)

3) Why was Walt so special? Was he going to possibly become the new Jacob until Michael got him off the island?

4) What's up with Vincent, the dog?

5) Why couldn't women give birth on the island without dying (unless, like Claire and Sun, they got pregnant off-island)?

6) Why was Libby in the same mental hospital as Hurley?

So many questions unanswered. But, I do have to say, tears were in my eyes as Jack closed his eyes for the last time.

So long, LOST, it was a wild six years.

WHO@ Newsletter - May 24, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .this is wrong in so many ways
Nevada detective arrested, then informs media

A Nevada detective who serves as spokesman for a county sheriff's office was arrested and released, then sent media a release about it, accompanied by his booking photo.

David Boruchowitz turned himself in to Nye County jail on Friday. He was charged with burglary and assault to try to harass candidates for public office.

The warrant for his arrest was issued by a special prosecutor appointed by a district attorney who was arrested May 5 on felony embezzlement, fraud and public misconduct charges.

Boruchowitz says in his release that his duties include investigating and arresting people who commit crimes, "no matter who they may be."

Boruchowitz says he investigated his own case honestly and within state laws.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Vanessa Davis Sued Over ‘Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada’s Topless Pictures - 05/24/10
Vanessa Davis, the ex-wife of professional basketball star Ricky Davis, has been sued by Evelyn Lozada, the ex-girlfriend of Antoine Walker and castmember of VH1’s reality show “Basketball Wives.” TMZ revealed Sunday that Evelyn Lozada had filed a lawsuit alleging that Vanessa Davis was attempting to “ruin her reputation.” Lozada claimed, according to papers filed, that Vaness Davis had defamed her in an internet blog, hacked into her e-mail, stole pictures from her files, and was responsible for the “leaked” partially naked and topless pictures of Lozada that burned up the internet in April.

Woman turned away after Facebook stalking complaint - 05/23/10
New South Wales Police say they are taking reports of online stalking seriously after claims authorities turned away a 21-year-old woman seeking help. Assistant Commissioner Peter McErlain says they are very keen to get in touch with Picton woman Elise Wallis, who has complained to police that she was repeatedly threatened on the social networking site Facebook.

5 Terrifying Ways Your Own Gadgets Can Be Used to Spy On You - 05/23/10
But it turns out you should be just as paranoid about your boss, your overly affectionate uncle and that stuttering blinky guy who lingers by your garbage cans on trash days. Because thanks to modern technology, the details of your life are openly accessible to pretty much anybody who wants them.

Poisoned PDFs? Here's Your Antidote - 05/23/10
Attacks employing poisoned PDF files have leaped to the top of the threat list, according to statistics from major security companies. Symantec reports that suspicious PDF files skyrocketed in 2009 to represent 49 percent of Web-based attacks that the company detected, up from only 11 percent in 2008. The next-most-common attack, involving a good old Internet Explorer flaw, was far behind at 18 percent.

Cyber bullies, gossips flock to - 05/23/10
With features allowing its online users to "follow" friends and send messages, is like a hybrid between Facebook and Twitter. But while several of its characteristics mirror those of its fellow social networking sites in bringing people together, Formspring has been a wedge driving them apart.

Webcam predator jailed - 05/22/10
An online predator who duped girls and young women into believing he'd pay them thousands to take their clothes off in front of the computer, only to blackmail them into committing more degrading sex acts, has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Asheville police investigate cyberstalking - 05/22/10
City police are investigating a report of cyberstalking. Authorities executed a search warrant seeking user identity information, e-mail addresses, IP addresses and IP address logs for a account after getting a report from someone who said she was being “harassed and cyberstalked.”

2 accused in cyber-stalking cases - 05/21/10
Authorities say two South Mississippi residents arrested in unrelated cases of cyber-stalking are accused of sending threatening text messages and e-mails to their victims.

MetaFilter Saved My Pals From Sex Traffickers­Exclusive Interview - 05/21/10
The message thread reads like the play-by-play from an alternate reality game, wherein complete strangers work together to solve a complex mystery. But the drama that played out on MetaFilter this week was no game. If not for the intrepid members of this 11-year-old digital forum, a couple of young Russian women might possibly have fallen prey to sexual slavery.

Hurley woman accused of cyberstalking with 'harassing and degrading' e-mails - 05/20/10
A Hurley woman was released from jail today following her arrest on a felony cyberstalking charge, authorities said. Christina Marie Hill, of Laramie Road, was arrested at her home on Wednesday afternoon by Jackson County investigators, Sheriff Mike Byrd said.

Apple laptop user has "vultures" lawsuit dismissed - 05/20/10
(Warning: Tinfoil hat alert)
A federal judge has dismissed a plaintiff's lawsuit against Apple Inc that accused company employees of waiting like "vultures" to spy on her every time she used an Apple laptop to access the Internet.

E-Victims.Org warns travellers about Volcanic Ash Compensation Scams - 05/20/10
E-Victims.Org, the UK’s most comprehensive website for victims of e-crime and other online incidents, is warning travellers about Volcanic Ash Compensation Scams. With thousands of travellers stranded due to the cancellation of flights, a false email has been circulating asking passengers who have had their travel plans disrupted by the volcanic ash for personal details, including passport information, in return for money.

Project Safety gives sober facts to PMS seventh-graders - 05/20/10
Kids are tweeting, texting, instant messaging, friending and de-friending each other online at lightning speed ­ and, according to nationally acclaimed professional youth speaker Ed Gerety, all it takes is one malicious message to hurt someone forever.

Unsure about customs laws? There's an app for that - 05/19/10
Dutch authorities have embraced smartphone technology in a bid to make going through customs easier by releasing an application that tells travellers what they are not allowed to take with them. Branded the "OK app," the software for smart mobile phone devices allows travellers to check the rules on what they cannot bring through customs, including counterfeit goods and endangered plants and animals.

WikiLeaks founder has his passport confiscated - 05/19/10
This is a reminder that one can't run around exposing the secrets of the most powerful governments, militaries and corporations in the world without consequences (h/t): The Australian founder of the whistleblower website Wikileaks had his passport confiscated by police when he arrived in Melbourne last week.

Google in sexism row amid claims it 'censored cougar dating site adverts' - 05/19/10
The search giant labelled CougarLife, which promotes relationships between older women and younger men, “non family safe” despite allowing website that publicise such liaisons between older men and younger women.

'Jealous' barrister who lost £33m race claim 'sent alarming and abusive emails' to ex-lover and his model girlfriend - 05/18/10
A barrister who referred to herself as the ‘sweet global phenomenon of the entire universe’ sent a succession of abusive emails to her former lover after he started dating a German model, a court heard today.

Murderer used Google Earth before targeting victim’s home - 05/18/10
Steven Hodgson, 33, tortured church-goer Patricia Thompson, forcing her to give him her bank PIN number before killing her, Teesside Crown Court heard. He then calmly called a taxi and walked out carrying two suitcases containing her property, including jewellery, as the driver waited outside, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Teen gets probation in cyber-stalking case - 05/17/10
A former Charlotte Catholic High School student, accused of sending messages threatening he would bring an AK-47 to school and shoot students, has been placed on probation after pleading guilty to cyber-stalking.

'Devious' 48-year-old raped two girls he lured online by inventing son, 17, they fell in love with - 05/17/10
A 'devious' 48-year-old man who tricked two teenage girls into believing he was 17 on the internet and then raped them was today jailed indefinitely.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Community Development Corporation

I'm closing keynote for this conference, so if you're in/near Norfolk, come on by! Community Development Corporation

WHO@ Newsletter - May 17, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Even teddy bears need a Finland

Is your favourite teddy bear or stuffed animal worn down by the daily grind and desperately in need of a vacation?

Finnish firm Teddy Tours Lapland Oy ( has come up with one solution: holidays in northern Finland for that special stuffed friend costing from 110 euros to 170 euros (93.7-144.4 pounds).

The "Standard Journey" for teddies includes a trip around the northern town of Rovaniemi and is capped off with a visit to Santa Claus. The stuffed animal will also receive a gift, send a postcard to its owner and be sent home with holiday photos.

The "Luxury Journey" includes, on top of the standard journey package, a trip to a reindeer farm where the bear can feed Santa's reindeer.

"This is followed by a snowmobile safari. On safari, Teddy will try ice fishing on the frozen waterway and savour hot chocolate by the campfire," the firm said on its Web site, adding the whole trip will also be recorded on videotape.

Teddy Tours Lapland will also provide the bear, should you not want to send your own abroad or don't own one yet.

Currently the company only offers trips during the winter, but it is also planning summer programmes as well.

"People or living pets may not participate on these trips," the firm said on its Web site.

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Former Singer Cheryl Merrill Wins Lawsuit Judgment Against Cyber Stalker - 05/17/10
On May 13, 2010 San Francisco Superior Court Commissioner William R. Gargano awarded Cheryl Meril (formerly Cheryl Merrill), a former singer, a judgment of $25,138 for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress against Joel Sean Gray in Case No. CGC-09-493462. The dispute began back in 2006 when Meril had posted on a forum on Craigslist in defense of the late former Chancellor Denise Denton of U.C. Santa Cruz. Meril explained, “There was some extremely vicious individual posting disturbing photo depictions of death and rape of corpses.”

What To Do If You Become an Internet Meme - 05/17/10
A girl who posted pics of her "epic boobs" and inadvertently became an Internet meme lost a lawsuit against the outlet that made her a star. It raises the question: If you become an internet meme, what should you do?

‘I am going to kill u’: Man charged with texting death threats - 05/14/10
A 48-year-old Naples man is facing stalking charges after Collier County sheriff’s deputies say he sent about 30 threatening text messages ­ including death threats ­ to his ex-girlfriend and her husband.

Fugitive busted through Facebook pleads guilty - 05/14/10
A fugitive captured because of his Facebook page has pleaded guilty to fraud charges in Seattle. Maxi Sopo fled to Cancun, Mexico, last year after learning he was under investigation.

Ex-Gator Rickerson charged with cyberstalking, battery - 05/13/10
Former University of Florida cornerback Jacques Rickerson was arrested by Alachua County sheriff's deputies Thursday afternoon and charged with cyberstalking and domestic battery by strangulation.

Facebook IDs Hacker Who Tried to Sell 1.5M Accounts - 05/13/10
Facebook has identified the hacker named Kirllos who tried to sell 1.5 million Facebook accounts recently in underground hacking forums. According to the investigators at the social networking site, he's guilty of both hacking and hyperbole.

Paris braced for aperitif flashmob and 'le binge drinking' - 05/13/10
When a new "flashmob-style" phenomenon first swept through France in which tens of thousands of people gather for giant outdoor aperitifs organised via Facebook, it was seen as a bit of harmless fun.

Australian girl, 18, 'lured to her death by bogus job offer from man she met on Facebook' - 05/16/10
An Australian teenager was allegedly lured to her death by a man she met on Facebook after he offered her a fake job protecting wildlife. Nona Belomesoff, 18, was found dead in a creek south west of Sydney after going to meet a Facebook 'friend'.

German man fined for poor Wi-Fi security - 05/16/10,german-man-fined-for-poor-wi-fi-security.aspx
Not using a network password costs $164. The German courts have ruled that internet users are responsible for the security of their connections.

Facebook Snub Sparks Knifing - 05/14/10
BRIDE-to-be Julie Sudlow poured out her heart on Facebook about how her fiancée beat her up - and just two weeks later he stabbed her to death then killed himself, an inquest heard.

Andre In Net Scam Warning - 05/14/10
A MODEL warned Facebook users to be alert last night after she was duped by a man pretending to be Peter Andre. Alicia Smith, 24, got a message on the social network site from a woman claiming to be the Aussie pop star's stylist.

Japanese government blocks a ban on child pornography - 05/14/10
The Japanese government has blocked legal efforts to clamp down on child pornography, with the country becoming the world's "kiddie porn superpower," according to a pressure group.

Webcam spying case: The plot thickens - 05/13/10
A Pennsylvania school district thought it had carte blanche to protect its laptops ­ and now it’s caught in a legal nightmare. Here’s the scoop: Lower Merion Township installed “TheftTrack,” a webcam tracking system, on the Apple MacBooks it loaned to high school students. If someone lost or stole a laptop, the school could activate TheftTrack and locate the laptop.

Boy, 15, 'stabbed friend to death after trading insults on Facebook' - 05/12/10
A 15-year-old boy fatally stabbed a former friend over a ‘loss of face’ after they traded insults on Facebook. The teenager knifed 18-year-old Salum Kombo in the chest for the ‘pathetic’ reason that he had called him a name, an Old Bailey jury heard in court today.

'Hurt Locker' producers about to sue an army of pirates - 05/11/10
The war against movie piracy is getting downright explosive. We've learned that the producers of the Oscar-winning "The Hurt Locker" are preparing a massive lawsuit against thousands of individuals who pirated the film online. The case could be filed as soon as tomorrow.

Teachers let it all hang out on Facebook - 05/11/10
New Jersey teachers’ union members are furious with budget-slashing Governor Chris Christie. So much so that they’re popping off on Facebook. Judging by some comments, which contain misspellings, bad grammar and profanity, parents must be asking, “Why is THIS person teaching our kids?!”

Thursday, May 13, 2010

7 ways to reduce online dangers |

7 ways to reduce online dangers |

Monday, May 10, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - May 10, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Primetime TV Does Some Good?
"Cougar effect" boosts lingerie sales
Sales of sultry lingerie among older women are booming in Britain thanks to the glamorous 40-somethings of "Sex and the City 2" and "Cougar Town," retail chain Debenhams reported on Thursday.

The hit TV show, and forthcoming movie, featuring the bedroom antics of women in their 40s and 50s and their much younger partners, is being credited with a rise in demand for lingerie from women of the same age, Debenhams said.

The department store said a nationwide analysis of the most popular lingerie styles from October 2009 to April 2010, revealed that women over 40 have given the more seductive side of the lingerie industry a big boost.

"Positive female role models in this age group such as the women in the Sex and the City movies and Courteney Cox in TV's Cougar Town are giving the women confidence to splash out on themselves," Debenhams head lingerie buyer Annette Warburton said in a statement.

Women over 40 were rediscovering their figures, often after having children or getting divorced.

Previously, the store said, the main purchasers of cleavage-enhancing bras, basques, thongs, stockings and suspenders, have been women in their early 20s.

"With women's 40s being touted as the new 20s, and lingerie designers stepping up to the mark to feed this demand, it's a market we expect to see grow further in the future," Warburton said.

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Man fined for Twitter airport 'bomb threat' - 05/10/10
A man who posted a message on the social network site Twitter threatening to blow up Robin Hood Airport has been convictedof sending a menacing electronic communication.

Trusting attitude in digital world 'poses privacy risks' - 05/10/10
Identity theft will become more commonplace, mobile technology more invasive and the internet will increasingly make decisions on our behalf, experts say. People need to be mindful to the threats technology poses to privacy. Law Commissioner John Burrows says the potential for technology to be misused to exploit personal data is alarming.

'I was caught in the seducer’s net': It began with an internet attractive divorcee Sara Terry is alone, stressed and £35,000 poorer - 05/09/10
Sara Terry claims she wasn’t really looking for someone to love when she agreed to her friends’ suggestions to try internet dating. But when an email landed in her inbox from a man who seemed to be her mirror image, she admits her pulse began to race.

Ben Stiller and David Duchovny victims of credit card scam - 05/09/10
An alleged Nigerian-born credit card fraudster was trapped after one too many Hollywood stars and directors asked for their new cards to be sent to the same small apartment in Chicago.

Stuart mom put up with years of harassing phone calls from ex-boyfriend, deputies say - 05/08/10
Five hundred-eighty two: That's how many times detectives say they can prove that a Boca Raton man called his ex-girlfriend, who lives in Stuart. After more than two years of investigating, the allegedly demanding dialer finally faces charges.

E-postings can create nightmares for workers - 05/08/10
Think your boss won't hear about the time you griped about him on Facebook? Tony Puckett says you should think again. "In the digital age, it's easier than ever for employees to say things publicly and for you to hear about it," Puckett said Friday in a speech at the 2010 Oklahoma Human Resources Conference and Expo, held at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel and Convention Center.

MPs accused of Wikipedia expenses 'cover-up' - 05/08/10
MPs who were embarrassed in the parliamentary expenses scandal have been accused of a "cover up" after details of their spending were deleted from their Wikipedia entries.

'Justice prevailed': Sex charges against Rapides Parish teacher are dropped - 05/07/10
Sherry Gentle's life and reputation were ruined when her name -- once associated with "dedicated teacher" -- was linked to an arrest and sex scandal. But her life has taken a turn for the better. Gentle -- who was arrested once in December and twice in January in connection with a reported inappropriate relationship with a pupil -- heard back from a Rapides Parish grand jury last week that she wouldn't face any criminal charges.

What to Do About - 05/07/10
This morning, a front page article in the New York Times highlighted the stunning ways in which kids are using, a new social networking site that allows users to ask and post anonymous questions and comments about any individual. The point of the network is to be a forum for open dialogue without apprehension or fear of being identified.

Tomah man charged in stalking case - 05/06/10
A Tomah man is accused of stalking an ex-girlfriend with hundreds of text messages and frightening her to the point that she jumped from a moving vehicle to escape him. Steven Wendling's repeated messages to the woman in March and April included a threat to post nude pictures of her on the Internet, according to the criminal complaint filed Thursday in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

Gotcha! U.S. lawmaker caught looking at porn on Senate floor - 05/06/10
In his flimsy defence, he was bored. Unfortunately for Florida Senator Mike Bennett, that's just not a good enough reason to be looking at pictures of topless women while on the Senate floor. Especially not while using his state-issued computer.

83% of 'Net Set' concerned about privacy on web - 05/06/10
More than four out of five (83 percent) of 18 to 25 year olds are concerned about the privacy of personal information, cyberstalking and censorship, when it comes to the web, says Microsoft. However, according to the company's 'Internet Explorer 8 State of the Internet Nation' report, of those concerned about the web, 80 percent believe the benefits of the net outweigh the threats.

Facebook experts added in computer harassment case - 05/06/10
Opposing computer experts are to join the list of witnesses in a trial of a Dundee man charged with hijacking a former girlfriend’s Facebook page to humiliate her with insulting messages and a nude photograph. After rejecting defense motions to throw out the felony charges against Nikolai N. Panarin, Lenawee County Circuit Judge Timothy P. Pickard agreed to waive a deadline and allow the defense to add an expert witness.

Local Blogger Found Not Guilty Of Cyberstalking - 05/05/10
A local blogger who faced cyberstalking charges after authorities said he sent more than two-dozen e-mails in less than an hour to another blogger was found not guilty on Monday, the Greensboro News and Record reported.

Chef 'murdered ex-wife with hammer and knife after she taunted him on Facebook about paying child support' - 05/05/10
A chef murdered his ex-wife after she taunted him about paying child support on Facebook, the Old Bailey heard today. Lisa Beverley's body was found at 6am by her five-year-old son, the court heard.

Doctor arraigned for stalking - 05/04/10
he Chicago psychiatrist accused of cyber stalking an Amherst teen faces at least 16 years in prison if convicted, according to a federal prosecutor. Mani M. Batchu, 29, pleaded innocent on Monday to an eight-count indictment alleging sexual exploitation of a minor and related offenses during his arraignment in U.S. District Court here.

1.5 Million Facebook Profiles Stolen - 05/04/10
MILLIONS of frightened Facebook users were checking their accounts tonight after claims a hacker has put 1.5million stolen Facebook accounts up for sale on the black market.

JetBlue Airways offers $10 tickets Monday - Pittsburgh Business Times:

JetBlue Airways offers $10 tickets Monday - Pittsburgh Business Times:

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Associated Press: A big finish for `Lost' gets bigger by a half-hour

The Associated Press: A big finish for `Lost' gets bigger by a half-hour

Monday, May 03, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - May 3, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .I'm Big-Boned!
Police: Woman bites man after being called fat

Police say a 24-year-old man is missing a chunk of his right ear that was bitten off by a woman who didn't like being called "fat." Police spokeswoman Katie Flood said officers were called to a Lincoln hospital around 3:25 a.m. Wednesday to talk to the injured man.

He told them that he'd been bitten at a party.

Flood said officers later learned that the injured man and two others had been arguing with other people at the birthday party. Flood says the man told 21-year-old Anna Godfrey that she was fat.

Officers said Godfrey then tackled the man and took a bite.

Flood said the ear chunk was not found.

Godfrey was arrested on suspicion of felony assault and remained in custody Wednesday. Case records don't yet list her attorney's name.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Dani Facebook Perv's Pics Plot - 05/03/10
A PERVERT hacked into model DANIELLE LLOYD's networking sites and emailed her girl fans asking them to send in naked pictures of themselves. The fake claimed Danielle was bisexual and wanted sex chat after accessing her Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail and MSN Messenger accounts.

AG: City can't withhold complainant's name - 05/03/10
The state attorney general has ruled that Friendswood police can't withhold the identity of the person whose complaint let to an online harassment charge, according to this article from the Galveston County Daily News. The attorney general determined the city of Friendswood can't withhold basic information related to the complainant in a case that led to the February arrest of Amanda Anderson, 33, of Houston, on a third-degree felony charge of online harassment.

Victims of cyberbullying are not alone - 05/02/10
Victims of cyberbullying often report feeling helpless, that there is nothing they can do. That's not the case. Unlike traditional bullying, everything carried out online can be tracked. Here's what to do if you're the victim of online harassment:

Detention ordered in e-mail threats - 05/01/10
A Denham Springs man was ordered held without bond Friday on a federal complaint that he repeatedly threatened the life of a Texas man in a dispute over $260,000. Allen S. Rousseau, 50, is alleged by Mike Parker, of League City, Texas, to have threatened to either kill Parker or hire a hit man to murder him, a government affidavit states.

Erwin receives e-mail threat - 05/01/10
Several La Vergne police officers are on extra detail keeping a close eye on the mayor. Mayor Ronnie Erwin was threatened by e-mail Friday, police say. "I guess someone's just a little upset or mad," Erwin said.

Stalker banned from contacting presenter Rav Wilding - 05/01/10
A woman who bombarded Crimewatch presenter Rav Wilding with abusive internet messages has been banned from contacting him. Toneeta Beckford, aged 24, was found guilty last month of harassment after sending dozens of obscene messages and lewd photographs through Facebook and Twitter to the former policeman.

Police arrest suspected romance fraudster who posed as US soldier - 05/01/10
In what is thought to be the biggest case of its kind so far, police detained Maurice Asola Fadola, 31, who is thought to be behind a series of "romance frauds" – targeting women through dating sites, and fabricating an elaborate series of stories to convince them to send money to Ghana.

Second arrest in MySpace impersonation case - 04/30/10
Authorities have made a second arrest in a MySpace impersonation case from the Rio Grande Valley. Cameron County Sheriff's Department deputies arrested 21-year-old Yomaira Zavala under an online harassment charge on Thursday.

Who Owns All the Data in the Workplace? - 04/30/10
Ten years ago employees wondered if their employers could look through their purses merely because they brought them to work. Today employees ask whether their employers own all electronic data created, viewed, or stored on their work computers and BlackBerrys.

Leyland paedophile rapist caught by web role is jailed - 04/30/10
A man who was exposed as a rapist after he was caught running a picture-sharing website for paedophiles has been jailed for 14 years. Delwyn Savigar, of Leyland, Lancashire, was arrested in a worldwide inquiry into the internet group in 2008.

Facebook vigilante posts 6,000 photos of convicted paedophiles and sex offenders online as 'invaluable tool for parents' - 04/30/10
A vigilante is celebrating after completing a database of 6,000 convicted sex offenders and paedophiles across every county in Britain and posting their names and photographs on Facebook.

The serial honeytrap girl accused of trapping at least SIX Kremlin critics in online sex stings - 04/29/10
Her name is Katya, and while some say she looks like a girl next door, her victims claim she is the bait deployed by the Kremlin to lure Vladimir Putin's critics into embarrassing sex 'honeytraps' aimed at destroying their reputations.

Facebook to Share Your Info for Money - 04/28/10
Facebook is now sharing your personal profile information with third parties. For now, it's just a few web sites, like the music site Pandora, and the consumer review site, Yelp. Facebook is automatically sharing that information, without your consent. If you don't want to share, you have to opt out.

British pathologist lodges report on email threat - 04/27/10
British forensic pathologist Dr Peter Vanezis lodged a police report on Monday, April 26, against an "intimidating" email received during the course of his two-day appearance as a witness in the inquest into the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, the court here was told on Tuesday.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Johnson & Johnson division recalls 43 OTC medicines for infants and children

Johnson & Johnson division recalls 43 OTC medicines for infants and children