LOST Finale - My take (SPOILERS)

I spent the last six years watching LOST. Three years ago (almost), when I met Chris, we watched it from the beginning so he could catch up. So last night, we watched the pre-finale show at 7 pm (wonderful!) and then settled in for the finale. Two and a half hours.

If you did NOT watch it yet, do not read any further.

All throughout those six years, producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof insisted that:

1) The characters were not dead

2) The island was not Purgatory

3) It was not a dream

4) No aliens were involved

5) It was not a fantasy made up in one of the character's heads

So, how to make heads or tails out of the finale?

I thought and thought when I ran with Phoebe to the beach this morning. I was upset last night. I wasn't happy with the ending. . .at first. Then it came to me - Juliet was right - It DID work (meaning when she set off the hydrogen bomb at the end of last season). That bright white light was the answer.

All the characters died when the bomb went off and this season had them dealing with what would have happened on the island as it always had or in the sideways world, where the plane never crashed. Throughout this last season, they have had to reconcile their lives, come to terms with their lives and deaths and go into the light.

It all made sense. And the last scene, a reverse image of the opening scene of the first episode the first season where there was a cloesup of one of Jack's eyes opening; now Jack was closing his eye. And like he predicted, he did not die alone - Vincent was with him.

But. . .I am still upset that questions the producers had promised there were would be answers to were NOT answered. In the past year, in interviews and podcasts, they said things would be explained, such as:

1) What was up with the polar bears?

2) The volcano on the island (maybe could have been the "plug" Desmond pulled out and Jack put back in, but hmmmm)

3) Why was Walt so special? Was he going to possibly become the new Jacob until Michael got him off the island?

4) What's up with Vincent, the dog?

5) Why couldn't women give birth on the island without dying (unless, like Claire and Sun, they got pregnant off-island)?

6) Why was Libby in the same mental hospital as Hurley?

So many questions unanswered. But, I do have to say, tears were in my eyes as Jack closed his eyes for the last time.

So long, LOST, it was a wild six years.


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