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Monday, July 26, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - July 26, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .They forgot a tinfoil hat!
Professor returns from vacation, gets 'foiled'
A science professor at Gustavus Adolphus College left for a week's vacation this summer and returned to a shiny office. Very shiny. Professor Scott Bur's students had covered his office in aluminum foil. Computer screen, chairs, the ceiling, the floor ­ all covered in foil. Books and pens were individually wrapped, so was the phone, a ball cap, a bottle and the coffee maker. Bur said it's a sort of tradition among his research group. He goes on vacation and when he comes back there's ... something. That last time it happened, his office was decorated for a fairy princess. Pink fabric and bows covered everything. The pink glow from the office could been across campus. Senior Kristen Jahr said the foil prank required 10, 200-foot rolls of foil.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Officers search Wilson's home - 07/26/10
A Durham County magistrate granted the Durham County Sheriff's Office permission to search the property of a former investigator in the county prosecutors' office. Linwood Wilson worked in the Durham prosecutors' office under former District Attorney Mike Nifong. Wilson is accused of cyberstalking his wife.

SECURITY has been stepped up around Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill following a series of threats from the United States. The increased security follows hundreds of e-mail threats to Mr MacAskill’s office after recent controversy over the release of the Lockerbie bomber. Panic alarms have been installed for staff at his Edinburgh constituency office and a CCTV camera is now trained on the office.

Kids with computers need nosy parents - 07/25/10
There are a lot of creepy social ills festering online. One of the most heartbreaking is responsible for tearing down a kid who calls herself Jessi Slaughter. Jessi is 11. She's a little girl with porcelain skin and bright blue eyes framed by dark, shaggy bangs. She emotes when she speaks, swishing her pixielike hands speckled with chipped nail polish in front of her, and sometimes she covers her eyes when she is at a loss for words.

Sen. Andrew Lanza is being plagued by online impostor - 07/24/10
If you've been thinking of friending state Sen. Andrew Lanza on Facebook, make sure you're contacting the guy who works in Albany -- not the impostor who has created a phony site to look like Lanza's political and personal pages, right down to seemingly legit photos.

How to protect your privacy and fend off unwanted attention online - 07/23/10
Chances are, you're not really "friends" with everyone on your Facebook page. They may be acquaintances, work colleagues, or friends of friends that you just happened to add along the way -- because if you have all those mutual friends, they must be okay, right? Well, maybe not.

Jon Venables posed as paedophile mother online - 07/23/10
The court heard how the 27-year-old contacted convicted paedophile Leslie Blanchard from Chelmsford posing as a 35-year-old mother called Dawn, who claimed to abuse her eight-year-old daughter. He then tried to persuade Blanchard to send images of children being abused to him, even pretending to offer access to the child as bait.

Facebook feud led to crash death, Pontiac police say - 07/23/10
A 23-year-old Pontiac woman is expected to be arraigned Friday in a fatal car crash that stemmed from a dispute on the social networking site Facebook, police said Thursday. Alesha Abernathy, 21, of Pontiac was killed in the crash Wednesday, and her front-seat passenger, Danielle Booth, 20, also of Pontiac, was hospitalized in critical condition.

Mansfield pastor booked with cyber stalking - 07/22/10
Authorities say a DeSoto Parish Baptist preacher has been arrested on three counts of cyber stalking after members of his former congregation accused him of sending threatening e-mails and text messages. Deputies say 55-year-old Jim Reynolds of Mansfield was freed from the parish jail after posting a bond totaling $3,156.

A bizarre extortion tale of the South Pacific - 07/22/10
Why would the federal government fly a U.S. Navy officer, his Samoan wife and her unemployed sister thousands of miles from Hawaii to Minnesota to appear in a small St. Paul courtroom? Would you believe an alleged extortion plot involving Mexican hit men hired by Wal-Mart, the Samoan mafia, an exotic dancer from Guam, her love child and a fearful farm family from Granite Falls, Minn.?

Cybertormenting Now Illegal in Louisiana - 07/22/10
Louisiana has a new law on the books that outlaws “any electronic textual, visual, written, or oral communication with the malicious and willful intent to coerce, abuse, torment, or intimidate a person under the age of eighteen.” This is a statute aimed at “cyberbullying,” the increasingly common use of text messages and social media as a vehicle for teenage taunting.

O'Fallon man pleads guilty to scamming $100,000 worth of Cardinal tickets - 07/22/10
An O'Fallon man on Thursday pleaded guilty to scamming people out of more than $100,000 worth of St. Louis Cardinals playoff and World Series tickets.In addition to the guilty pleas to wire and mail fraud, 34-year-old Timothy P. Kebel also admitted a forfeiture allegation related to two personal computers used in the crimes. Federal Magistrate Judge Clifford J. Proud presided over the hearing Thursday.

12-Year-Old Girl Used iPod to Report Attempted Rape - 07/21/10
Left alone with her mother's ex-boyfriend and no access to a telephone, a 12-year-old Minnesota girl found a high-tech way to call for help while bravely fighting off his repeated attempts to rape her. According to police, on the night of July 10, Raymond Cesmat, 42, confiscated the girl's cell phone after an attemped attack and told her to leave open the door to her bedroom. But when Cesmat left the room for a few minutes, the tech-savvy tween used her iPod Touch, an MP3 player with Internet access, to call for help.

How to handle a cyberstalker - 07/21/10
Unless you're one of those internet hermits still jammin' around with a Hotmail address (How's 1997? Can you bring me back a slap bracelet?), you likely have a few of what you might teasingly call "stalkers." How else would you explain the torrent of random acquaintances who, without fail, attack your Facebook wall with a "Happy Birthday" bomb every year?

Lakeway police investigate online harassment case -07/21/10
Lakeway Police are investigating a bizarre case of what is described as online harassment.The victim did not even realize there was a fake Facebook page with his name on it until he was alerted by a friend. Investigators say the person who put up the fake page was intent on ruining the other man's reputation. According to the affidavit, sometime between January 13 and 17, 48-year-old Jeff Layne Draper copied pictures and identifying information from the victim's real Facebook page, then created a duplicate but added links to a pedophilia website, stated that the victim was a homosexual, and that he liked children.

Akhtar slams fatwa, gets death threat... -07/21/10
An accountant working with a Delhi-based hospitality services firm was arrested here for allegedly sending a threatening email to noted lyricist Javed Akhtar after his remarks on an Islamic cleric while condemning the fatwa against Muslim working women, police said.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

York, Maine Online Safety Talk Tonight

If you're in/near York, Maine tonight, I'll be speaking about cyberbullying, online safety for kids/teens and adults, Facebook privacy, etc beginning at 7 pm at at 273 York Street in the Village. FMI 207-363-4181. I've made my famous Spam Dip - come on by!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

US-Based Female Cyberstalking Victim Needed for Media Interview

Ivanhoe Broadcasting is hoping to find a US-based female victim for a segment they would like to film about cyberstalking. They guarantee your anonymity/hiding your face, etc if you would like that. Your case can be active or already resolved. They are flying to the following cities in the next few months and would ideally like to find victims based in those areas, but would be willing to talk with any female victim in the US:

Seattle, Washington

Portland, Oregon

New York City

Orlando/Gainesville, Florida

Charleston, South Carolina

Your story could help another woman going through the same or similar situation, so please if you or someone you know would be willing to do this, contact me at or reply to this post.

Jayne A. Hitchcock
President, WHOA
Working to Halt Online Abuse

Monday, July 19, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - July 19, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Ruh roh
Mass. releases 'great places' list ­ with errors

It turns out that some of Massachusetts' greatest places aren't so great after all.

To promote tourism, the Legislature last week released a list of the state's top 1,000 attractions.

But the Boston Herald reports that some sites don't exist any more, some are closed to the public and some are listed in the wrong towns. The list also actually has 996 places.

The list includes the Baker Robinson Whale Oil Refinery in New Bedford, which has been gutted to make way for a hotel; and Worcester's African Cultural Center and Ashland State Park, both of which are closed. St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in Pittsfield was closed by the Springfield Diocese two years ago.

Tourism officials acknowledge some mistakes and say they did their best.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Why the internet demands vigilance - 07/19/10
HANDS up if you know what a server farm looks like? Or even if you know what one is? Those of you studying IT can put your hands down. The rest of you, try YouTube. That's where you will find pictures of the places that store your online secrets.

Misunderstood Sign Causes Harassment Of Shopowner - 07/19/10
Sajid Master wants the phone calls and angry letters to stop. He wants people to quit coming into Perfume Planet in west Houston to yell at his workers. He'd especially like folks to stop castigating his landlord. Nearly a year after the Internet painted Master as an Al Qaida sympathizer, outrage toward the store at the Harwin Central Mart shows no sign of waning.

11-Year-Old Viral Video Star Placed Under Police Protection After Death Threats - 07/19/10
Earlier this week, a funny video went viral of 11-year-old Jessi Slaughter (AKA Kerligirl13) crying while her dad yelled at the people trolling her on the Internet. It's not so funny now that she's been placed under police protection. More than 1.7 million people have seen the foul-mouthed Floridan's breakdown and laughed at her dad's luddite rage. But the video, "You Dun Goofed Up," wasn't the only thing to go viral: Jessi Slaughter's real name, address and phone number was distributed widely via Internet pranksters, Tumblr and other online backchannels.

The Art of Trolling: Inside a 4chan Smear Campaign - 07/19/10
Last night, the users of's notorious /b/ message board declared war on the lead singer of an obscure electro-pop band. More than 12 hours later, they're still waging it. This is how the Internet's worst trolls work.

Defamation in the Internet age - 07/18/10
With the proliferation of the Internet, communication is fast, easy and convenient. Within the past few years, social networking has grown at an astonishing rate. Sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter allow us to share our thoughts and ideas with the masses. But, what if those thoughts are not so nice?

Security Secrets the Bad Guys Don't Want You to Know - 07/18/10
You already know the basics of internet security, right? You know to keep your antivirus program and patches up to date, to be careful where you go on the Internet, and to exercise online street-smarts to resist being tricked into visiting a phishing site or downloading a Trojan horse.

Can kids be safe online? - 07/18/10
Long hours in cyberspace can bring harmful repercussions to children's privacy and safety. Due to the increasing use of email, webcams, text messaging and social networking sites, more and more of the nation's children are subject to online harassment in the form of cyber-bullying, blackmail, sexting and pornography.

The 'porn star killers': Actors who met on adult film set charged with killing tattoo shop owner with a sledgehammer - 07/17/10
Jason Andrews was a bisexual Chicago DJ with a British accent, whose chiseled jaw and good looks landed him roles in countless gay porn videos. Amanda Logue was a married, bleach-blond Georgia woman who once owned a lingerie shop, dabbled in prostitution and starred in several X-rated videos herself. Florida detectives claim that together they stabbed and bludgeoned to death a 41-year-old tattoo shop owner with a sledgehammer. They are also claimed to have hatched some of their plans in expletive-laden text messages.

NH lawyer out $240,000 in scam targeting attorneys - 07/16/10
A New Hampshire lawyer is out $240,000 after falling prey to an international Internet scam, prosecutors said. The attorney general's office declined to identify the lawyer but said he is one of two lawyers in the state who were targeted in recent weeks by scam artists who used Internet messages, fake companies and counterfeit checks to "retain" them. The checks were said to be settlement money or retainer fees, and the lawyers were instructed to wire money to a different party in the case.

Debt Collected Over Facebook? - 07/16/10
Debt collectors have turned to a new way of contacting debtors: Facebook. In a world of Facebook, where a person's name, face and friends are out there for anyone with a computer to see, the last thing many people think about is debt collectors.

Blogger "stalks" a black woman on Twitter - 07/16/10
It started Wednesday, when writer Joel Johnson fired off a provocative explanation of "Why I Stalk a Sexy Black Woman on Twitter (And Why You Should, Too)" for Gizmodo. When the self-described "white dork" discovered that black folk use social media too, he decided to follow one -- a 20-something Christian lady from Detroit.

Celebrities' Photos, Videos May Reveal Location - 07/16/10
Keeping tabs on your favorite celebrities might be easier than you think -- and much easier than they want. But they likely have no one to blame but themselves. According to two teams of computer scientists, Hollywood stars could be unintentionally giving up the exact locations of their homes and private whereabouts through pictures uploaded to the Internet, leaving them wide open to attacks by tech-savvy thieves (not to mention unwanted visits by starstruck fans).

Northside teen gets probation for email threats to ex-girlfriend - 07/16/10
A 14-year-old boy who used MSN to threaten a former girlfriend, a teacher at his school and another student has received 12 months supervised probation. The teenager sent a computer e-mail message Nov. 14 to the girl to say that when he showed up at school he was going to show her a gun or a knife. He also said that he was on cocaine.

Facebook page praising British killer removed after row - 07/15/10
The creator of a Facebook tribute to a British killer who shot himself dead after a standoff with police removed the page Thursday after it sparked condemnation, including from the prime minister. Siobhan O'Dowd said she had taken down the page dedicated to Raoul Moat -- but was unrepentant and did not rule out reinstating the group, which had attracted more than 38,000 members.

Overzealous sex-texting J’can cop loses job - 07/15/10
A Jamaican-born police officer who sent a married woman menacing text messages after a brief sexual encounter has escaped a conviction ­ but has lost his job after 10 years with the Bermuda Police Service (BPS). A Magistrates Court heard that Robert Webster, 48, who is also married, refused to accept that the woman did not want to continue the affair.

Jesse's Sister: Janine is Cyber-Threatening Me - 07/14/10
Jesse James' sister claims she's been receiving email threats from Jesse's ex-wife Janine Lindemulder ... and Janine's mom. Julie James England tells TMZ in the past few weeks, she's been bombarded with angry emails from Janine and her mom Jonlyn. In fact, England tells us she received an email from Jonlyn just a few weeks ago that read, "You and your sh*tbag brother need to back off my daughter and granddaughter if you both know what's best for you."

Case of kids found on Facebook revives disputes - 07/13/10
Prince Sagala has pined for her son and daughter since her estranged husband took them and fled to Mexico 15 years ago ­ but she never gave up hope that she would see them again. The Indonesian-born nursing assistant was rewarded for her faith earlier this year, when she stumbled on her daughter's Facebook page in a story that made national headlines.

Monday, July 12, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - July 12, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Wonder where he went?
Tortoise shows up in NH 4 years after disappearing

A New Hampshire couple says a 25-pound pet tortoise has reappeared four years after escaping from its pen.

Mike and Christine Wellington say their African spur thigh tortoise named Lucy made off from their greenhouse business in Brentwood. But on Friday, the Wellingtons received a call from a neighbor half a mile up the road that Lucy had reappeared.

The Wellingtons say they're certain the tortoise is theirs because of the unusual protruding bumps on its back.

Mike Wellington says turtles of Lucy's species dig deep holes in the ground for protection in extreme weather. He says he supposes Lucy did just that to survive New Hampshire's winters the past four years.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Facebook Will Add a “Panic Button” for UK Teens - 07/11/10
Update: a Facebook UK representative has contacted us to clarify that Facebook does not perceive this app as a “panic button.” “The app is opt-in, so young people choose to download it/bookmark it to their page in order to use,” she said. A similar button, seen on other sites such as Bebo, is “not opt-in and is simply a reporting link, not teamed with messages of how to stay safe or further info from CEOP,” she said.

Facebook apologizes for censoring doll's nipples - 07/11/10
It has been established for some time that the folks at Facebook are not overly fond of nipples. Or, at least, of their public display. Or, at least, of their public display on Facebook. Some time ago, there was much consternation over the absurdity of removing breastfeeding pictures that were displayed on Facebook pages. It seemed this week that the anti-nipple (female nipple) policy continued to be exercised with ruthless precision.

Woman jailed for sending text threats to herself -07/10/10
An Orange County woman was sentenced to a year in jail for sending hundreds of threatening text messages ­ to herself. Prosecutors said Jeanne Mundango Manunga told police her former boyfriend and his sister-in-law were behind the threats.

Vets conned over war grave tours - 07/10/10
A TOUR boss was last night accused of ripping off war veterans who booked visits to comrades' graves. Old soldiers paid around £13,000 in total for trips to sites in Flanders and Normandy through Mark Golloghly's firm Soverign War Tours. But it is claimed he cancelled days before the trips were due, refused to answer phone calls and then disappeared.

Twitter Catches Cybercriminals and Google Foots The Bill - 07/09/10
Google is paying for research to shut down spammers on . . . Twitter and Facebook? By using dozens of Twitter accounts, researchers at Texas A&M University are creating "honeypots," or fake accounts that are supposed to lure spammers, who are eager to spread malware or phish for information, to social networks. And their work is being partially supported by a research grant from an unlikely source -- one of Twitter's online competitors, Google.

Facebook message led to arrests in child's death - 07/08/10
A Facebook message led investigators to a couple suspected in the death of a girl whose body was found in a vacant Colorado home, authorities said Thursday. Hanif Sims and his girlfriend, Monique Lynch, both 29, were arrested Wednesday in Henderson, Nev. The El Paso County sheriff's department issued arrest warrants Thursday for both on suspicion of child abuse resulting in death.

United States: E-mail, Texting and Privacy Rights in the Workplace - 07/08/10
I do it. You do it. Virtually everybody does it. The "it" is using your computer at work, or your company-issued cell phone, or your work e-mail account accessed remotely, to conduct non-business-related communications. Whether they are ordering the latest electronic gadget from or calling their friends to confirm after-work plans, employees in a workplace increasingly depend upon e-mails, texting and cell phones, both inside and outside their physical workspaces, to achieve maximum production efficiency while also connecting with their non-work relationships. As employers struggle to deal with employee use of technology in the workplace, courts also struggle to analyze the impact of that technology in the workplace in efforts to balance an employee's expectation of privacy and the employer's right to control its own work environment.

Self-destroying data for the web - 07/08/10
Given how hard it is to save data you want (see The Universe hates your data), losing data you don’t want - like drunken party pictures - should be easy. It isn’t, as the inventors of Vanish found. But there’s still hope.

Cyberbullying on Long Island - 07/08/10
For Jamie Isaacs, the torment began in second grade at Wenonah Elementary School. A group of girls would repeatedly yank her hair and stab her with sharpened pencils. Sachem Central School District officials did nothing to stop the abuse, her family alleges.

Breakups suck! "Erase" Your Ex with "Ex-blocker" - 07/08/10
I once knew a girl, “Beth”, who spent well over a year cyber-stalking her ex. She would check his Facebook and MySpace profiles numerous times a day, as well as the profile of anyone who so much as wrote “Hi!” on his page. Everyone knew when she found a tagged picture of him with another female ­ a typhoon of rage would emanate from her general direction. When she wasn’t stalking, she was composing fake, passive-aggressive status updates ­ “Such a great day!!! Just realized how amazing it is to not have an extra 200 lbs of lying ***hole in my life!!!”

Police investigate Greenwich Library bomb threat - 07/07/10
Police spent several hours combing through Greenwich Library Wednesday morning following a bomb threat that came in shortly after the building opened. Lt. Kraig Gray, police spokesman, said library staff received an e-mail threat around 9:15 a.m. that had been sent to the library's general e-mail account. The contents of the e-mail were not released Wednesday.

Wake up, check Facebook: Americans increasingly obsessed - 07/07/10
Americans are increasingly obsessed with Facebook and many young women check their page even before using the bathroom in the morning, according to a poll released on Wednesday. Thirty-four percent of the women aged 18 to 34 surveyed by Lightspeed Research for Oxygen Media said checking Facebook was the first thing they did in the morning, even before washing their face or brushing their teeth.

Cyberstalking: A New Web Service Business - 07/07/10
Today, when know-how is a unifying force to knowledge-based convergence and lots of people both young and elderly are hooked on the sensation of having emerged from a crude technology created by industrialization and the recent technologies that introduced ease, convenience, and fast-paced social networking.

Atlanta Has Dubious Honor of Highest Malware Infection Rate - 07/06/10
New York and Los Angeles are major metropolitan areas with exponentially larger populations than most other US cities, so they lead the way for total volume of malware infections. If you break the infection rate down per capita based on population, though, Atlanta comes out on top (or is it on the bottom?) of the heap with the highest malware infection rate.

eBay fraudster fined after bidding on his own auctions to boost the price - 07/06/10
An eBay seller has been forced to pay £5,000 and do 250 hours community service after being found guilty of bidding on his own auctions to boost the price. Minibus firm owner Paul Barret was told he would have been facing a prison sentence if it had not been for his lack of previous convictions and the relatively small sums involved. Asks Judge To Dismiss Privacy Lawsuit, Claiming Info Was Public Before Policy Change - 07/06/10
Reunion site is asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that the site violated users' privacy by revising its default settings to make users' information accessible via Facebook, iPhone apps, and other third-party services.

Monday, July 05, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - July 5, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .How do they know the dog likes it?

Deep sea dog: Russian teaches dachshund to scuba

Any dachshund owner knows the feisty breed rarely backs off from a challenge, but one in Russia is taking that reputation to new heights ­ or depths.

The dog named Boniface is learning how to scuba dive.

Owner Sergei Gorbunov, a professional diver in the Pacific Coast city of Vladivostok had a diving suit complete with helmet made for the dog and is teaching him the tricks of the trade.

In a recent demonstration, Boniface barked eagerly as Gorbunov readied the equipment and uncomplainingly endured being hung upside-down as Gorbunov fitted the suit on him.

Once underwater, he seemed to have a different outlook, emitting some high-pitched whines.

Gobunov says, "Underwater, I don't think he experiences any stress."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

ITunes Users Accounts Hacked, Hundreds in App Purchases Tallied - 07/05/10
According to a story which TheNextWeb broke over the holiday weekend, hundreds, if not thousands of iTunes accounts have been hacked over the holiday weekend, and a variety of methods used to ring up hundreds of dollars in fraudulent iTunes app store and music charges.

Radford scout volunteer 'sent teenage boy sex texts' - 07/05/10
A SCOUT volunteer from Radford who harassed a teenage boy through the internet and sent him sexually explicit text messages has been given a five-year restraining order.

Interpol asks Web surfers to help catch fugitives - 07/05/10
International police agency Interpol on Monday urged Internet users to help track down hundreds of fugitives wanted for murder, rape, child sexual abuse and other serious crimes. The round-up operation was launched on May 3 targeting 450 people either convicted or suspected of serious offences and wanted by, or believed to be located in, 29 countries.

Harassing texts not uncommon - 07/04/10
It's 4:30 on a recent afternoon, and Chasity Newman has just sent her 300th text message of the day. hasity, 14, obviously has no qualms about a high volume of text messages; her friends have replied to every one. But even Chasity and other teenagers know that there's a line that can be crossed in cyber communication.

How to steer clear of text bullies and cyberstalkers - 07/03/10
Women's Aid says there has been a big jump in stalking and bullying by phone, text and social networking and that we need to brush up on online privacy settings. NIAMH'S EX-BOYFRIEND Dave used to criticise her down in front of family and friends. He yelled at her and called her names, so she finished the relationship. "I didn't hear from him for a few weeks. Then the texts started, first in the middle of the night and then all day long, text after text, calling me names."

Investigation yields arrest in yearslong cyberstalking case - 07/03/10
A Biddeford man who police say used the Internet to terrorize his ex-girlfriend for years -- even tracking her down after she changed her name and left Maine -- is in jail on charges stemming from an investigation by the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit.

Libraries shun porn viewing -07/03/10
Veronica Da Silva was shocked Thursday when she walked by another patron at the Framingham Public Library and noticed a picture of a woman in a bra on his computer screen. She saw a second image of a couple laying down and kissing, and in that moment as she walked by, she wondered if he was looking at pornography.

Internet Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Services Do Complete Background And Criminal Checks While Providing The Free Google Map Address - 07/03/10
Basic free reverse phone lookup services doesn’t give all the available information about the caller, except for the Google Map location from the phone number put into the search bar. What can anyone do to get all available information about a caller's identification?

England captain Steven Gerrard rocked by internet lies over 'affair' -07/03/10
England captain Steven Gerrard must have thought life couldn't get much worse after the team's ignominious World Cup exit. But last night he found himself fending off scurrilous internet rumours about his behaviour off the pitch. Allegations that the footballer had an affair with his wife's 16-year-old sister began circulating via text messages and emails following England's defeat by Germany last weekend.

Winchester's McCall Middle School investigates Facebook bullying incident - 07/02/10
McCall Middle School administrators informed parents of an incident of cyberbullying, which resulted in disciplinary action, last month. “Many of you are already aware that there has been a recent incident of bullying at McCall, through Facebook,” Principal Evander French Jr. and Assistant Principal Skip Marotta wrote in a June 9 e-mail to parents.

Drinker has restraining order after sending nude photos to barmaid - 07/02/10
A MAN sent a string of threatening and sexually explicit messages to a teenager after he was barred from the pub where she worked. Royden Elson, aged 57, contacted the girl on internet networking site Facebook, as well as sending her cash and flowers through the post.

Worker in trouble for snarky iPhone-Evo video -07/02/10
When Brian Maupin made two snarky online videos poking fun at zealots of the iPhone and the Evo phone, he thought it was just a good way to vent some of the frustrations inherent in selling smart phones.

World's Worst Person Tries to Extort 19-Year-Old Girl - 07/02/10
Remember John Fitzgerald Page? He's the "actor/model" who is the undisputed Worst Person in the World thanks to his dickish online dating habits and terrible website. Now he's attempting to extort a 19 year-old girl. In addition to being a Mensa member, John Fitzgerald Page is also the CEO of the talent agency Modern Models, Inc. in Atlanta ("We are striving for classy, not 'edgy'! Also, we prefer ONE of four hair colors - blonde, brown, black or red.")

Eagan man who used website in coercion scheme is sentenced - 07/01/10
An Eagan man has pleaded guilty to attempting to coerce a man he believed to be a love rival, also admitting to disorderly conduct. Emmett Salberg, 45, had for years poked fun at local officials as the creator of two websites that had resembled the city of Eagan's website. That had led to such confusion on the public's part, and embarrassment for the city, that the city council agreed last June to buy the two Web domains from him for $2,000.

FBI, cops probe threats to coyote trapper - 07/01/10
A trapper hired by Wheaton in the spring to cull coyotes received phone and email threats, leading the FBI and police to investigate unnamed animal rights activists. After the city's contract with Rob Erickson containing his phone number and email address was made public, he said one caller threatened to "kill him like he killed the coyote," and another targeted his house to burn.

Blaine man indicted in federal cyber crimes case - 06/30/10
E-mailing child pornography has been added to the federal charges filed against a Blaine man accused of a death threat against Vice President Joe Biden. The indictment filed June 24 in U.S. District Court in St. Paul against Barry Vincent Ardolf, 45, alleges that he hacked into his neighbor’s wireless Internet system and posed as the neighbor to make e-mail threats to kill Biden as well as e-mail child pornography.

Oh, this is rich

I've been helping a victim whose ex has been escalating the harassment online when her restraining order was denied because she moved from Arizona to Massachusetts and the Massachusetts judge just couldn't fathom him doing anything to her because he's in California.

So, I've been filing complaints. Yahoo has been great about canceling the accounts he's been opening and one anonymous remailer service also canceled his account. Facebook also deleted a profile he created in her name. The other remailer he's been using has an idiot for an owner. He replied to my complaint with "No, I can not." All I asked was that I hoped he would do something before the situation escalated further. I asked him why he couldn't. His reply:

"Tor is about anonymity and freedom. There is nothing I can do, I am sorry.

Apart, I think it it the responsibility of everyone to protect themselves. Please don't ask me to support the Anglo-saxon/US-American belief, that each individual needs not be responsible for themselves. Maybe the forum's provider should shield his/her users, but you can't expect everyone else to do it.

This is my last message on the subject. I suggest you tell your protegé to block the IP from where the abuse originated."

What an arrogant a$$hole. Pfft.