US-Based Female Cyberstalking Victim Needed for Media Interview

Ivanhoe Broadcasting is hoping to find a US-based female victim for a segment they would like to film about cyberstalking. They guarantee your anonymity/hiding your face, etc if you would like that. Your case can be active or already resolved. They are flying to the following cities in the next few months and would ideally like to find victims based in those areas, but would be willing to talk with any female victim in the US:

Seattle, Washington

Portland, Oregon

New York City

Orlando/Gainesville, Florida

Charleston, South Carolina

Your story could help another woman going through the same or similar situation, so please if you or someone you know would be willing to do this, contact me at or reply to this post.

Jayne A. Hitchcock
President, WHOA
Working to Halt Online Abuse


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