Oh, this is rich

I've been helping a victim whose ex has been escalating the harassment online when her restraining order was denied because she moved from Arizona to Massachusetts and the Massachusetts judge just couldn't fathom him doing anything to her because he's in California.

So, I've been filing complaints. Yahoo has been great about canceling the accounts he's been opening and one anonymous remailer service also canceled his account. Facebook also deleted a profile he created in her name. The other remailer he's been using has an idiot for an owner. He replied to my complaint with "No, I can not." All I asked was that I hoped he would do something before the situation escalated further. I asked him why he couldn't. His reply:

"Tor is about anonymity and freedom. There is nothing I can do, I am sorry.

Apart, I think it it the responsibility of everyone to protect themselves. Please don't ask me to support the Anglo-saxon/US-American belief, that each individual needs not be responsible for themselves. Maybe the forum's provider should shield his/her users, but you can't expect everyone else to do it.

This is my last message on the subject. I suggest you tell your protegé to block the IP from where the abuse originated."

What an arrogant a$$hole. Pfft.


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