WHO@ Newsletter - July 12, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Wonder where he went?
Tortoise shows up in NH 4 years after disappearing

A New Hampshire couple says a 25-pound pet tortoise has reappeared four years after escaping from its pen.

Mike and Christine Wellington say their African spur thigh tortoise named Lucy made off from their greenhouse business in Brentwood. But on Friday, the Wellingtons received a call from a neighbor half a mile up the road that Lucy had reappeared.

The Wellingtons say they're certain the tortoise is theirs because of the unusual protruding bumps on its back.

Mike Wellington says turtles of Lucy's species dig deep holes in the ground for protection in extreme weather. He says he supposes Lucy did just that to survive New Hampshire's winters the past four years.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Facebook Will Add a “Panic Button” for UK Teens - 07/11/10
Update: a Facebook UK representative has contacted us to clarify that Facebook does not perceive this app as a “panic button.” “The app is opt-in, so young people choose to download it/bookmark it to their page in order to use,” she said. A similar button, seen on other sites such as Bebo, is “not opt-in and is simply a reporting link, not teamed with messages of how to stay safe or further info from CEOP,” she said.

Facebook apologizes for censoring doll's nipples - 07/11/10
It has been established for some time that the folks at Facebook are not overly fond of nipples. Or, at least, of their public display. Or, at least, of their public display on Facebook. Some time ago, there was much consternation over the absurdity of removing breastfeeding pictures that were displayed on Facebook pages. It seemed this week that the anti-nipple (female nipple) policy continued to be exercised with ruthless precision.

Woman jailed for sending text threats to herself -07/10/10
An Orange County woman was sentenced to a year in jail for sending hundreds of threatening text messages ­ to herself. Prosecutors said Jeanne Mundango Manunga told police her former boyfriend and his sister-in-law were behind the threats.

Vets conned over war grave tours - 07/10/10
A TOUR boss was last night accused of ripping off war veterans who booked visits to comrades' graves. Old soldiers paid around £13,000 in total for trips to sites in Flanders and Normandy through Mark Golloghly's firm Soverign War Tours. But it is claimed he cancelled days before the trips were due, refused to answer phone calls and then disappeared.

Twitter Catches Cybercriminals and Google Foots The Bill - 07/09/10
Google is paying for research to shut down spammers on . . . Twitter and Facebook? By using dozens of Twitter accounts, researchers at Texas A&M University are creating "honeypots," or fake accounts that are supposed to lure spammers, who are eager to spread malware or phish for information, to social networks. And their work is being partially supported by a research grant from an unlikely source -- one of Twitter's online competitors, Google.

Facebook message led to arrests in child's death - 07/08/10
A Facebook message led investigators to a couple suspected in the death of a girl whose body was found in a vacant Colorado home, authorities said Thursday. Hanif Sims and his girlfriend, Monique Lynch, both 29, were arrested Wednesday in Henderson, Nev. The El Paso County sheriff's department issued arrest warrants Thursday for both on suspicion of child abuse resulting in death.

United States: E-mail, Texting and Privacy Rights in the Workplace - 07/08/10
I do it. You do it. Virtually everybody does it. The "it" is using your computer at work, or your company-issued cell phone, or your work e-mail account accessed remotely, to conduct non-business-related communications. Whether they are ordering the latest electronic gadget from Amazon.com or calling their friends to confirm after-work plans, employees in a workplace increasingly depend upon e-mails, texting and cell phones, both inside and outside their physical workspaces, to achieve maximum production efficiency while also connecting with their non-work relationships. As employers struggle to deal with employee use of technology in the workplace, courts also struggle to analyze the impact of that technology in the workplace in efforts to balance an employee's expectation of privacy and the employer's right to control its own work environment.

Self-destroying data for the web - 07/08/10
Given how hard it is to save data you want (see The Universe hates your data), losing data you don’t want - like drunken party pictures - should be easy. It isn’t, as the inventors of Vanish found. But there’s still hope.

Cyberbullying on Long Island - 07/08/10
For Jamie Isaacs, the torment began in second grade at Wenonah Elementary School. A group of girls would repeatedly yank her hair and stab her with sharpened pencils. Sachem Central School District officials did nothing to stop the abuse, her family alleges.

Breakups suck! "Erase" Your Ex with "Ex-blocker" - 07/08/10
I once knew a girl, “Beth”, who spent well over a year cyber-stalking her ex. She would check his Facebook and MySpace profiles numerous times a day, as well as the profile of anyone who so much as wrote “Hi!” on his page. Everyone knew when she found a tagged picture of him with another female ­ a typhoon of rage would emanate from her general direction. When she wasn’t stalking, she was composing fake, passive-aggressive status updates ­ “Such a great day!!! Just realized how amazing it is to not have an extra 200 lbs of lying ***hole in my life!!!”

Police investigate Greenwich Library bomb threat - 07/07/10
Police spent several hours combing through Greenwich Library Wednesday morning following a bomb threat that came in shortly after the building opened. Lt. Kraig Gray, police spokesman, said library staff received an e-mail threat around 9:15 a.m. that had been sent to the library's general e-mail account. The contents of the e-mail were not released Wednesday.

Wake up, check Facebook: Americans increasingly obsessed - 07/07/10
Americans are increasingly obsessed with Facebook and many young women check their page even before using the bathroom in the morning, according to a poll released on Wednesday. Thirty-four percent of the women aged 18 to 34 surveyed by Lightspeed Research for Oxygen Media said checking Facebook was the first thing they did in the morning, even before washing their face or brushing their teeth.

Cyberstalking: A New Web Service Business - 07/07/10
Today, when know-how is a unifying force to knowledge-based convergence and lots of people both young and elderly are hooked on the sensation of having emerged from a crude technology created by industrialization and the recent technologies that introduced ease, convenience, and fast-paced social networking.

Atlanta Has Dubious Honor of Highest Malware Infection Rate - 07/06/10
New York and Los Angeles are major metropolitan areas with exponentially larger populations than most other US cities, so they lead the way for total volume of malware infections. If you break the infection rate down per capita based on population, though, Atlanta comes out on top (or is it on the bottom?) of the heap with the highest malware infection rate.

eBay fraudster fined after bidding on his own auctions to boost the price - 07/06/10
An eBay seller has been forced to pay £5,000 and do 250 hours community service after being found guilty of bidding on his own auctions to boost the price. Minibus firm owner Paul Barret was told he would have been facing a prison sentence if it had not been for his lack of previous convictions and the relatively small sums involved.

Classmates.com Asks Judge To Dismiss Privacy Lawsuit, Claiming Info Was Public Before Policy Change - 07/06/10
Reunion site Classmates.com is asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that the site violated users' privacy by revising its default settings to make users' information accessible via Facebook, iPhone apps, and other third-party services.


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