WHO@ Newsletter - July 5, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .How do they know the dog likes it?

Deep sea dog: Russian teaches dachshund to scuba

Any dachshund owner knows the feisty breed rarely backs off from a challenge, but one in Russia is taking that reputation to new heights ­ or depths.

The dog named Boniface is learning how to scuba dive.

Owner Sergei Gorbunov, a professional diver in the Pacific Coast city of Vladivostok had a diving suit complete with helmet made for the dog and is teaching him the tricks of the trade.

In a recent demonstration, Boniface barked eagerly as Gorbunov readied the equipment and uncomplainingly endured being hung upside-down as Gorbunov fitted the suit on him.

Once underwater, he seemed to have a different outlook, emitting some high-pitched whines.

Gobunov says, "Underwater, I don't think he experiences any stress."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

ITunes Users Accounts Hacked, Hundreds in App Purchases Tallied - 07/05/10
According to a story which TheNextWeb broke over the holiday weekend, hundreds, if not thousands of iTunes accounts have been hacked over the holiday weekend, and a variety of methods used to ring up hundreds of dollars in fraudulent iTunes app store and music charges.

Radford scout volunteer 'sent teenage boy sex texts' - 07/05/10
A SCOUT volunteer from Radford who harassed a teenage boy through the internet and sent him sexually explicit text messages has been given a five-year restraining order.

Interpol asks Web surfers to help catch fugitives - 07/05/10
International police agency Interpol on Monday urged Internet users to help track down hundreds of fugitives wanted for murder, rape, child sexual abuse and other serious crimes. The round-up operation was launched on May 3 targeting 450 people either convicted or suspected of serious offences and wanted by, or believed to be located in, 29 countries.

Harassing texts not uncommon - 07/04/10
It's 4:30 on a recent afternoon, and Chasity Newman has just sent her 300th text message of the day. hasity, 14, obviously has no qualms about a high volume of text messages; her friends have replied to every one. But even Chasity and other teenagers know that there's a line that can be crossed in cyber communication.

How to steer clear of text bullies and cyberstalkers - 07/03/10
Women's Aid says there has been a big jump in stalking and bullying by phone, text and social networking and that we need to brush up on online privacy settings. NIAMH'S EX-BOYFRIEND Dave used to criticise her down in front of family and friends. He yelled at her and called her names, so she finished the relationship. "I didn't hear from him for a few weeks. Then the texts started, first in the middle of the night and then all day long, text after text, calling me names."

Investigation yields arrest in yearslong cyberstalking case - 07/03/10
A Biddeford man who police say used the Internet to terrorize his ex-girlfriend for years -- even tracking her down after she changed her name and left Maine -- is in jail on charges stemming from an investigation by the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit.

Libraries shun porn viewing -07/03/10
Veronica Da Silva was shocked Thursday when she walked by another patron at the Framingham Public Library and noticed a picture of a woman in a bra on his computer screen. She saw a second image of a couple laying down and kissing, and in that moment as she walked by, she wondered if he was looking at pornography.

Internet Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Services Do Complete Background And Criminal Checks While Providing The Free Google Map Address - 07/03/10
Basic free reverse phone lookup services doesn’t give all the available information about the caller, except for the Google Map location from the phone number put into the search bar. What can anyone do to get all available information about a caller's identification?

England captain Steven Gerrard rocked by internet lies over 'affair' -07/03/10
England captain Steven Gerrard must have thought life couldn't get much worse after the team's ignominious World Cup exit. But last night he found himself fending off scurrilous internet rumours about his behaviour off the pitch. Allegations that the footballer had an affair with his wife's 16-year-old sister began circulating via text messages and emails following England's defeat by Germany last weekend.

Winchester's McCall Middle School investigates Facebook bullying incident - 07/02/10
McCall Middle School administrators informed parents of an incident of cyberbullying, which resulted in disciplinary action, last month. “Many of you are already aware that there has been a recent incident of bullying at McCall, through Facebook,” Principal Evander French Jr. and Assistant Principal Skip Marotta wrote in a June 9 e-mail to parents.

Drinker has restraining order after sending nude photos to barmaid - 07/02/10
A MAN sent a string of threatening and sexually explicit messages to a teenager after he was barred from the pub where she worked. Royden Elson, aged 57, contacted the girl on internet networking site Facebook, as well as sending her cash and flowers through the post.

Worker in trouble for snarky iPhone-Evo video -07/02/10
When Brian Maupin made two snarky online videos poking fun at zealots of the iPhone and the Evo phone, he thought it was just a good way to vent some of the frustrations inherent in selling smart phones.

World's Worst Person Tries to Extort 19-Year-Old Girl - 07/02/10
Remember John Fitzgerald Page? He's the "actor/model" who is the undisputed Worst Person in the World thanks to his dickish online dating habits and terrible website. Now he's attempting to extort a 19 year-old girl. In addition to being a Mensa member, John Fitzgerald Page is also the CEO of the talent agency Modern Models, Inc. in Atlanta ("We are striving for classy, not 'edgy'! Also, we prefer ONE of four hair colors - blonde, brown, black or red.")

Eagan man who used website in coercion scheme is sentenced - 07/01/10
An Eagan man has pleaded guilty to attempting to coerce a man he believed to be a love rival, also admitting to disorderly conduct. Emmett Salberg, 45, had for years poked fun at local officials as the creator of two websites that had resembled the city of Eagan's website. That had led to such confusion on the public's part, and embarrassment for the city, that the city council agreed last June to buy the two Web domains from him for $2,000.

FBI, cops probe threats to coyote trapper - 07/01/10
A trapper hired by Wheaton in the spring to cull coyotes received phone and email threats, leading the FBI and police to investigate unnamed animal rights activists. After the city's contract with Rob Erickson containing his phone number and email address was made public, he said one caller threatened to "kill him like he killed the coyote," and another targeted his house to burn.

Blaine man indicted in federal cyber crimes case - 06/30/10
E-mailing child pornography has been added to the federal charges filed against a Blaine man accused of a death threat against Vice President Joe Biden. The indictment filed June 24 in U.S. District Court in St. Paul against Barry Vincent Ardolf, 45, alleges that he hacked into his neighbor’s wireless Internet system and posed as the neighbor to make e-mail threats to kill Biden as well as e-mail child pornography.


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