WHO@ Newsletter - May 17, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Even teddy bears need a holiday...in Finland

Is your favourite teddy bear or stuffed animal worn down by the daily grind and desperately in need of a vacation?

Finnish firm Teddy Tours Lapland Oy (www.teddytourslapland.com) has come up with one solution: holidays in northern Finland for that special stuffed friend costing from 110 euros to 170 euros (93.7-144.4 pounds).

The "Standard Journey" for teddies includes a trip around the northern town of Rovaniemi and is capped off with a visit to Santa Claus. The stuffed animal will also receive a gift, send a postcard to its owner and be sent home with holiday photos.

The "Luxury Journey" includes, on top of the standard journey package, a trip to a reindeer farm where the bear can feed Santa's reindeer.

"This is followed by a snowmobile safari. On safari, Teddy will try ice fishing on the frozen waterway and savour hot chocolate by the campfire," the firm said on its Web site, adding the whole trip will also be recorded on videotape.

Teddy Tours Lapland will also provide the bear, should you not want to send your own abroad or don't own one yet.

Currently the company only offers trips during the winter, but it is also planning summer programmes as well.

"People or living pets may not participate on these trips," the firm said on its Web site.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Former Singer Cheryl Merrill Wins Lawsuit Judgment Against Cyber Stalker - 05/17/10
On May 13, 2010 San Francisco Superior Court Commissioner William R. Gargano awarded Cheryl Meril (formerly Cheryl Merrill), a former singer, a judgment of $25,138 for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress against Joel Sean Gray in Case No. CGC-09-493462. The dispute began back in 2006 when Meril had posted on a forum on Craigslist in defense of the late former Chancellor Denise Denton of U.C. Santa Cruz. Meril explained, “There was some extremely vicious individual posting disturbing photo depictions of death and rape of corpses.”

What To Do If You Become an Internet Meme - 05/17/10
A girl who posted pics of her "epic boobs" and inadvertently became an Internet meme lost a lawsuit against the outlet that made her a star. It raises the question: If you become an internet meme, what should you do?

‘I am going to kill u’: Man charged with texting death threats - 05/14/10
A 48-year-old Naples man is facing stalking charges after Collier County sheriff’s deputies say he sent about 30 threatening text messages ­ including death threats ­ to his ex-girlfriend and her husband.

Fugitive busted through Facebook pleads guilty - 05/14/10
A fugitive captured because of his Facebook page has pleaded guilty to fraud charges in Seattle. Maxi Sopo fled to Cancun, Mexico, last year after learning he was under investigation.

Ex-Gator Rickerson charged with cyberstalking, battery - 05/13/10
Former University of Florida cornerback Jacques Rickerson was arrested by Alachua County sheriff's deputies Thursday afternoon and charged with cyberstalking and domestic battery by strangulation.

Facebook IDs Hacker Who Tried to Sell 1.5M Accounts - 05/13/10
Facebook has identified the hacker named Kirllos who tried to sell 1.5 million Facebook accounts recently in underground hacking forums. According to the investigators at the social networking site, he's guilty of both hacking and hyperbole.

Paris braced for aperitif flashmob and 'le binge drinking' - 05/13/10
When a new "flashmob-style" phenomenon first swept through France in which tens of thousands of people gather for giant outdoor aperitifs organised via Facebook, it was seen as a bit of harmless fun.

Australian girl, 18, 'lured to her death by bogus job offer from man she met on Facebook' - 05/16/10
An Australian teenager was allegedly lured to her death by a man she met on Facebook after he offered her a fake job protecting wildlife. Nona Belomesoff, 18, was found dead in a creek south west of Sydney after going to meet a Facebook 'friend'.

German man fined for poor Wi-Fi security - 05/16/10
Not using a network password costs $164. The German courts have ruled that internet users are responsible for the security of their connections.

Facebook Snub Sparks Knifing - 05/14/10
BRIDE-to-be Julie Sudlow poured out her heart on Facebook about how her fiancée beat her up - and just two weeks later he stabbed her to death then killed himself, an inquest heard.

Andre In Net Scam Warning - 05/14/10
A MODEL warned Facebook users to be alert last night after she was duped by a man pretending to be Peter Andre. Alicia Smith, 24, got a message on the social network site from a woman claiming to be the Aussie pop star's stylist.

Japanese government blocks a ban on child pornography - 05/14/10
The Japanese government has blocked legal efforts to clamp down on child pornography, with the country becoming the world's "kiddie porn superpower," according to a pressure group.

Webcam spying case: The plot thickens - 05/13/10
A Pennsylvania school district thought it had carte blanche to protect its laptops ­ and now it’s caught in a legal nightmare. Here’s the scoop: Lower Merion Township installed “TheftTrack,” a webcam tracking system, on the Apple MacBooks it loaned to high school students. If someone lost or stole a laptop, the school could activate TheftTrack and locate the laptop.

Boy, 15, 'stabbed friend to death after trading insults on Facebook' - 05/12/10
A 15-year-old boy fatally stabbed a former friend over a ‘loss of face’ after they traded insults on Facebook. The teenager knifed 18-year-old Salum Kombo in the chest for the ‘pathetic’ reason that he had called him a name, an Old Bailey jury heard in court today.

'Hurt Locker' producers about to sue an army of pirates - 05/11/10
The war against movie piracy is getting downright explosive. We've learned that the producers of the Oscar-winning "The Hurt Locker" are preparing a massive lawsuit against thousands of individuals who pirated the film online. The case could be filed as soon as tomorrow.

Teachers let it all hang out on Facebook - 05/11/10
New Jersey teachers’ union members are furious with budget-slashing Governor Chris Christie. So much so that they’re popping off on Facebook. Judging by some comments, which contain misspellings, bad grammar and profanity, parents must be asking, “Why is THIS person teaching our kids?!”


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