True Crime Online Newsletter - June 29, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Police helicopter loudspeaker broadcasts X-rated conversation
A Canadian police department apologized after an X-rated conversation between officers in a helicopter was broadcast over the vehicle's loudspeaker. The Winnipeg Police Department issued an apology after residents around the city reported hearing snippets of a conversation between officers flying in the department's Air-1 helicopter Monday evening. Residents reported hearing the officers explicitly discussing oral sex. Resident Brandi Armstrong recounted hearing the conversation to CBC News. She was upset by it, as there were children in the area. Jacob Serebrin said he heard the officers talking about money and using profanity.Winnipeg residents used the hashtags "#whoops" and "#speakerphone" to share accounts of what they heard. The police department issued an apology on its website Tuesday.

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Wannabe police officer targeted in online sting targeted by hate campaign - 06/29/15
A wannabe police officer caught trying to groom a man posing as a teenage boy has been targeted by a ‘hate campaign’, a court heard. Pictures of Kristian Kirk, formerly of Oswaldtwistle, have been placed on posters near his former home with a picture of a noose since he pleaded guilty last month to attempting to arrange or facilitate the commission of a child sex offence.

Cyberbullies: Anti-trolling website launched to help victims - 06/27/15
A new anti-trolling website has been launched by the government offering advice for online abuse victims on how to report the offence and where to find help. The site is predominately aimed at women, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people after research has found that these people have suffered the most extreme cases of online abuse. Stop Online Abuse, launched today, gives help to victims of online harassment, revenge porn, hate speech, sexual harassment and blackmail. It also provides legal advice and practical advice on how to respond to abusive online comments.

Hold it! Twitter 'Shaming' Serves a Purpose - 06/26/15
Were you raised by wolves? The oft-heard expression of my childhood crossed my mind when I read about the latest incident of so-called internet shaming in which a British scientist, 72, told the World Conference of Science Journalists about "his trouble with girls in science."

Legislators look at how best to crack down on 'revenge porn' - 06/25/15
Chrissy Chambers says she was secretly filmed while being sexually assaulted by an ex-boyfriend, and that it was just the beginning of the nightmare. The former lover posted the video online, which wound up on 37 different pornography sites, Chambers told Minnesota legislators and advocates Thursday at the first meeting of a bipartisan group hoping to pass legislation that will protect Minnesota victims of so-called “revenge porn.”

Middleton man sends Clementine Ford a nasty Facebook message - 06/25/15
A man from the Fleurieu Peninsula region of South Australia has been shamed nationally across social media for writing threatening and derogatory comments to a media personality on Facebook. Ryan Hawkins, 20, of Middleton, sent comments to Clementine Ford, a freelance journalist and prominent feminist.

What to do When You're the Victim of Revenge Porn - 06/24/15
For those of you who don't know, revenge porn is a form of online harassment whereby people distribute nude photos or videos of their ex-partners without their consent. These are quickly spread throughout the web via anonymous networks, forums, and revenge porn websites. Over 50 percent of revenge porn victims reported that their photo was accompanied by identifying information, such as their full name. This means that when a victim's name is Googled, say before a job interview, sales call, or even date, the search results can do irreparable harm to everything from their career to their love life.

Neighbour from hell harassed couple for 14 years - because she didn't like colour of their bungalow - 06/24/15
A nightmare neighbour has been banned from contacting an elderly couple she harassed for 14 years because she didn't like the colour of their bungalow. Kirsty Robertson, 46, warned "I won't stop until you're dead" as she made the lives of retired Mavis and Alan Ward a constant misery. A court heard they were forced to turn their £150,000 bungalow into a "virtual fortress" and carry panic alarms in fear of what she might do next.

OITNB’s Taryn Manning Says Stalker Has Still Been Emailing Her - 06/24/15
All of us have people we’d prefer not email or text us, but it’s much more serious for Orange Is the New Black star Taryn Manning, who says that her stalker has continued to contact her, despite being legally mandated not to. Jeanine Heller was back in court on Monday, June 24, as Manhattan prosecutors claim that she has continued to email and text Taryn ­ even after the restraining order and plea agreement that resulted from previous stalking incidents.

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