Mouse in the house

The other night, I woke up and thought I heard Bandit bang into something - lately when he's not whining or barking, he's been knocking over his food and water dishes. So I get up and nope, it's not Bandit. And Phoebe wasn't in her dog bed. I went into the living room and she's standing in front of one of the stereo speakers, her nose between the speaker and stereo cabinet. She looked at me, stuck her nose back in. I asked her what it was (like she could tell me) and pulled the speaker out a bit, then to one side and the other. She kept looking up at me like she was trying to tell me something, then back at the speaker. I told her to get whatever it was and went back to bed.

Yesterday we decided to bake homemade biscuits in the oven. We haven't used it in quite a while because we've been grilling outside or doing stovetop cooking. Chris turned on the oven to let it heat up. Suddenly he yelled and I went in the kitchen. He said there was a mouse in the oven. He'd turned off the oven. He said the whiskers on the mouse were burned off. Ewwwwww.

So that was what Phoebe was going after!

We pulled out the bottom drawer where we store pans and couldn't see anything. Opened the oven door. Nada. Chris said we'd get traps today to set up behind the stove and turned the oven back on.

I could still smell hair burning and thought I was going to barf. He shut off the oven and I went out to turn the grill on. Made dinner on the grill (yes, the biscuits, too).

Chris set up one trap he'd found in the garage. He put it at the back of the oven where the drawer was.

We went to bed. Got up this am and I looked under the stove and saw mouse bedding hanging near the trap.

I took Phoebe for our run to the beach and when we got back, there were parts of the oven all over the deck. Chris told me that in addition to the mouse traps, to get oven cleaner and gap filler. He found the hole the mouse had come in through - the electrician who put in the outlet for this stove didn't cover the old outlet. And the mouse had peed and pooped all over the inside of the oven. Ewwwwww again. I told Phoebe to find that mouse and kill it and I'd give her a big snack.

Off to the store I go and come home. Chris told me the little bastard popped its head out a few times and he thought he had it, then it would scurry back wherever it had been. He thought maybe it went to the attic. Great.

So he goes outside to spray oven cleaner on the parts on the deck. I turn to ask him a question and see Phoebe in the living room, looking down. . .at the mouse. She found it and killed it! YAY PHOEBE!

I called Chris in and he picked up the mouse to toss it outside. Then we smothered Phoebe with hugs and kisses and I gave her the snacks I'd promised. She is one very happy puppy!

So we hope that's the only mouse. But we're still putting traps up in the attic and behind the stove. Just in case. No more mouse in this house - we have a mouse killer!!


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