WHO@ Newsletter - August 3, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .It's amazing the things you find on Craigslist

Date: 2009-08-02, 12:35AM EDT
Reply to: sale-jpxqj-1301336457@craigslist.org

Hi there... I investigate so called turner beast or loogaroo...
do you hear a call that sounds like an owl with a dogs voice which hoots 3 times instead of 4 followed by an sound like a reptilian sound.. the movie jurasic park man in jeep gets attacked... almost sounds like that... repeating three times.. usualy at the wean morning hours... usualy august is most active and you'll find newspaper articles at this time...
I found they like cats very much... dogs get mutilated or beaten up...
over 17 years of investigating...found that this beast are many, covering the whole state...
they are more numerous in populated areas believe it or not... how i know this is through experiance of listening of them calling each other just before sunrise... in populated areas.. I hear sometimes seven...... in bingham or rangely, any place remote, you'll hear only one passing through looking for another...
just check out what i'm saying here.. if you find what i'm saying coincides...
could you email me.. I will travel.. I have equipment to videotape and voice digital...
the places I used to hear them has ceased for some reason...
also look for three claw marks in mud etc .. best regards ...moe

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Law enforcement agencies offer little help in vacation rental scam
- 08/03/09
The Craig’s List vacation scam, which has hit visitors here and in Truro, has apparently spread to West Dennis and law enforcement officials say they are helpless to investigate the fraud that has cost families thousands of dollars.

N.J. Blogger Will Plead Not Guilty In Threat Case - 08/02/09
A New Jersey blogger accused of threatening to kill three Chicago-based federal judges is expected to appear in a Connecticut court on unrelated charges that he threatened state lawmakers.

Fans react with threats to Ianto’s death in Torchwood - 08/02/09
SICKENING death threats have been made against Torchwood writers for killing off the character of Ianto Jones.
Ianto died in the arms of lover Captain Jack Harkness – played by John Barrowman – during the BBC Wales-produced Children of the Earth mini-series.

Skype under threat from eBay licence row - 08/01/09
Millions of internet users who use Skype could be forced to find other ways to make phone calls after parent company eBay said it did not own the underlying technology that powers the service, prompting fears of a shutdown.

'Fake UK sites' trick customers - 08/01/09
Trading standards officers say that consumers are being tricked into buying fake goods on the internet by companies pretending to be based in the UK.
The websites are often based in China, but use "co.uk" as part of their domain name, giving shoppers a false sense of security, they say.

Facebook and MySpace can lead children to commit suicide, warns Archbishop Nichols - 08/01/09
Websites such as Facebook and MySpace encourage teenagers to view friendship as a "commodity" and are leading them to suicide, the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales has warned.

http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/article/goodrem-mcfadden-in-sinister-cyber-squabble_1111400Pop star couple DELTA GOODREM and BRIAN MCFADDEN have called in security experts after receiving frightening Twitter.com texts from an alleged stalker. The Aussie star and her Irish fiance are considering taking out a restraining order against the mystery man they reportedly claim is cyber-stalking them, and they're not taking any chances.

Man Sets Up Website Targeting Stockton Police - 07/31/09
"How to Kill a Cop," is the name of an internet community targeting local officers and their children. The man allegedly behind this is now facing charges. CBS13 went to Stockton to find out about the disturbing threats detailed in this website.

Victims of cyber bullying talk - 07/31/09
TRAGIC teenager Megan Gillan took an overdose and died after she was bullied on the internet. At her inquest this week, heartbroken parents Mark and Margaret told how Megan, 15, was targeted by bullies on social networking site Bebo. Cyber bullying is far from uncommon. Charity Beatbullying estimate one in three children and teens have been online victims. Almost 10,000 young people a week contact the organisation's internet service, Cybermentors, for advice. Here we bring you the stories of three teens driven to the brink by cyber bullying.

Hunt for missing schoolgirl, 14, who vanished with jobless 24-year-old she met on internet - 07/31/09
Police have launched a nationwide hunt for a 14-year-old girl who vanished with a 23-year-old man she met on the internet.
Claire Haver, of Bourne, Lincolnshire, was last seen with jobless Michael Ellis, 23, six days ago in nearby Corby Glen.

Man incited internet child abuse - 07/31/09
A British man who used an internet chatroom to incite a paedophile to sexually abuse an eight-year-old girl in the United States has been jailed.

Busted on MySpace: 2 FL men face charges over gang photos on Web sites - 07/30/09
Elvis Rodriguez, 30, flashed Latin Kings hand signals on his MySpace.com page and called himself “King Kamel,” according to his arrest report.
Richard Figueroa-Santiago, 22, used his MySpace page to post pictures of friends making “Eastside” hand gestures, detectives said.
Now, in the first cases of their kind in Florida and in the nation, both Lee County men face five years in state prison for the gang-related content of their Web pages.

Man charged with cyberstalking - 07/30/09
An Eastern Washington man accused of firing off nearly 100 harassing text messages to a Stanwood teen and posting naked pictures of the girl on MySpace is now charged with a felony.

Man charged for e-mail threats to NLV police chief - 07/30/09
A Las Vegas man has been charged with sending threatening e-mails to the North Las Vegas police chief and deputy city attorney.
An indictment handed up by a federal grand jury on Wednesday charged Eric Christian, 37, of allegedly sending two e-mails to Police Chief Joseph Forti requesting help getting his car from an impound lot.

Taunted to death on Bebo: Spiteful messages drove schoolgirl to take fatal overdose - 07/29/09
A schoolgirl took a fatal overdose of painkillers after bullies waged a hate campaign against her on Bebo, an inquest has heard.
Megan Gillan, 15, swallowed the tablets to avoid a science exam after classmates posted spiteful messages on the social networking site.

Reporter Charged in Prostitution Case - 07/29/09
A veteran sports reporter for New Hampshire's largest newspaper was accused Wednesday of running a prostitution ring in two states and Canada featuring women who had auditioned for him. Kevin Provencher advertised his prostitution ring's services on Craigslist and other Web sites and rented hotel rooms in Andover, Mass., and in New Hampshire where the women would have sex for money, prosecutors said.

Creepy UMD student to plead guilty to harassing cousin for nude photos - 07/29/09
A University of Minnesota Duluth student allegedly wanted naked photos of his cousin so badly that he chose the blackmailing route to get them. After he hacked into her computer in 2006, he threatened to steal her identity and delete her files if she didn't send him nude pictures of herself. Something here is a little... off.

Tenant faces $50k lawsuit after complaining about her 'mouldy' flat on Twitter - 07/29/09
Amanda Bonnen is accused of defaming her landlords after updating her online status to say ‘Who said sleeping in a mouldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay.’

Judge dismisses indictment on free speech grounds - 07/28/09
A federal indictment against a white supremacist who posted a juror’s address online has been dismissed on First Amendment grounds.
(ed. note - this judge is an absolute idiot)

Teen pleads guilty to online threats - 07/28/09
A 17-year-old who threatened another teenager online has been ordered to do 25 hours community service.

How it feels to be sued for $4.5m - 07/27/09
When I contemplate the above sum, I have to remind myself what I'm being charged with. Investment fraud? An attack against the government? No. I shared music. And refused to cave.


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