Some people are assholes

So last night I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. Sore throat, achy, just plain tired. Took some Nyquil and slept straight through until almost 10 this morning. Got up and insisted I would help Chris with the post office parking lot. We did this last year, go through, sweep up the dust, garbage and crap (not literal crap), I'd weed, trim the bushes, etc. We did it in about three hours last year.

So I took a non-drowsy Sudafed, hooked up Phoebe to her halter/leash and we met Chris at the post office. We began weeding and everything was going great. I'm listening to Christopher Paolini's "Brisinger" on audio, there was a nice breeze and Phoebe was chillin.

Chris had weed whacked what he could and was blowing everything into a pile to scoop up to put into the back of his truck. All of a sudden I hear this guy screaming and yelling. I walk around the back of the post office and see this guy getting up in Chris' face (he was a short guy, so Chris towered over him) calling him nasty names and saying we can't be working because the dust was getting all over his just-pressure-washed house.

Chris told him he was under contract to do the work when customers weren't around. Sunday is the only day the post office is closed, the same day we did it last year (without complaints, mind you). The guy yells, "I'm going to call your boss!" And Chris replies, "I AM the boss." then he turned to walk toward me, clearly ticked off. The guy starts screaming about he's going to call the police.

I'd had enough. Never piss off a Scorpio. I yelled at the guy, "Do you have to be such an asshole? Can't you see he wears protective headphones and he couldn't hear you?"

He said something to the effect that he wanted to kick my ass and I told him to bring it on. Good thing he was far enough away or I would have kicked his ass to tomorrow and Chris would be bailing me out of jail.

The guy came back with something snappy and threatened to call the police. "Don't bother. I'll call them myself." I yelled, pulled out my phone and dialed. Then I called the postmaster, who said he'd had problems with the same guy about trucks delivering the mail and making "too much noise."


I don't think this guy thought I would call the cops. Phoebe and I waited for the cop, one I'd heard of, but didn't know personally. I explained what had happened and told him, "I did call the guy an asshole, but he is one."

The cop laughed. The guy comes walking across the parking lot and I walked toward Chris, who was now sweeping by hand, then shoveling what he could. It still was kicking up a lot of dust. You can't win .

The cop comes over and the guy follows him and the cop asked us all to be nice. Chris and I were quiet. The guy actually apologized to Chris for yelling at him, Chris accepted and apologized back and the guy went home.

I told the cop, "You'd think when you purchase a house near businesses (not just the post office, but several banks and other offices) you'd know there would be noise and cleaning and things."

The cop agreed, thanked us for being so civil and left.

So Chris asks if I'd walk behind him with the broom. He went to hook Phoebe up to the hitch on his bumper while we worked. She panicked, wriggled out of the halter and took off running.

I thought my heart was going to break.

We chased after her. I *almost * had her at one point, trying to keep the panic out of my voice, but then a loud car or truck went by and she was off again. Chris went back to get his truck while I walked, stopping people. I even stopped at the funeral home near our house (between us and the post office) because one of the employees was outside greeting people for a funeral. He was so nice and took down my info.

I headed for the cemetery, thinking maybe she'd head somewhere quiet and with lots of shade and talked to a couple there who said they'd look out for her.

Then Chris called my cell. He went home and sure enough, someone got our number off her tag and called us. They had her!

He picked me up and boy, did Phoebe run. The other way from the post office, kind of kitty corner to our house, almost like she was trying to head home.

We get to the street and this guy with a leash and two kids stops us. He told us he'd had her but let her go (I almost yelled at him). I saw her and had treats in my hand, so I calmly walked towards her. She ran a little, slowed down and I coaxed her to stop, grabbed her collar, picked her up and brought her to the truck.

She chowed down the chicken snacks. Chris had noticed a free riding lawn mower right there, checked it out and decided to bring us home, get his trailer and go back for the mower.

We get home, I put Phoebe in the tub, give her a flea and tick bath, then I hopped in the hot tub while she shook the water off out in the back yard.

Chris brought the mower home and got it running - it has a bagger and everything! I gave him a nice cold beer. I plan on drinking later. Hell, I may start now. And I'll cry a bit.

If that asshole hadn't started trouble, we would have been home, safe and sound. I wish the worst on him. Karma will get him in the end.

I'm just glad Phoebe is home safe and sound. Going to tighten the halter for our runs. And she stays home from now on when I'm helping Chris.


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