WHOA Newsletter - September 22, 2008

WHOA Newsletter

September 22, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Kind of ironic, huh?

Woman named Bacon wins Idaho hog-calling title

Jolee Bacon really sizzles when it comes to hog-calling.

The northern Idaho woman took first place Saturday in the competition at the Nez Perce County Fair.

She has raised several champion pigs for 4-H contests. Bacon says she calls pigs every morning and night with her 9-year-old daughter, Jacey.

Bacon won the crown over as she started her hog call with a few loud snorts and a long, drawn-out "sooey."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Reader disappointed with lack of cooperation - 09/21/08
(ed.note - it's a shame when an online victim has to turn to the media for help. But sometimes that does indeed help)
To the Editor:
I am writing in regard to the blatant lack of help from the Clay County Courthouse.
Since January 2008, I have filed five police reports and filed for a protective order twice. Both times, denied due to this person has no direct relationship to me.

Are there too many celebrity stalking sites? - 09/21/08
Can't get your fill of Brangelina, Miley or Britney? Don't fret--there's a celebrity news site or blog out there for you filled with stories, photos, videos and snarky comments on your favorite star.

Dirty politics and the world wide web - 09/21/08
ROCHELLE REES threw some cyber-mud at John Key on the internet "as a joke". The Auckland computer programmer was astounded at the fuss she caused. Her "harmless little prank" got a lot of publicity and raised hard questions. Was this a case of dirty tricks in cyber-space? After all, wasn't Rees a former Labour Party activist? Rees, 22, laughs.

MySpace boast nets partiers $320K Okla. tax bill -09/20/08
Be careful when you boast.
Oklahoma college students who bragged on MySpace that their party business had served thousands of revelers have been hit with a state tax bill of $320,000.

Baytown teacher stocks up on free MREs; stirs up cyberworld - 09/19/08
Jacki Steinhauer is one of the lucky ones. She has no damage at her Deer Park home, she has power and she doesn't have to work since her school is closed.

Cyber Bullies Attack Social Networking Sites - 09/19/08
If you take a closer look at myspace, facebook, and other social networking websites you'll find vicious words like slut and sex offender, written by students in our area describing their classmates and teachers!

Morocco scraps blogger's two-year jail sentence - 09/18/08
A Moroccan appeals court on Thursday cancelled a two-year jail sentence given to a local blogger for disparaging King Mohammed and the royal family, court officials and lawyers said.

Family of missing Amy hit by cruel Net hoax -09/18/08
THE family of missing Dublin teenager Amy Fitzpatrick have been targeted by internet hoaxers who gave them the address of a Tallaght youth and told them the 16-year-old girl was living there with him.

'Dark Play’ turns mean, but it’s not as dangerous as it thinks - 09/19/08
The first two words in the title of Carlos Murillo’s Dark Play or Stories for Boys refer to a game in which some players know the rules, but others don’t. This idea is presented by a high school drama teacher who needs her theater to be "dangerous," as if suggesting that is the same thing as "important."

US blogger sentenced to three months in Singapore jail - 09/18/08
An American blogger has been sentenced to three months' jail for accusing a Singapore judge of "prostituting herself," he told AFP on Thursday.

Cyberbullying Vs. Free Speech - 09/18/08
The case of Megan Meier screams out for justice. But to be truly served, justice must based on rationality, not just revenge and emotion.
It was disclosed in November that the 14-year-old Missouri girl committed suicide after an adult neighbor - the mother of one of Megan’s friends - allegedly carried out a cruel hoax. That mother, Lori Drew, reportedly set up a fake MySpace profile that appeared to belong to a hot-looking teenage boy named Josh Evans.

Attacker: Hacking Sarah Palin’s email was easy - 09/18/08
A college student identified as Rubico has claimed responsibility for hacking into Sarah Palin’s personal email, and provided a detailed 1st person account of how he hacked into the email account using the password “popcorn” which he managed to reset by successfully answering her security question “Where did you meet your spouse?” by Googling for the answer :

Vallejo prohibits students from using cell phones to videotape fights to post on YouTube - 09/18/08
The Vallejo City Unified School District Board of Education unanimously has approved a policy that bans students from using cell phones inappropriately, including by videotaping fights on school grounds so they can post them on YouTube.

Equal Rights Or Double Standards - 09/18/08
By now, most people who listen to the news, surf the Internet or read the newspaper know that between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. Wednesday, members of a known group of hackers broke into Gov. Sarah Palin’s private Yahoo e-mail account, an outrageous invasion of her privacy.

Cyber-Stalking of UC Animal Researcher Cited As Rationale for Raid - 09/18/08
UC Berkeley police, joined by federal and county law enforcement, raided the Long Haul Infoshop Aug. 27 in search of the source of threats to university researchers who experiment on animals.

Flaws in YouTube gangster video vetting exposed - 09/18/08
YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing website, this week removed over two dozen videos glorifying gangs and gang violence which had been on its website in some cases for over 18 months.

Fayetteville School District Hit With Federal Lawsuit - 09/17/08
A Fayetteville attorney filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the Fayetteville School District alleging district personnel failed to protect a student from physical and online harassment and beatings.

Porn on a plane: It's all or nothing - 09/17/08
The debate over viewing porn on your laptop while connected to an airline's Wi-Fi service in the air has been raging over the past few days.

Crackdown on 'suicide websites' - 09/17/08
The law on "suicide websites" is to be rewritten to ensure people know they are illegal, the government has said.

Penniless van driver conned millions from horseracing tycoons by posing online as a high roller - 09/16/08
A penniless fantasist who tricked two horseracing agents into buying him more than £5million worth of livestock has been jailed for three years.

Students urged to be respectful on gossip site - 09/16/08
JuicyCampus.com, the Web site where students can post the latest college gossip, has continued to gain popularity among Appalachian State University students.


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