WHO@ Newsletter - July 2, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Web site sells anti-infidelity ring

A Vancouver-based Web site is marketing an anti-infidelity wedding ring that leaves the imprint of the words "I'm married" on the wearer's finger.

TheCheeky.com is selling the titanium bands, which have the letters carved into the inside of the wedding band to leave an imprint on the wearer's finger, for $550, the New York Daily News reported Friday.

"With Arnold, Tiger and two-timing IMF guy in mind, we have created this wedding ring for people intent on cheating," the company said on its Web site.

The ring received a lot of attention from Twitter users.

"Who would ever buy this? Least romantic wedding ring ever," one user wrote. "I'm just saying that if either of you are considering these, then you should probably reconsider marriage, period."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

It's a man's (virtual) world - 07/02/12
Sexual harassment is rife in the world of online video gaming. While video games are often thought of as a male pursuit, an increasing number of women are playing them. Having entered a domain that was once dominated by men, female gamers are being met by abuse.

Online scam looks like the real thing - 07/02/12
A computer scam that has conned users across Europe into paying a €100 (about R1000) fine has arrived in Ireland - complete with imitation garda logo. Fraudsters in the scam, known as the police trojan, are now targeting the country and sending out messages, accompanied by a good imitation of the Garda logo, telling users their computers have been locked.

Jilted man jailed for harassment - 07/01/12
A jilted former City worker found guilty of orchestrating a terrifying campaign of harassment against his ex-girlfriend and her family in Brighton has been jailed indefinitely with a minimum term of six years. Al Amin Dhalla, 42, moved in with Dr Alison Hewitt in Brighton, East Sussex, months after meeting her through an elite online dating agency for professionals.

Website targeted by scammers urges people to report foul play - 07/01/12
THE website that online scammers used to target job seekers in Hampshire is urging victims to report any foul play. An international scam, which had led police to Mauritius, is conning vulnerable job hunters out of money across the south.

Smartphones drive latest wave of cyber-bullying - 06/30/12
THE rise of smartphones has outpaced traditional wisdom on how parents should monitor teenagers' use of technology and created a powerful new venue for cyber-bullying, according to an Australian psychologist who has conducted the most detailed study yet of children's behaviour towards each other.

Clementi family speak out against cyber-bullying - 06/30/12
The family of Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi (pictured) have said on US television they have come to believe he killed himself in part because of his roommate used a webcam to see him kissing another man. “It was the humiliation that his roommates and his dorm-mates were watching him in a very intimate act. And that they were laughing behind his back,” his mother, Jane Clementi said on NBC's Rock Centre program.

Facebook and Twitter make girls 'appear more aggressive' - 06/30/12
Experts believe the language used by young women is becoming shorter, sharper and more “to the point”, with less time to deliberate carefully over their words. The change, it is claimed, has resulted in teenage girls seeming curt, straightforward and even aggressive when speaking to one another and adults.

Stalking takes a high-tech turn - 06/29/12
The Internet generation is growing and with it comes the roar of extroverted, uninformed, and easily swayed teenagers looking to carve their way in the world one bickering debate (if we are going to use that word) at a time. Into the world like a virus they come screaming, infecting privacy with cyber-stalking passed off as a harmless new American pastime.

How I Stopped My Ex's Cyber-Bullying - 06/29/12
Christie Brinkley's recent divorce settlement made me bow to the fickle gods of post-divorce justice. The court appointed an intermediary to "deal with email bullying, verbal and emotional abuse" that Brinkley reportedly had suffered from her ex Peter Cook.

Cyberbullying: Pregnant 16-Yr-Old Bully Ignores Court, Says Victim to Suffer ‘til Death - 06/29/12
"F . . . the restraining order, she's dead," a pregnant 16-year-old student in Geelong posted on Facebook after she was arrested Wednesday. The girl, who remains unnamed for being a minor, spent a night in custody after her arrest. A magistrate said Thursday the pregnant teen is risking jail time with her demeanor, Daily Telegraph reported.

Clarksville Clerk Charged With Using Guests' Info - 06/29/12
Police in Clarksville said a motel clerk stole guests' credit card numbers and gambled online. The department said an investigation began when an Illinois woman found more than $4,000 in online gambling fees had been charged to her credit card, which was still in her possession.

SWAT team throws flashbangs, raids wrong home due to open WiFi network - 06/28/12
The long-standing, heavily documented militarization of even small-town American police forces was always going to create problems when it met anonymous Internet threats. And so it has, again­this time in Evansville, Indiana, where officers acted on some Topix postings threatening violence against local police. They then sent an entire SWAT unit to execute a search warrant on a local house, one in which the front door was open and an 18-year old woman sat inside watching TV.

Protecting your privacy online - 06/28/12
Advertisers, browsers, websites, and smartphone apps track you when you surf the web and travel, with the goal of developing advertisements that correspond to items you view on merchants’ websites or the information you search for on search engines such as Google.

Los Angeles model says she was cyberstalked - 06/27/12
Earlier this year, Los Angeles model Kourtney Reppert was headed for a trip to Colorado with friends on a private plane when they stopped for a moment to take a photo at the airport.
They happened to be standing in front of another plane when they snapped the shot and later posted it on Facebook.

Guilty until proven innocent: Families will have to pay £20 to show they DIDN'T illegally download music under new law - 06/27/12
Internet users who illegally download music, movies and e-books will be sent warning letters in a crackdown that could lead to court action for copyright theft. A new regime to tackle online piracy will in effect treat individuals as ‘guilty until proven innocent’. Those wrongly accused of illegal downloading will have to pay a £20 fee to appeal in a move that has angered consumer groups.

Internet porn, sexting and intimate webcam sessions causing 'worrying child-on-child rape trend', report warns - 06/27/12
Internet porn, sexting and explicit webcam sessions are increasingly putting young people in danger, not just from strangers but their own peers, a report suggests. Parents and schools are struggling to cope with the ever-changing advances in technology and social networking and the effect they have on young people's behaviour, it warns.

FBI arrests six British 'hackers' in 'biggest ever' undercover sting into global online fraud - 06/27/12
The FBI has arrested six suspected British hackers accused of masterminding a global network of online fraudsters trading in stolen bank and credit card information. They were among 24 suspects snared yesterday following a painstaking two-year undercover sting spanning four continents, described as the biggest of its kind against financial cyber-crooks.

The Boy Hackers - 06/26/12
TWO young hackers face jail after yesterday admitting attacking the websites of major organisations. Ryan Cleary, 20, and Jake Davis, 19, targeted the CIA, Pentagon, NHS, Sony, Nintendo and The Sun. The pair, teenage members of international hacking group LulzSec, carried out “distributed denial of service” attacks ­ flooding websites with traffic to make them crash.

Family of fallen soldier outraged after picture used for scam - 06/26/12
The father of a local fallen soldier was stunned to find out that someone was using his son's picture, to plead for online donations, claiming the soldier needed financial help to recover from his wounds. Sgt. Sean Fennerty, from Corvallis, was killed in Iraq in 2007 and buried in Portland. His father, Dr. Brian Fennerty, said Monday that he still can't believe what has happened, and on top of that he's had trouble getting Craigslist to take down the posting.


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