WHO@ Newsletter - June 21, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Why the mattess?

NY vacuum salesmen charged with damaging mattress
Two vacuum salesmen didn't exactly close the deal at a recent home demonstration in central New York. State police charged the Syracuse men with a misdemeanor after a $1,300 Sealy latex foam mattress was damaged. Trooper Andy Davis said the damage occurred during a demonstration Monday at a home in Richfield Springs. Davis wouldn't elaborate on what was done to the mattress.

Davis said the men were both at the home when police arrived and were trying to save the situation. They were charged with reckless endangerment of property.

The mattress owner is looking for reimbursement.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

The agony of a girl who just wanted to fit in -06/20/10
Lexi was new to school and intent on being accepted. Then the pictures surfaced and the torment began. It wasn’t a bullying case where the fault was always obvious, or the school failed to react. It was one that shows the grave complexity of this threat to teen life and how hard it can be to combat.

What Kind of Germ Creates a Computer Virus? - 06/20/10
I am tired of these viruses. Every morning, I come into work, relatively chipper and ready to face the day. Problem is, more mornings than not, I'm met with the dispiriting news that a new high-tech bug is stalking my computer.

Facebook has changed adoption for ever - 06/19/10
Social network sites like Facebook are changing what happens after adoption. At the click of a button, birth parents can contact their children ­ and vice versa ­ with far-reaching consequences

Man held for sending threat e-mails in wife’s name to city hotel -06/19/10
The city police on Friday arrested a man from Bangalore who had allegedly sent threat e-mails in his wife’s name to a hotel in Koregaon Park earlier this month. Sunil Suresh Nayak alias Suresh Dholakia (40), a human resource (HR) professional from Bangalore, was brought to Pune and arrested. Police said Nayak sent an e-mail to the hotel on June 1, demanding Rs 2.5 crore within 24 hours.

Prompt punishment for Pittsburgh pierogi who piled on Pirates - 06/19/10
So a team struggles through an epic losing streak and its manager and general manager are somehow rewarded with contract extensions in the middle of it. Meanwhile, a low-level team employee who makes about $100 a month racing around in a pierogi costume says what we're all thinking on his Facebook page ­ and promptly loses his job.

Who needs paparazzi? We are all stalking ourselves online - 06/18/10
A few years ago, I lived at the beach in Santa Monica. It was a two-storey rectangular beach house, and in the afternoons I would sit on my balcony, smoke a cigar, and watch the sun set over the Pacific. One day, though, I was disturbed by the alarming noise of ambulance sirens, the chatter of a gathering crowd, and squawking police radios from the next street over. And then, fluttering above, there appeared several news helicopters.

E-mail, phone threats lead to cyberstalking charges - 06/18/10
For the second time since April, a young adult has been charged with a felony count of cyberstalking in Rock Island County Circuit Court, accused of making threats using electronic technology. Ashley E. Bemis, 22, of Visalia, Calif., is accused of using cell phone text messages to make multiple threats to harm a former girlfriend from Rock Island between January and March, court records state.

Cyberstalking trial continued until August - 06/18/10
The trial for two Pamlico County teenagers charged with the cyberstalking of Pamlico County High School’s interim principal earlier this year was continued until Aug. 13. Matthew L. Nanney, 17, of Arapahoe, and Tony R. Bloomberg, 18, of Grantsboro, were each charged with cyberstalking, a Class 2 misdemeanor, in connection with an incident that occurred on Feb. 18.

Inside The Minds Of Anonymous Commenters - 06/18/10
News websites like Boston.com are inundated with comments ­ often hundreds of them on a single story ­ nasty, hateful, anonymous comments. It seems like a free-for-all. Trolls hide behind their keyboards to hurl insults at one another. You have to wonder, who are these people?

Suspect caught napping on tanning bed - 06/17/10
Warrant arrest: 9:23 p.m., 900 block of Sixth Street S. An officer responded to the Desert Sun Tanning Salon on a report of a man in a tanning bed with the door locked for over a half hour. The officer ran the man's license plate to find a warrant for cyberstalking and domestic violence. After opening the door, police found the man asleep. The man was transported to the Snohomish County Jail on the warrant.

Websites that troll for personal information affect employers, employees alike - 06/17/10
They "crawl the web." That sounds pretty creepy, and it is! But to the entrepreneurs who are creating an increasing number of "people finder" Websites, it's just "legal" big business that collects "public information" about people like you and me!

Internet histories common thread in Brockway, New York murders - 06/17/10
It was by all appearances a random, unsettling act of violence. James Shugar, a retired foreman at Owens-Brockway Glass and his wife of 42 years, Victoria, owner of a flower shop in Brockway, were found shot to death in the basement of their home April 12.

Authorities: Sex crimes via social networking sites often go unreported - 06/16/10
Law enforcement officials are reminding residents that while social networking sites can be fun, they also present potential dangers in the form of sexual harassment. Washoe County Sheriffs Office deputies recently arrested Jared Smith, 25, of Sparks, after he allegedly sent messages through a Facebook.com account of a sexual nature to a 14-year-old girl, according to a press release from sheriff's spokesman Armando Avina.

Wikipedia unlocks divisive pages for editing -06/15/10
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia says it has taken an "important step" towards making it easier to edit some of its most controversial articles. Up to 2,000 articles, including a page about former US President George W Bush, will have their strict editing restrictions relaxed.

Chatroulette Plans Penis-Recognition Algorithm to Block Pervy Users - 06/14/10
There's something exhilarating about meeting someone new, whether it's in a coffee shop or online. That is, until your new pal pulls a Lyndon Johnson and gets really friendly. That sort of behavior is pretty common on Chatroulette, where users can "meet" and chat with random people with a click of a mouse. But to cut down on the parade of penises, the service is planning to add image-recognition software that will filter out shots of male genitalia, TechCrunch reports.


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