Finally home

Left the hotel about 9 am. The roads were clear, the sun was out, I was listening to Brother Odd by Dean Koontz on my Mini iPod. I'd gotten a DLO Transpod so that I could listen to the iPod through my car stereo. It's very cool! And the book is wonderful!

Stopped a few times for the dogs and restroom breaks. It was pretty uneventful and although was quicker than the ride out, still felt like it took forever to get home. Once home, even though the plow had come, I had to park Jurgen in the driveway, get out and shovel the snow from in front of the garage door. I'm so glad I'd gotten a Toro Power Shovel last spring. It worked like a charm and I was done in less than 10 minutes. Took the Jeep out of the garage (anyone interested in a 2001 forest green Sport Cherokee with only 62K on it? Book value is $7200, I'm asking $7,000 OBO?). Put Jurgen in, got the dogs inside, then unpacked the car.

Then I had to figure a way out into the back yard so the dogs could go out. The snow was over a foot high. I finally figured out how to remove the screen from the storm door (which is going to be replaced by a better one that I bought recently). I climbed through, with the shovel and got rid of the snow around the door so that it could now be opened.

Went back upstairs, called the neighbors to get my mail and took them over maple flavored coffee from Canada as a thank you for also shoveling the front walk and porch.

Went back in, called my Mom and V2 to let them know I'd arrived home safely. Then I checked my email briefly, fed the dogs, ran a bubble bath and listened to more of Odd Thomas. I had some dinner, watched American Idol, LOST and House, which I'd taped while I was gone. LOST is so much better now than it was earlier this year. I kept going "WHAT?!" during the show. Wow.

At one point, the stress and everything caught up with me and I had a good cry. I think part of it was I was so glad to be home. And seeing Bandit and Guin curled up in their beds and content. Well, it got to me.

I realized how exhausted I was and went to bed at 7:30 pm. Yep. Slept pretty much through (only got up once to let the dogs out) to almost 7 this morning.

I feel better. Rested. Have postal mail to catch up on, need to pay bills, work on my keynote for next week's conference, do laundry, run the dishwasher, etc etc. I only have today and tomorrow to do all this. Then I pick up my mom on Tuesday, after I get my nails done in the morning to bring her back to dogsit while I'm gone.

I leave 7:30 am Wed morning for New Orleans. I'm being called the "Distinguished Lecturer" for this conference. I kid you not. It's a psychology conference and I'll be talking about how cyberstalking happened to me and the psychology of cyberstalking and cyberstalkers. The guy who booked me is absolutely thrilled and has me busy the whole time, including being guest of honor at a luncheon on Thursday before my talk. Wow.

I get home late Friday, take my mom home Saturday, have Sunday to catch up on things, then pick up my very dear friend and "brother," Peter (from California), Monday. The dogs and I are driving him to my sister's house, where we'll be staying over Monday and Tuesday nights. He has to leave on Wednesday morning. Then February is gone and another month begins.

Going to celebrate Chinese New Year with V2 and Bob at Panda Sakura restaurant tonight. We know the owners (I think I mentioned this before, but can't remember). So that will be fun.


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