Oh Canada and snow!

I'll tell you about my lovely drive to Toronto. When the dogs and I woke up this morning, there was a foot of snow on the ground and it was still snowing. I quickly packed, went out and thanked my Dad (in my head) for the emergency shovel he'd given me five years ago. It came in handy to dig out my car in the parking lot at the Ramada. I then had two guys come and help push Jurgen out and then went inside to get the luggage and Bandit and Guin.

We were on the road at around 8:30 or so and it was sloooooow going for a long time. The highest speed was 40 MPH for a long time. I saw a shitload of tractor trailers flipped over or in accidents - and I know why. They were whizzing past me. I'm surprised more weren't off the road. Things began to taper off when we came to Buffalo and driving was better. I was now up to 60-65 MPH. When I hit Canada at Niagara Falls (slowly I turn), it got nasty again (and the customs guy didn't even look at my license or the dog's rabies paperwork, hmph). Then it suddenly cleared up, the sun came out and

traffic jam

A car accident up ahead in Hamilton kept all three lanes stalled for almost an hour. Seriously. By the time we reached Toronto it was 4:30. I found the driveway for this place I'm in, Victoria's Mansion, the only place I could find that would take dogs. And it wasn't plowed. I held my breath and Jurgen slid a bit, but we made it to the shoveled parking lot. Lot shoveled, driveway not? I checked in and asked and the manager says the driveway is owned privately. Oh great. Oh Canada.

Got the dogs settled, but had to give Bandit an Ativan. I had to give it to him last night as well to calm him down. Guin is a joy to take on trips. Bandit is not. I then ran across the way to a Hasty Mart and got an Indian frozen dinner, some ding dongs, and milk.

What a lovely Valentine's Day.

My friend Cass and her boyfriend Stu were going to take me out to dinner, but reservations weren't until 9 pm and I am just too tired to join them. Besides, we have to leave for London (Ontario, not England) at 6:45 in the morning. I just want to sleep.

So I call my Mom, then She Who Must Not Be Named (SWMNBN) to let them know I arrived okay. I then told SWMNBN that since I got an an email demanding the basement be finished by the end of the month, I just couldn't do it because I am not going to be here - I don't get home til late Saturday from this trip, then Sun/Mon will catch up on email, postal mail and phone calls and laundry, Tues pick up my mom to dogsit, then fly to New Orleans Wed to be keynote at a conference. I fly home late Friday, take my mom home Sat, spend Sunday catching up, then my friend from California is flying out on Monday, staying until Wednesday, which brings us to the end of this month.

Am I supposed to pull extra time out of my ass?

I'll post about why I'm in Canada tomorrow night or Friday. I just can't yet. Cass knows why. (wink wink)

I think I'm going to have a good frelling cry and go to bed. I am depressed, tired and mad.


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