Just arrived in Oriskany, NY. Four and a half hours, no snow, thank goodness, but still tiring. The dogs and I took a couple of breaks and we had McDonald's for lunch.

When we checked into the Ramada here, I fired up the laptop and got my email. It's interesting how some people who know I'm on the road decide it's a good time to send me the emails they did. I have been told I cannot post about someone I care for very much in my life, even the mundane shopping trips we do. Fine. It's obvious some people have a problem with the wonderful relationship I have with this very close person to me. I hope they cherish this person as much as I do.

That being said, if you don't like what I post here, don't read it. Period.


a friend said…
Gee I've always felt that you have been a most patient, kind, and understanding person throughout an extremely difficult time in your life. It is a shame when others just don't understand and choose to be grit in the gears rather than grease. Keep being you. More people realize the type of person you are and appreciate you for it than you will ever know.

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