University of Louisville Talks

Flew to Louisville, KY a week ago Monday from Portland, Maine. The rain hadn't gotten too bad yet, so my flight made it out without a delay (but I heard the flights after us were delayed). However, the flight to Newark, NJ was a nailbiter. It was a small plane and was blown around, up and down so much that I thought at one point I was gonna vomit. Seriously.

I had a 2 hour layover, so I had a glass of wine to settle down and some chili. I felt better by the time I got on the plane. Nice flight out of Newark and into Louisville. Landing, it was in the 50s and sunny. Took the shuttle to the Hilton Garden Inn, got into my room, ordered room service, then took a quick shower to get all the airplane "air" off of me.

Crashed after that, then had a rude awakening. Two of the ladies from the University of Louisville picked me up at 11 am for an early lunch at the Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe. Then we headed to the University so that I could set up my netbook.

The last time I'd spoken at UofL was way back in 2001, before Myspace and Facebook were even blips on the Internet. I was happy they were having me come back. I ended up doing two sessions, with about 40-50 people in each one. It was a mix of students, faculty and local advocacy reps. A couple of students in the second presentation laughed a little during the part where I show what my alter ego found out, but quieted down soon after that.

I got a lot of compliments afterward and was on a high when Brenda, who had booked me, walked up with a foot high statue of the Thinker by Rodan. I was bemused. She handed it to me and thanked me for coming back to the university. Then she leaned in to tell me first that he was anatomically correct (he is) and that faculty get one after being at the university for 15 years, so this was an honor. And I was honored (and amused). I told her I would have fun at the airport on the way home with it.

She took me back to my hotel and I ended up eating in the restaurant at the hotel. In the morning, I carefully packed my naked man in my carry on and took the shuttle to the airport. Going through security, there came my oversized handbag, my netbook, my coat and shoes. My carryon bag got pulled off.

Here we go, I thought.

"It's the statue, isn't it?" I asked.

The TSA woman nodded. "It's a statue?"

"Yep and I have to warn you, he's naked and anatomically correct."

She paused as she placed it on the table, looked at me, then unzipped the bag. I told her he was under the Ziploc bag. She took that out and started laughing. She pulled my naked man out and actually looked to see if he did have a penis.

The she set him down and got her swab and said, "He has a nice back" and proceeded to swab his back and butt (but not his frontal region).

Of course he passed inspection.

"This is a first," she said and handed him to me with my carryon. "You made my day."

Got to LaGuardia, a little bit of a layover, so had some tortilla chips with avocado dip. Got on the plane and we ended up sitting on the runway for almost an hour. But we still made it to Portland on time (go figure).

Chris and Phoebe were very happy to see me. And I'd gotten home in time for the rain to be pretty much gone - it was sprinkling.

Brenda sent me a referral and I quote:

"Jayne’s presentation was not only informative, but also interesting and entertaining. Jayne is very knowledgeable in the field of Cyber Security and the pitfalls associated with online communications."

Woo hoo - I love getting recommendations like that!

In closing, here's my naked man:


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