WHO@ Newsletter - April 12, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Yum
Man with no cash eats burrito, Funyuns at store

Authorities said a man took a bite into crime when he helped himself to a burrito and a bag of Funyuns snacks at a gas station food store in Hastings, then told the clerk to call police because he had no money to pay.

Barry County Prosecutor Tom Evans said 28-year-old Michael Odell was charged with retail fraud. Odell, who told police he is homeless, is jailed on a $2,000 bond with a pretrial hearing set for May 4.

Evans said Odell ate the burrito and Funyuns on Saturday morning, then had the cashier call police. The prosecutor said Odell told officers he had spent his money at a tavern in the city 35 miles west of Lansing.

Jail records say Odell didn't have an attorney as of Wednesday.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Internet child health advice 'wrong' - 04/12/10
Typing your child's medical problem into Google is unlikely to deliver much in the way of good advice, UK researchers have said. The Nottingham-based team used the search engine to find UK-based advice on five common issues, including breastfeeding and autism.

Online social networking boon, burden for police - 04/11/10
In many ways the emergence of social networking has proven helpful to law enforcement, but it also has come at a cost. For years police departments have dedicated resources to investigating and preventing Internet crimes. Now, the popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace has brought a new wave of online crimes.

Facebook under privacy microscope - 04/11/10
Regulators globally are grappling with a conundrum: how to contend with the rise of an internet phenomenon that five years ago did not exist? Facebook, founded in a Harvard dorm room just five years ago, now boasts 400m users and is the world’s largest social networking site.

Facebook campaign forces headteacher to resign after pupil power revolt - 04/10/10
The head of a girls’ grammar school has quit before she even started in the face of a malicious Facebook campaign by pupils angry at her appointment. Sally Jarrett, 50, was selected ahead of 11 other candidates by governors of Beaconsfield High, who praised her ‘vision, drive and enthusiasm’.

Teen faces jail for accusing innocent man of killing James Bulger - 04/09/10
A teenager is facing jail after falsely accusing a man of being one of James Bulger's killers. Wayne Dale is the first person to be prosecuted in connection with attempts to unmask the murderers. The 19-year-old wrote comments on Facebook which claimed an innocent member of staff at a DIY store on the Isle of Man was Robert Thompson.

Swedish Porn Crashes Railway - 04/08/10
A RAIL worker has been slammed by his bosses for crippling a train network by looking at PORN in the office. Investigators found there were so many viruses infecting the rail network's computers in Gavle, Sweden, they were incapable of running trains safely.

Stalked Strictly star terrified he'd be attacked like Jill Dando - 04/09/10
A Strictly Come Dancing contestant feared being attacked like Jill Dando after falling victim to an internet stalker. Crimewatch presenter Rav Wilding, 32, said he was bombarded with 'vile and grotesque' abuse over the internet by Muslim convert Toneeta Beckford.

Mission woman jailed in MySpace impersonation case - 04/08/10
A Mission woman is facing criminal charges after allegedly impersonated her brother's ex-girlfriend to post nude pictures of her on MySpace. Cameron County Sheriff's Department deputies arrested 18-year-old Jessica Jaqueline Gomez under an online harassment charge on Wednesday.

Police attack Facebook in dispute over child safety - 04/08/10
Police have accused Facebook of being arrogant for failing to install a child safety button on its web pages. The social networking site is said to have never reported a case to British police of a suspected paedophile attempting to groom a child.

Compromised eBay Account Used in Phishing Scam - 04/06/10
Only a few days ago, an Internet security company Red Condor issued a warning of a new email threat that appears to be a security alert form the leading online marketplace, eBay. The scam message is perfectly disguised and leads to a compromised user`s account within eBay network that hosts a malicious executable.


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