True Crimes & Misdemeanors Newsletter - April 13, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Horse returns selfie-taker's kiss in viral video
A man who planted a smooch on a horse while taking a selfie with the animal captured his own surprise as the equine kissed him back. The video, shared by America's Funniest Home Videos' AFVApproved YouTube channel, shows the man kiss the horse while taking a selfie and the horse, without missing a beat, returns the favor on the side of the man's face. The location and date of the video were unclear Monday.

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Bryan Lee: Former Ohio Trooper Ripped Tickets In Exchange For Sex - 04/12/15
Bryan D. Lee, a former Ohio state trooper, was sentenced to five years in prison on Thursday for violating the civil rights of female motorists throughout his law enforcement career. According to Daily News, the 31-year-old man confessed to coercing four women into having sex with him in exchange for dismissing their tickets. Over the course of his eight-year career, Bryan Lee admittedly had sex with four different women. He also sexually assaulted some of his arrested victims after they were handcuffed. According to the report, Lee offered to not write traffic tickets or file criminal charges against neither the women targeted nor their friends.

Salisbury woman charged with harassing Health, Human Services employee - 04/11/15
A Salisbury woman with a history of making harassing and threatening phone calls has been accused of doing it again, authorities say. The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office served arrest warrants on Rebecca Bailey Dye, 63, of the 1200 block of Stanley Street, charging her with misdemeanor cyberstalking and misdemeanor harassing telephone calls.

8th-grader faces felony charge for changing teacher's desktop background - 04/10/15
A Florida eighth-grader is facing felony hacking charges after he used his school's computer network to prank a teacher with a photo of two men kissing. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said Domanik Green, 14, used an administrative-level password to access the secure computer network at Paul R. Smith Middle School in Holiday on March 31 and change the desktop background photo to one showing two men kissing.

Internet romance turned into stalking obsession for man - 04/10/15
AN internet romance turned into a serious obsession when a man began stalking a woman after she had ended the relationship. Ross White was unable to accept it was over and began contacting her via social media and by telephone and also turned up at her place of work at Chard. He also made repeated threats to assault her new boyfriend and sent a message to the victim saying that he had slept the night on a communal stairwell leading to her flat.

Salisbury woman charged with cyberstalking, making harassing phone calls - 04/09/15
A Salisbury woman is facing charges of making harassing phone calls and cyberstalking in Wake County. Rebecca Bailey Dye, 63, was booked into the Rowan Detention Center on Thursday morning just after 1:00 a.m. Bond was set at $5000. Captain John Sifford said the charges are from Wake County, but were served on Dye in Rowan County.

Florida Legislature looks to ban revenge porn - 04/09/15
A San Diego man made international headlines last week when he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for posting more than 10,000 nude photos of people online without their permission, along with their personal information. Kevin Bollaert was convicted on extortion and identity theft charges -- not because he published the photos. When victims requested the images be taken down, Bollaert's so-called revenge porn site would direct them to another site, which would charge about $300 to take the images down.

Governor Walker signs cyberstalking bill into law, victim says: “It gives me peace of mind” - 04/09/15
Governor Scott Walker on Wednesday, April 8th signed a bill that will allow state judges to issue restraining orders against anyone who uses technology to harass a Wisconsin resident from anywhere in the country. “I applaud the legislators and the governor for closing the gap,” Melissa Torres, who has been a target of cyberbullying said.

10 Tips to Dealing With Trolls - 04/09/15
If you’re in the online world, you’ve dealt with a troll. If you haven’t, you will. I have to deal with it on a daily basis as I write a lot and am always under scrutiny over things. Even my free hosting business gets attacked from time to time even though we do everything in our power to not participate. Every business I’ve ever been apart of has had this as well.

Social Media Needs More Limitations, Not Choices - 04/09/15
Social media is always updating to give people more. More features like video and picture sharing. More freedom to use third-party apps. More capacity to store more data and make more connections. More platforms so we can use one service while loading another.

Five-year-old tormented and harassed by online bullies - 04/09/15
A five-year-old girl was among hundreds of people in Coventry who was tormented by online bullies using social media. The youngster, who was harassed online, went to police after being targeted on Facebook and Twitter.

Has Anita Sarkeesian Been Silenced? - 04/09/15
Sociologists are interested in the workings of power. How is inequality produced and sustained? What discursive and institutional forces uphold it? How are obvious injustices made invisible or legitimized? Why is it so hard to change hearts, minds, and societies?

Protection order violators may see stiffer penalties - 04/09/15
A bill making its way through the legislature aims to tighten the screws on those who violate an order of protection; typically awarded to the victim of domestic violence, date rape, sexual violence, stalking, and cyberstalking. Supporters of House Bill (HB-443) report to Historic City News that the victim of domestic violence can get a protective order against their spouse, partner, or significant other; however, the order remains in effect a maximum of 15 days.

Is there a stalker in your webcam? - 04/08/15
Imagine someone stalking you, 24 hours a day, peeking into your private life and whatever you do online as well through your own webcam. Sounds scary? It can be true, however. Hackers can activate your webcam remotely even when it is not in use. It allows them to look into your private life through your webcam that acts as a strong weapon for cyber stalking.

Online harassment is a form of violence - 04/08/15
Many of us have a traditional and corporeal perspective on violence. We perceive it as physical threat: the stranger following you home on a dark night; an unprovoked assault in a bar or on an empty train; or the alcohol fuelled brawl that breaks out in the Valley in Brisbane on a Friday night. We may even think about domestic or family violence, particularly now that popular discourse increasingly recognises domestic violence as a national emergency of "epidemic" proportions.

Online harassment 'requires more law enforcement' - 04/08/15
The case of an Indian student being defamed and threatened online is an indictment of flawed police practice, not existing legislation, says ACT Leader David Seymour. The harassment and subsequent police inaction was reported on One News on Tuesday. "Mr Singh has been let down by police inaction, not by a lack of legislation," says Mr Seymour.

Bell Canada pulls U-turn on super-invasive web-stalking operation - 04/08/15
Following the Canadian Privacy Commissioner's investigation into "an unprecedented number of complaints" regarding Bell Canada, the telecommuncations giant is suddenly back-pedalling on its customer tracking policy. A report from the Canadian Privacy Commissioner's Office (OPC) has urged telecommunications companies to adopt "opt-in" consent when it comes to building detailed consumer profiles to facilitate behaviourally targeted advertising.


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