True Crime Online Newsletter - February 24, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .IOC spokesman laughed at Jimmy Kimmel's Sochi wolf hoax

An International Olympic Committee spokesman said he laughed at Jimmy Kimmel's gag video of a wolf walking down a Sochi Olympics hotel hallway.

The late-night host created the hoax video -- which depicted a wolf walking down a hallway resembling those at the U.S. dorms of the Olympic Village in Sochi -- and it was taken by some as real when it was posted to U.S. luge star Kate Hansen's Twitter account prior to her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

Hansen, who appeared on Kimmel's show via satellite while still in Sochi, said not everyone was amused by the wolf hoax.

"Honestly, there was a little bit more backlash than I thought there would be, but it was all worth it in the end," she said.

"I started hearing people talk around the building and then security started freaking out 'cause technically it's a breach within athlete safety," Hansen said. "It kind of went a little crazy over here."

Mark Adams, a spokesman for the IOC, said he doesn't believe the prank did any real harm.

"It made me kind of laugh as an individual, not as an IOC spokesman," Adams said. "I don't think there's any harm done. I don't think it's anything serious."

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DPD Chief James Craig responds to death threat investigation - 02/24/14
The FBI is investigating a death threat against Detroit Police Chief James Craig. The threat was made over the Internet by a man believed to be a drug dealer or a gang member. Sunday, Craig spoke out saying, "we will find you."

Local Girl Opens Up About Cyberbullying and Cutting - 02/24/14
Long sleeves, long hours spent alone. Those are just some of the warning signs a local mother wants other parents to look out for. They're indications she says something serious could be wrong. "Kill yourself, swallow pills stuff like that." Messages difficult for an adult to dismiss. Madie Atwell repeatedly saw those words and others like them on the popular app, Ask fm.

'Top Model' judge Charlotte Dawson kills self after cyber-bullying - 02/23/14
A famous TV personality in Australia, Charlotte Dawson, was found dead in her apartment in Sydney on Saturday morning. Her death is still under investigation but according to some reports, Dawson was dealing with depression and her death was prompted by cyberbullying. Initial reports suggest that the "Top Model" judge committed suicide by a combination of prescription medication and alcohol.

Facebook Bullying Case Disturbs School Officials - 02/21/14
The selfies are posted to Facebook -- photos of fresh-faced teens who are said to have chlamydia, to have had abortions and to have shot up drugs. The posts describe their body parts as "chewed up bubblegum," "dirty" and "ratchet." "She has had sex with over 100 men," says a post with a photo of an innocent-looking girl wearing glasses and a baseball cap.

Military police investigation into anti-gay online harassment nets two arrests - 02/21/13
Military police have arrested two soldiers and continue to investigate allegations of homophobic and racist harassment of Forces members on a Facebook page. The Department of National Defence said in early January 2014 military police began an investigation into potentially defamatory posts on the “Cpl Bloggins” Facebook page. Two Canadian Armed Forces members were arrested at CFB Petawawa on Jan. 22 but no charges have been laid.

App creates cyber bullying concerns in Johnson County school district - 02/20/14
A new social media messaging app is creating a cyber bullying nightmare in high schools across the nation after students in Mobile, Ala., were arrested for making terroristic threats on the app YikYak. Now, the app has gained popularity in a Johnson County school district. Just last week, it caused problems at Shawnee Mission High School where students were posting hateful messages about each other.

The exclusive bar that wants to stay exclusive: Japanese drinking den sues website over review which 'damaged its claim to be secret' - 02/20/14
While most bars and eateries love a good review to drive business, there are always exceptions to the rule. A Japanese bar is shunning modern-day marketing techniques, preferring a more unorthodox approach. The Osaka bar has taken offence to a food-lovers website and is pursuing legal action, arguing publicity actually hurts its strategy of being discreet and exclusive, according to reports in the Ashi Shimbun and the Nikkei Business Daily.

UW athletes face issues of cyberbullying - 02/20/14
With the rise of social media, a public figure’s personal critics are never more than 140 characters away. Student-athletes are among those who feel the sting of ill-advised or critical social posts, which has raised the question as to whether universities should take steps to regulate the sites. At universities that place an emphasis on their athletics program, it may not come as much of a surprise that personal social media attacks are a frequent occurrence for a number of prominent student-athletes.

American wants Kiwi's cyber bullying to stop - 02/20/14
An American Harry Potter historian tormented by five years of cyber stalking and death threats from a New Zealand woman says enough is enough. Melissa Anelli – author of Harry, A History and owner of Potter fan website The Leaky Cauldron – has called for the New Zealand authorities to put a stop to Jessica Parker's near constant attacks.

Man arrested over 'vile' email threats to RTE star Sharon - 02/19/14
GARDAI have arrested a man after RTE's Sharon Ni Bheolain was subjected to a series of "sickening" emails with sexual content. The mum-of-one received a number of emails which were described as "vile". Ms Ni Bheolain (43) was the victim in a campaign of harassment and intimidation including photoshopped images as well as threats of a sexual nature as part of the abuse.

Social media at core of harassment case - 02/19/14
It’s a place where most users post images of their favorite wedding dresses, a recipe that they want to try or inspirational quotes ­ often shared between mothers and daughters. But police say a North Shore woman used a Pinterest account to violate a restraining order and harass her estranged daughter last year.

"They Called Me Ugly"- Cyberbullies Use Apps To Remain Anonymous - 02/18/14
Smart phone applications continue to grow in popularity among teens and young adults, but some new applications are becoming vehicles for anonymous cyber bullying and it's almost impossible to track down the bullies. Courtney is a K-State freshman who is always checking Facebook on her smartphone, but during her first 3 years in high school, she said her classmates made her a victim.

Teens turn to anonymous-messaging apps; will cyber bullying increase? - 02/18/14
When the message appeared on Ryan Dominick's smartphone, the 14-year-old paused to muster some courage. In it was a link sent by an unknown user that could contain anything from a flirtatious come-on to an embarrassing put-down. It turned out to be a picture of Ryan photoshopped to make him look overweight, complete with multiple chins and engorged cheeks. Luckily, the athletic and confident freshman found the picture hilarious.

Teen arrested for cyber-bullying - 02/18/14
A teenager was arrested for uttering death threats via text message to a student at his school in Pierrefonds, Feb. 12. Montreal Police constable Daniel Maheu from Station 3 said they were called to the school on Sources Blvd. at 3:15 p.m.

Girl 'is stoned to death by Syrian fundamentalists for having a FACEBOOK account' - 02/18/14
A Syrian girl has been stoned to death for opening a Facebook account, it has been claimed. The girl, named in media reports as Fatoum Al-Jassem, was sentenced to death by a Sharia court in Al-Reqqa after it ruled having a Facebook account was immoral behaviour. She was taken to the court by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants after she was caught using the social networking site, it has been reported.

Hebert's attorneys withdraw; trial continued - 02/18/14
The man who allegedly runs the Busted in Acadiana website and Facebook page will have to wait even longer before going on trial. A judge continued Christopher Hebert's trial on stalking and cyberstalking charges this morning. Court officials announced during a hearing this morning that Hebert's attorney, Stephen Spring and J. Christopher Alexander, withdrew from the case.


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