True Crime Online Newsletter - February 3, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Sign bans fishing in Sochi Olympics toilets
A Canadian snowboarder in Sochi, Russia, tweeted a picture of a warning sign at an Olympic venue banning standing on and fishing in the toilets.
Snowboarder Sebastien Toutant, who arrived in Sochi last week, tweeted a picture from inside the bathroom at the Olympic Biathlon Center of a warning sign depicting a person demonstrating banned behavior including standing on the toilet, fishing in the toilet and vomiting in the toilet, the New England Sports Network reported.
"Well that's interesting... Sochi rules in the bathrooms!! #haha #olympics," Toutant tweeted.

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Maine teenager suffers 'moderate' burns when her iPhone catches fire - 02/03/14
A Maine teenager suffered “moderate” burns after her iPhone caught fire in her pocket early Friday morning while she was in class at the Middle School of the Kennebunks.

Jamaican netballer victim of cyber-stalking in Australia ­ 02/03/14
Reports out of Australia are that Jamaican netball star Romelda Aiken has been the victim of a “racist” and “aggressive” cyber attack. According to the Central Queensland News (CQNews), Queensland Firebirds captain Laura Geitz says the entire team has thrown its support behind teammate Aiken after her public admission that she has been the victim of cyber racism, bullying and aggressive threats.

Cyber criminals have taken to targetting Kenyan women online. The lack of effective legislation and technical expertise has only made their work easier. - 02/03/14
For a seasoned politician like Kenya’s Rachael Shebesh, few things hold her back from rallying for women’s rights. But when it comes to furthering her platform on social media ­ it is the one thing that this Nairobi County women’s representative avoids. Like all women hooked on technology here, this hardliner politician has not been spared the muck of cyber bullying.

Parents, students call "Panhandle Confessions" Twitter page cyber bullying - 02/03/14
A new trend on Twitter has Panhandle parents, and many high school students, concerned about cyber bullying. Right now a Twitter account, @txpanhandle2, has over a thousand followers and some parents and students are saying those followers are bullies. "It's like bullying on a massive scale. It's the whole panhandle area," mother of two Highland Park High School students, Jennifer Campbell said.

Websites blamed for failing to halt cyber-bullying - 02/01/14
Experts in child protection and internet safety have called for social networks to be regulated by law after an investigation by The Times revealed that cyber bullying was implicated in at least nine teenage deaths investigated last year.

Cyber bullying 'confession' accounts target Oklahoma students, schools - 01/31/14
Confession accounts are the latest trend in online cyber bullying hitting Oklahoma schools, and the victims want them shut down, KOCO reports. Accounts such as OK High School Confessions, 405 Confessions and OK Confessions 405, students are using Twitter to say ...

Alleged cyber-stalking stepfather accused of taking secret videos - 01/31/14 51-year-old Keizer man arrested Jan. 17 for allegedly cyber-stalking his stepdaughter, an Oregon State University student, now faces charges in Marion County after being found in possession of secret video footage of females undressing. Bryan Duane Tilley’s bail was set at $585,000 at his arraignment hearing Jan. 27 in Marion County Circuit Court in Salem, where he faces three felony counts of first-degree burglary and 14 misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy.

British paedophile jailed for trying to get parents to rape their own children online in America... but he was caught by a US undercover officer - 01/31/14
A British man who tried to persuade parents to sexually abuse and rape their children online has been jailed for five years. Mark Luscombe, 29, of Verwood, Dorset, was caught following an undercover operation by US and UK police officers. In October last year, Luscombe, using the user name 'Badmomlover' on a website, contacted a man he believed to be the father of a nine-year-old girl.

Hazard Police say cyber bullying on the rise in eastern Kentucky - 01/30/14
With the rise of social media, there has also been an increase in cyber bullying and eastern Kentucky is not immune. We all know high school can be tough, especially when someone seems to have it out for you. At Hazard High School in Perry County, Instructional Discipline Leader Denise Combs said their approach to all forms of bullying leaves little room for problems to appear.

Sex and Violence: Teens' Risky Online Behavior Increases Cyber-bullying - 01/30/14
Most parents worry about their kids’ online behavior, especially as news of Facebook suicide campaigns, sexting and other alarming digital phenomena dominate the headlines.

Historic cyberbullying case begins - 01/3014
Andrea Paul claims Christopher Prosper just wouldn’t leave her alone. After receiving what she considered harassing messages, the chief of the Pictou Landing First Nation blocked the man from her Facebook account. He allegedly responded by posting racial slurs on Facebook about Paul and her children, attributing statements to her dead mother and accusing her of waiting for the community’s elders to die so she could give their houses to her own family.

Teens exposing themselves to danger online - 01/30/14
Ahead of Safer Internet Day on February 11, a report reveals that risky online behaviour is putting teenagers in danger of bullying and exploitation. Over a fifth of 14 and 15-year-olds reported spending over four hours on social media every day, more than any other age group. And they are sharing too much personal information online.

Texas Parents Sue Six Bullies And Their Parents For Cyberbullying Page - 01/28/14
Reymundo Esquivel and Shellie Tingle-Esquivel say their 16-year-old daughter's Klein High School classmates titled a disturbing Instagram page '2014 Klein Hoes' and included pictures of topless underage females and bottomless underage males. The parents are suing the kids for libel and the kids' parents for negligence.

Cameron Slater victim of 'cyber bullying' - 01/29/14
The attacks were made following a post on his Whale Oil blog on Saturday morning, in which he described Judd Hall, who died in a road crash on the West Coast of the South Island, as "feral". Mr Slater says he's had a constant tirade of death threats in the last 24 hours. "It's got to the point where I've actually had to move my family," Mr Slater told Radio New Zealand.

Bail set at $500K for accused cyberbully - 01/28/14
An 18-year-old Oceanside man who authorities said sent threatening electronic messages following a double homicide at Libby Lake Park pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a charge that he messaged a death threat to an El Camino High School student in December. Samuel Ruiz was arrested last week at MiraCosta College, where he was taking a class, after Oceanside police detectives said they linked him to the death threat as well as threatening messages sent to several students at the high school shortly after a deadly ambush at the Oceanside park in March.

A New Level of Cyber Bullying - 01/28/14
Since the beginning of time there has been bullying, but now, it has made its way out of the schools and onto social media sites. Recently, a West Branch School District student became the subject of a Facebook page aimed at banning together people who hate the 14 year old girl. She says the creator and her use to be friends, but grew apart and started having issues. The fighting back and forth seemed to stop and then, this page was made.

Man with loaded gun charged with stalking Athens woman - 01/28/14
An armed man was arrested early Tuesday when he was caught stalking a former girlfriend at her Athens apartment complex, Athens-Clarke County police said. Steven Martin Williams, 25, had a loaded pistol with a chambered bullet in the waistband of his pants when officers found him at about 3:30 a.m., police said. Officers responded to the woman’s home on a complaint that Martin was harassing her with phone calls, text messages and over the Internet, according to police. The officers listened to voicemail messages that police described as vulgar and threatening.

Changes in technology bring bullies home - 01/27/14
Many people grew up with images of ­ or were forced to encounter ­ bullies taking lunch money at school or stuffing less fortunate children into lockers. But as technology has changed, so have bullies. Using computers and smartphones, today’s bullies are harassing and threatening other teens online via text messaging and social networking sites, a phenomenon called cyberbullying that has been linked to a growing number of teen suicides in recent years.

7 Grafton Teens Arrested on Felony Charges for Allegedly Cyber-Bullying - 01/25/14
The Grafton Police Department arrested seven local teenagers Saturday on witness-intimidation charges for allegedly harassing the 15-year-old victim of a violent crime. According to a Facebook statement by the Grafton Police Department, officers James Crosby and Alvin Hulbert spoke with the mother of a 15-year-old who allegedly had been the victim of a violent crime.


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