Coffeemate Rocks!

We were selected by Coffeemate to host a Free Flavor Friday Game Night at our house in our basement bar/game room. We got a box of goodies from Coffeemate that included the game Cranium, a very nice poker set in a little briefcase, samples of Coffeemate and Tasters Choice instant coffee, cups and napkins and coupons for free full sized Coffeemate for everyone who came to the party! We pulled out some of our own games, including Fact or Crap, Scrabble, Scene It and electronic darts. The friends who showed up brought appetizers and we had a blast! They were thrilled to get the free coupons. The bar was too small to take a photo of everyone at once, but you can see we had fun. The food went quickly and we laughed and talked and had so much fun we plan on doing a game night on our own some Saturday soon!


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